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  1. I used Paul at Weep No More in MN on my 201 about 10 years ago. I was very happy with the service and scheduling. I highly recommend Weep No More.
  2. Dr. Bob had a special way of making complex medical issues understandable by the non medical types. He was a great contributor to the MAPA Log and community. My dad would always call me after we got our monthly MAPA Log and ask me if I read Bob's article yet. He will be missed. RIP Bob and thanks for all the great articles.
  3. About how many man hours to replace those mounts? I have an engine at TBO but running great and oil analysis is great. I'm not sure mine have ever been changed as I don't find a log book entry since bravo conversion in 1995.
  4. @JohnB Please post photos and updates on your progress. I have the same plane and layout. Looking to make some updates before too long. Thanks
  5. I have not ran a honda generator but run all my lawn mowers, other generators, etc for many years. I find they never require maintenance because the fuel is so clean compared to the crappy ethanol gas. I would not not think twice about it. I have a 1000 gal tank and use avgas in most everything that is not my automobile. I have a 30+ year powertow tug that has never had auto gas and it's never been tuned up. Starts on first pull most every time.
  6. Dealt with that same issue last year. My left mag was completely dead but yet the engine started up easily with the slickstart. My starter turned the prop fast enough the right mag was able to fire the engine. The issue in the mag was a broke capacitor wire. Champion 6300 series mag on my Mooney Bravo. I would pull and have the mag inspected.
  7. Sounds like the warning threshold is set too low on the JPI. I fly mine at 1580 to 1600 TIT. 1650 is the upper limit and I think that's where my JPI warning is set. My TIT is pretty high if I do a full power climb. I almost always do a climb at 2500/32" and the flow rate is about 24gph.
  8. 182KTAS at 9000. At 17k i will get about 192.
  9. I run mine like @mike_elliott. Thursday was 29"/2400/1580TIT at 17.8GPH. My hottest CHT was number 3 at 382. The others were in the 350s and 360s. This was about 150 ROP.
  10. After a PM, I would retract my Broadies recommendation.
  11. @gsxrpilot If your speaking from experience, please provide more details. I'm in and out of FTW on a regular basis. If there is a reason they are to be avoided, I would like to know in case I have an issue when on field. I addition to Maxwell and SWTA, there is Brian Kendrick at San Marcos which did my last annual.
  12. Broadie's aircraft at FTW is a Mooney Service Center. I have used them for several things in the past but not recently. I bought my first aircraft 20+ years ago which was a 1978 C Model from the late Mr. Broadie. Worth a call... You can't go wrong with Maxwell if the seller will get the plane there.
  13. I used Jerry Johnson out of KAFW for my transition training. I have flown with him for 20 years since I bought my first C-model Mooney. He is another good option if he is available. His son Mark is in the Houston area and would be another great option.
  14. I have had my bravo about 18 months and 200 hours. I figure on 22 gal the first hour and 18 gph there after. I run 29"/2400/1580 to 1600TIT ROP. I personally have flown 4.2 hours and put in right at 80 gallons.
  15. I'm needing a waterproof PLB. I know this topic has been discussed before but I can't find the info I have seen in the past. Technology changes quickly. So if I'm buying today which one would you buy? Thanks, Neil