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  1. I can conceive of a lot of things. I was asking for actual experience. Did you have an internal engine inspection done when you purchased your plane or not? During a normal PPI there shouldn't be much disassembly beyond removing panels. Most owners could reassemble that and fly their plane home. A mechanic on a PPI has no legal basis for grounding an aircraft because they are not doing anything that requires them to sign off. But they could certainly refuse to reassemble the engine and/or sign off on that work as airworthy. People on MS assert a lot of things about what should or should not be done but actual purchases are transactions between humans. Deals break down for much smaller reasons than this. Most sellers I encountered would have passed on the deal and waited for another buyer if I had asked for an engine inspection.
  2. mooniac15u

    Raptor's LED Torpedo Retrofit

    What did you use for installation approval on your aircraft? It would be helpful for others to know what might be needed.
  3. Did you read my original question? How often is a PPI done at the seller's airport by a mechanic known to the seller?
  4. Having it done at home by a trusted mechanic is a completely different scenario. There are absolutely times when inspecting the engine internals is appropriate. Letting a buyer's mechanic pull a cylinder away from home is the setup for an opening post in a MooneySpace nightmare thread.
  5. mooniac15u

    LSA weight change to 3600lbs (soon )

    Isn't the medical implication the real game changer here? It sounds like you might be able to fly a 172 or Cherokee without an FAA medical certificate.
  6. mooniac15u

    Starting issue M20J

    Have you tested your battery?
  7. So you haven't actually done it as either seller or buyer.
  8. So, that was after you already found corrosion in a cylinder? Have you removed a cylinder on a PPI of an otherwise healthy looking engine to check the cam?
  9. I keep hearing people suggesting pulling a cylinder to inspect the cam during a PPI. Has anyone actually encounter a seller who would allow the buyer's mechanic to remove a cylinder during a PPI?
  10. mooniac15u

    Plane Power Alternator Ideas anyone?

    Is the PlanePower regulator approved for installation on an M20C without also installing a PlanePower alternator? The STC looks like it requires both.
  11. FWIW, the FAA recommends against repeatedly resetting circuit breakers in flight due to the risk of electrical fire.
  12. mooniac15u

    I flew in this yesterday

    There hasn't been any activity on the Ohio Hub for years. Kasich gave back all the federal funding in 2010 and the project was shelved in 2015.
  13. mooniac15u

    Mooney down at KHEG (north FL)

    The pilot is ultimately responsible for every system on the plane. I was merely calling out that someone came on here blaming the pilot for fuel mismanagement when it now seems that there was a maintenance issue with the plane. And the someone making those claims happens to be someone who was, until recently, responsible for the maintenance of that plane. It is unlikely that the blockage of that vent started in the last few weeks prior to the accident while the plane was stored in a hangar. Someone handed the keys to a plane with a clogged fuel vent to a pilot. I would've been unlikely to catch that during preflight. I think I won't judge that pilot too harshly.
  14. mooniac15u

    Insurance woes

    Have you gotten a quote from Avemco? They seem to operate independently. Their rates have always been a little higher than what I could find elsewhere but I've never been quoted $6,500.
  15. mooniac15u

    Garmin suing uAvionix?

    And the self diversion works better if they can see us, which is what the ADS-B out enables.