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  1. ujhan

    Nose wheel flutter

    @Alan Fox can you post the link here to that shim please?
  2. I love the GDC 31 so much I'd nearly buy this one just to have a spare.
  3. ujhan

    Rigging the plane

    @carusoam, they're at RACWA in Perth. The Australian Mooney pilots association also own a set (mooney.org.au) that are available for use to members for the cost of postage (I believe they're kept in Albury, NSW) @Tommy where are you located?
  4. ujhan

    Rigging the plane

    I got 10 kts when my A&P and I re-rigged the elevator using the travel boards ...
  5. ujhan

    IMC out of Brisbane, Australia

    #cloudflying and #stormflying in the #skycoffin - wouldn't be anywhere else
  6. ujhan

    IMC out of Brisbane, Australia

    I've met John a few times at various mooney events.. I even bought some oil filters from him recently. Nice guy.
  7. ujhan


    Stormscope is in my primary scan when I'm flying in IMC. One of my favourite things in the aircraft.
  8. ujhan

    IMC out of Brisbane, Australia

    My son is the best copilot. https://www.dropbox.com/s/lg7w5b9ztlhkr7u/IMG_8482.MP4?dl=0
  9. ujhan

    Abandoned Mooneys

    VH-FUN Found outside a petrol station in Toowoomba, Australia
  10. ujhan

    Century AK-1081 GPSS roll steering

    I contacted them a while ago - they make them to order although the lead time was too long for my project - instead we used a DAC GDC31 with the Century 41 AP. Ta.
  11. got a rheostat if still needed  jerry pr5essley  423 231 3491

  12. G'day folks, I've got a faulty rheostat on my panel and am looking for a replacement part - JS1N056P251MA - just looking for someone parting one out. I've sent a part request through to lasar... Thanks.
  13. ujhan

    Time for new engine

    Totally amazing. This is me in a few years.
  14. ujhan

    $500 clock?

    I installed the Mid Continent MD-93 during my panel upgrade in my M20J - it does have 2 x USB charging ports which is excellent, however when transiting a timezone with +9:30 GMT I found there was no way to set the local time & GMT time to represent their actual values. I went to the Mid Continent web site and contacted support to find out the reason (I also read the pilots guide in its entirety(!)) and they never responded. There is also no way to set it to start on GMT time on startup (it always defaults to local time). I believe for the cost, it should have been better engineered than that.