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  1. Virginia Accident

    People are talking about lifting off early and then accelerating in ground effect rather than just rotating and climbing at Vx. As far as pulling hard, I was referring to this:
  2. Virginia Accident

    There seems to be some mixing of soft-field and short-field techniques here. Accelerating in ground effect is a soft-field technique used to minimize the additional drag of the soft surface. On short, paved runways you should get maximum obstacle clearance by using close to normal rotation speed and climbing at Vx. Accelerating in ground effect and pulling up hard will increase load factor which increases stall speed. It's one of the dangers of buzzing.
  3. Mic Squeal

    Is there any chance you are getting feedback through your second comm radio? If have my audio panel switched to monitor comm 2 while transmitting on comm 1 and the frequencies on the two radios are close I sometimes get some feedback. You might want to try turning off comm 2 completely and see if that has any impact.
  4. I have a KT76C that I just removed for an ADS-B upgrade. I was going to post it for sale here as soon as I got some pictures.
  5. I'm interested. And no shipping needed since I'm in the hangars on the other side of the taxiway.
  6. Book: Those Remarkable Mooneys

    Perhaps we could convince the family to release it as a Kindle edition. It looks like Ball was the publisher and they aren't making any money on it right now.
  7. Book: Those Remarkable Mooneys

    It seems like there's always a lot of interest in this book. Maybe someone could use your copy to scan and create a PDF version so anyone who is interested could read it.
  8. Manifold pressure gauge on moritze gauge

    Both a tachometer and manifold pressure gauge are required for day VFR per 91.205.
  9. LOVE my J, HATE starting it.

    Starting an IO-360 is like landing a Mooney. It isn't hard if you know what you're doing but it does require using the right technique.
  10. First E dies next week......

    Logbooks never even occurred to me. I wouldn't want to pay shipping on a bunch of scrap paper anyway. But now that you mention it, I'll bet Bill Wheat's signature is somewhere on the first couple pages of the airframe log. Would you consider including that page? That would look really nice next to the data plate.
  11. First E dies next week......

    Does that mean you will consider selling it to me?
  12. First E dies next week......

    Because the data plate from the first E would look nice framed and hanging on my walll. I have zero interest in building a plane and I doubt the FAA would consider it legal if I tried.
  13. First E dies next week......

    Is the data plate for sale? Or do you keep those like some kind of trophy?
  14. M20J Position Bulb Part Number?

    In the parts catalog it is part number 34-022-8030-85 but Mooney says that part is no longer available and offers a retrofit kit (part number 940103-501) You should probably call LASAR and ask them for a recommendation.
  15. Cluster gauge lighting - 1981 M20K

    In the M20J the lighting wasn't added until 1982. In my 1981 J the gauge cluster is the same part number as the lighted version and has locations for the bulbs but not the wiring to support it. It seems likely that the same is true for the M20K.