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  1. Just heard back. Lasar expects to have the latch castings back in stock in about a month.
  2. Just wrote Lasar to see if they have any (Website says no) or when they will order more.
  3. Happy to chat as well. I have an M20F in Cinci.
  4. Yes, I is technically a 67 then. It was build and delivered in 1966.
  5. Since playing around with the GFC500 autopilot, I have become enamored with it. I really want that G1000-like experience in my old Mooney. So I wrote Garmin asking why it still wasn’t certified in anything pre-J. They responded: Hi John, I am reaching out to you regarding some info that you submitted via the Garmin autopilot website. We will be looking for a Mooney M20F / G to conduct installation, certification and flight testing on in 2020. We would need the aircraft for around 6 months starting in mid-January. We show that you currently have a GTN 650 or 750 installed along with at least one G5 instrument. These are pre-requisites for our program. If you are interested in this program, feel free to email me back and provide some pictures of your aircraft. I am particularly interested in your panel / radio stack / left and right yokes. If we end up needing it, we might need some pictures looking aft down the tail as well. Thanks for showing interest! —- Would you do it?
  6. This is exactly what I am going for. I want a nice updated M20F. I love the way it flies. It just needed some big updates.
  7. So I decided to get some nicer seats for the M20F....then the panel really needed a refresh...and it seems like the time to get some new windows....uh oh
  8. mschmuff, Do you have before/after photos? I also have a '67 M20F. I had all but given up on upgrading the panel. I'd love to see what you have done. John
  9. Paul Beck did a good job with my M20F earlier this year. Very pleased.
  10. I used to do day trips up to Oshkosh in the M20F when I lived in Chicago. However, I'm not sure what to do now that I moved to Cincinnati. I guess I better trying camping!
  11. I have an LED Landing light in the '67 M20F. I love it. The thing never burns out and stays bright.
  12. I just had my '67 M20F resealed at Weep No More. The local FBO is disappointed. I am buying a lot less gas these days (but flying the same). In addition, Paul made sure the fuel gauges were working. I had given up on them long ago, but Paul was able to get the gauges back to working very reliably.