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  1. Hi there... Yes that is unnerving. However in this case it doesn't apply. John was asking because he was wondering which battery to utilize as a spare. He as most folks on Mooney Space are pretty good people. I no longer own a Mooney and am driving an RV-7A but will stick around here because of the great people...
  2. Hi there John. You can contact me at or via eBay
  3. Hi there. It's on eBay. The link is above. It already has bids so the auction will continue till its scheduled end
  4. I sold my Mooney. I now have a VANS RV and it's a little easier to pull around. Even with a bad shoulder...
  5. I have a Sidewinder for sale on eBay. Here is a link the listing: Sidewinder Tow Bar for Mooney M-20 It works great and is practically new!
  6. Hi there.. Useful load 953 pounds. Was weighed in February 2014....
  7. Hello everyone.. My very clean, no damage history, hangared and well maintained MSE is up for sale: Price $117,500 and accepting reasonable offers. The plane is located near Pittsburgh at KFWQ. Best to contact via email
  8. Spoke with my IA today. He restores Warbirds and has a Beechcraft shop. He spends a lot of time doing complete bare metal restorations. When I mentioned this thread he explained that the big bore Continentals are not immune to valve problems. According to him, CHTs that are too low allow lead buildup and valves do not seat properly because the guide wear is uneven. They have valves departing fro the stem. He sees factory remans with 600 hours sometimes with this problem. As far as the Lycoming overhauls, he tells me that the roller tappets are the fix for cam spalling due to pitting. While the pitting and corrosion may still be present, the fact that the roller imparts forces in a different manner is supposed to lessen the incidence of spalling. In other words, they cannot make the pitting go away so they "deal" with it....
  9. Hi there.. I am curious.  Do you utilize a multi probe engine analyzer?  Do yo run LOP or ROP?





  10. I think the roller cam will spall due to disuse corrosion just like any other...
  11. take a look at the roller cam... roller.tiff
  12. OK guys.. I am open minded.. I have a first run engine.. 1995 was the year it was made. How would you all go about an OH? New cylinders? keep the A3B6D? How much should I budget? I am not currently in need of an OH just curious...
  13. OK.. With a Lycoming Oh you get a new cam now because of the roller tappets... Your call which route you want to take but I want the roller tappets and new cam and case...
  14. That is to get a reman at the OH price...