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  1. Eddy Current AD

    That makes no sense. Of course I would get better return if I just invested the $2760 because I don't have a recurring expense (ECI) to funnel away the interest gains. I also would not get any of the gains from investing in the new hub which come in the out years when you no longer have the recurring ECI expense.
  2. Eddy Current AD

    See my previous post. I said 8 years to get to $3000. $2760 is what you have to invest after paying for the ECI in year one. Otherwise your outlay is $3240. Investing $2760 at 9% and spending all the interest leaves you with ~$3000 at the end of any timeframe. Realistically you can expect 7% from the market so you would need to sequester about $3030 to get $240 in return each year. At the same 7% you need 9 years to get back to $3000 with annual deposits of $240. At the end of 9 years (based on 7%) you have: a) ~$3000 in cash and a propeller (requiring additional investment in ECI each year). or b ) ~$3000 in cash and a propeller (with no additional investment needed) In neither case do you end up with $6024.
  3. Eddy Current AD

    My calculation doesn't assume any particular value at 7 years. The value would be comparable between the two propellers with the new hub presumably having a higher resale value. The values I'm talking about are cash assets. $3000 spent up front on a hub with $240 savings per year put into an account vs sequestering the $3000 ($2760) and leveraging the interest. With the up front investment you finish with an AD-free hub at whatever residual value plus ~$3000 cash. With the continued ECI path you end up with a hub that will continue to need inspections for however long it lasts plus ~$3000 cash. The total invested is the same both ways (initial $3000 plus $240 per year), it is the outcome that differs. In the one case your recurring expense ends, in the other it continues as long as you own the propeller.
  4. Eddy Current AD

    I forget the exact date but I think it was around 2007. My current Mooney has a McCauley prop.
  5. Fuel Tank Patch

    Are you sure it's actually leaking from that corner or is the fuel just running down to that spot?
  6. Eddy Current AD

    Everyone's scenario is different and it can extend the timeframe on the break even point. For me the cost of the hub was lower because Hartzell was offering the hub at half price if you had them do the overhaul. They are located near me so I flew my plane there and had them do the work. The economics were also different when the AD was first issued. It required an ECI at annual AND every 100 hours. If you were flying more than 100 hours per year you could end up needing two ECI inspections per year. They have since modified the AD to only the 100 hour timeframe. I also put a fairly high value on my time. It is the thing I have the hardest time getting more of.
  7. What do you think of this crazy J??

    Based on a previous listing for this aircraft I think it was a "Lean Machine" version of the 201 which had low-end avionics.
  8. Eddy Current AD

    But I heard on MooneySpace that the AD is bogus...
  9. Eddy Current AD

    Let's look at the investment scenario a little closer. I'm not sure where the $160 comes from but in your previous post you used a cost of $20 per month which is $240 dollars per year so I'll use that. At a cost of $3000 for the hub the cost differential in year one is $2760. In order to pay your yearly ECI cost that would have to earn about 9%. After eight years you have $2760 in the bank and a hub that still needs ECI inspections. If you pay for the hub up front and then each year put the cost of the ECI in that same account at 9% you will have just over $3000 and a hub without the recurring expense.
  10. Dead Battery...DOH!

    You don't have a clock at all or you don't have one that needs constant power?
  11. Eddy Current AD

    I was generally referring to any time the prop is in the shop with the hub opened up being a time when there would be no extra cost associated with swapping the hub. That could be overhaul or any other IRAN. There is no requirement to overhaul but there may be reasons to.
  12. Eddy Current AD

    The time to swap the hub is at overhaul. At that point there's no additional installation costs. Your inspection cost is on the lower end and you haven't valued your time very high if you are only at $40 for the trip to the shop. Why are you using a 7 year payback? How long do you plan to own your aircraft?
  13. What do you think of this crazy J??

    What is the concern about the autopilot? Is it because there are two parts listed? The STEC PSS-60 is a pitch control add-on for single axis autopilots like the KAP 100. It can hold altitude, hold a constant rate of climb or descent, and track a glideslope. I have one on my M20J that works together with my Century 21 AP.
  14. Help needed for a mate

    I think there is a process for US Citizens but I don't think it applies to non-citizens. Can he fly to Canada and drive across the border?
  15. Eddy Current AD

    The price per inspection doesn't seem like much but over the life of the propeller I found it was cheaper to replace the hub. Using numbers posted above it is about $3,000 more to replace the hub at overhaul time. Where I'm located I had to fly to the prop shop once a year to get the ECI done at a cost of about $300. Even without factoring in my time (had to take a day off work each time) the break even point is only ten years.