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  1. Time for a new Mag

    Again, I think we have different definitions of marginally better. There are things that an LOP mag check will find that a regular runup check won't. There's a big gap between that and marginal value. You seem to be convinced otherwise so I won't waste anymore time debating it with you.
  2. Time for a new Mag

    Your definition of little value and mine must be very different. All kinds of problems can be identified during a runup. You might also consider that the OP's runup and mag check did exactly what was needed. It verified that the mags were functioning during takeoff conditions. It did not identify the ultimate problem which was revealed while leaning at a safe altitude. It might help to think of the value of a runup with respect to what it is intended to accomplish rather than trying to compare it to some other test. Will it substitute for an in-flight LOP mag check? Nope. Does it provide valuable information? Yep. Is it better than not doing one? Yep.
  3. Time for a new Mag

    I prefer to focus on taxiing when I'm taxiing. Are you doing a runup? If so, why not do a quick mag check then? It adds about 15 seconds to the runup process and you aren't needlessly distracted while taxiing. I understand the value of the LOP mag check I am just not so quick to dismiss a pre-takeoff checklist item.
  4. Dynon Certified thread

    We have seen tremendous progress from the FAA with respect to things like the G5 and AoA indicators. They also seem to be taking a much softer approach on inadvertent violations. Where have you been?
  5. Time for a new Mag

    I find significant value in knowing that both of my mags and all my plugs are functioning right before a takeoff, under conditions similar to what I'm about to depend on during that takeoff and climb. LOP checks are more of a long-term diagnostic tool.
  6. Fuel tank calibration and dip stick production

    Check your POH. Mine contains this note: "An optional visual fuel quantity gauge may be installed on top of each tank and is to be use as a reference for refueling the tanks only."
  7. Off field landing at KSGH

    I am available on Saturday. Just let me know what time. I found that the drawing in my POH was not to scale. The printed numbers were correct but on the actual drawing the length was too short relative to the wingspan. I used some scissors and a photocopier to adjust the length.
  8. Off field landing at KSGH

    I've been playing around with this for a couple days. The hard part is modeling the turning radius.
  9. Dumb Ice ??

    Sorry, when I get into chemist mode it just comes out that way.
  10. Dumb Ice ??

    Supercooled water vapor can deposit directly on surfaces as a solid. This will effectively create a frost-like layer that provides a base for rapid ice accumulation. The hydrophobicity of the coating will not have an effect on this type of deposition.
  11. KT-76C Transponder

    I have a KT-76C transponder. Bench tested in 2016 and working when removed for ADS-B upgrade in October 2017. It should be a slide-in replacement for a KT-76A. It looks like these are going for $300-$400 on eBay. I would rather sell it here at the low end of the range so make me an offer. Tray and connector included.
  12. The 9000+ option seems like about as far from the original title of this thread as you can get.
  13. Off field landing at KSGH

    You haven't provided enough detail. Should the explosives be used to make the gate bigger or the plane smaller? Either of those solve the problem.
  14. Off field landing at KSGH

    Yeah, I couldn't tell from the photo whether the gates would swing all the way open. It also looks like there might be a guy-wire outside the gate on the right side but it's hard to gauge distance in the picture. As long as the gates can swing open in opposite directions it will still work.
  15. Off field landing at KSGH

    I haven't looked at the gates in person yet but that thought did occur to me. As long as the gates will swing in either direction 90 degrees is workable.