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  1. mooniac15u

    Fuel pressure gauge pegged high $146.75 if you want a PMA'd unit.
  2. mooniac15u

    Fuel pressure gauge pegged high

    The pressure transducer is basically a variable resistor. When the engine is running the mechanical pump outputs a constant pressure and the transducer tends to sit in one spot for long periods of time which seems to wear that spot out. The boost pump probably generates slightly lower pressure so the transducer doesn't quite hit the dead spot. I also suspected the gauge but replacing the gauge made no difference. Replacing the transducer fixed it.
  3. mooniac15u

    Fuel pressure gauge pegged high

    It might be the pressure transducer. Mine exhibited exactly those symptoms and replacing the transducer fixed it.
  4. mooniac15u

    Buying engine parts in lieu of saving $?

    Warranties in airplane engines are certainly nothing to write home about. However, the strawman presented was to overhaul an engine and sell it more or less immediately in an M20 airframe. Two or three years of warranty sounds a lot better than no warranty. Would you buy the airplane with the owner overhaul rather than a comparable airframe with a runout engine where you control the overhaul process? I'm just not sure you can find a buyer that will pay enough for the one-off field overhaul to make it worth your while versus just selling it as a runout engine. Doing your own overhaul on a plane you plan to fly so you can save money and feel good about your engine is an entirely different value proposition.
  5. mooniac15u

    Buying engine parts in lieu of saving $?

    I think everyone here knows an owner can't sign off on rebuilding an engine... People reporting individual issues with engines from major shops does not provide any objective measure of quality or any means of comparison with the quality of doing it yourself. No product or service has 100% quality and unhappy customers are far more likely to speak up. If you choose a reputable shop they will stand behind their work. If you buy a plane with a one-off local overhaul it's unlikely to come with a transferable warranty. Caveat emptor.
  6. mooniac15u

    Buying engine parts in lieu of saving $?

    Are these the same careful owners who are making homemade jacks from wooden tabletops, conduit, and hose clamps? If someone on MS asked for opinions on a Mooney for sale with 0 hrs since overhaul by an owner I expect the majority opinion would be to not price it as a fresh overhaul and more than likely many would recommend walking away from it.
  7. mooniac15u

    Buying engine parts in lieu of saving $?

    Do you have enough insurance to cover the liability if the engine you overhaul and sell fails and results in injuries? Personally, I don't think I would buy a plane with a "homebuilt" engine. It's not that it isn't possible for an owner to do a quality overhaul it's just that as a buyer you have no idea of the actual quality of the work and no recourse in the event of any issues.
  8. mooniac15u

    ECI for the prop hub

    The AD requires compliance with Hartzell service bulletin HC-SB-61-269. That SB states: "This inspection must be accomplished by qualified personnel at an appropriately licensed propeller repair facility or certificated aircraft mechanic with an eddy current qualification in accordance with Hartzell Standard Practices Manual 202A (61-01-02)." I don't see how the CTC folks meet either of those requirements.
  9. mooniac15u

    Tank seal vs Bladder

    You could probably just spray some WD-40 between the bladders and the airframe. I hear it provides superior corrosion protection and lubrication.
  10. mooniac15u

    ADS B Report

    I'm pretty sure all these requirements were related to the $500 rebate. With the rebate off the table there is no need to fly all of these maneuvers.
  11. mooniac15u

    Sellers remorse

    I understand. Just trying to provide some unbiased feedback for whatever it's worth. Your plane looks very nice and should be very marketable.
  12. mooniac15u

    Sellers remorse

    That is conveyed through the pictures and thorough maintenance records. One of the reasons brokers are so successful is that they remove the personal aspect of the seller.
  13. mooniac15u

    Sellers remorse

    In general when selling something like a house or an airplane it is a good idea to help a buyer see the item as theirs rather than yours. Your website is an excellent tribute to the joy that your plane has brought you but it may not be the optimal marketing tool for helping a buyer see themselves in the plane.
  14. mooniac15u

    Missing Fuel Cap M20F

    I think you are supposed to remove that per AD 97-26-08.
  15. mooniac15u

    Tail light - buld replacement

    And that's why I said, "One could argue that it doesn't apply because our aircraft don't have the requisite lists of commercial parts but the IPC provides a pretty good list of which commercial parts should be used." The point is that the FAA has acknowledged that there is a category of "Commercial Parts" that doesn't fit any of the other definitions of approved parts. Our aircraft are too old to have been certified with a Commercial Parts List but that doesn't mean we can't get insight into how things like light bulbs fit into the general scheme of approved parts.