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  1. Haha. I actually got a flier in the mail today from them asking if my plane was damaged in the Nashville tornado earlier this year and telling me they'd fight the insurance company on my behalf.
  2. I have a stock 231, have owned it for for 7 years now, and love it. It has a useful load of 965 lbs and I typically operate it between 10k and 15k feet. Minus some minor bootstrapping from time to time, I have not seen any of the issues that people commonly gripe about on this site. I only recently got GAMIs installed and will say it’s a game changer. I operate between 10.7 and 11.3 GPH LOP and regularly see true air speeds in the upper 160 knot arena, after climbing to my cruise altitude at over 800 fpm the whole way near gross. I have undertaken some projects on it and dealt with t
  3. Can you post the STC or where you found it
  4. I can add an intercooler now without modifications to the exit area. The 252 cowling, minus the cowl flaps, is not shaped that differently (if at all. I just tried to compare via photos on Controller) and I would be willing to bet it would fit the MB as is or with a field mod.
  5. Disclaimer: I know nothing about the STC process. Im really not interested in the full “262” upgrade that he did. I just want the ability to hang a TSIO-360-MB on the nose and take advantage of the benefits of upgrades to the current TSIO-360-LB engine. [Side note: it blows my mind that even though they are the same basic engine on the same airframe I can’t do this to start with or with minimal effort] What does modifying a STC look like? Could we use the info from his STC to validate a new one for just the engine? Also could upgrading to the -MB be completed via a 337 if I fou
  6. Does anyone know Coy's kin well enough that they could see about purchasing it from the estate? If they aren't going to perform it, its a worthless piece of paper to them (right?), and may be obtainable for a reasonable sum. I'd be interested in getting a group together (under an LLC or something) and purchasing it then offering it out for sale on the market(do your own installation) to help recoup some investment. After putting it on my 231 of course.
  7. Reading further it appears that it will only apply if independent backup instruments are not available, but being able to upgrade and eliminate them is a selling point of Aspen. Is this the end for them? If I was doing it all over again I wouldn’t put one in knowing this.
  8. Am I reading what the FAA wants to do here correctly? 2020-16-08.pdf
  9. @shawnd I think I have one, I’ll check today. $100. DM me.
  10. I currently have no means or intention of doing this (bored on a Friday), but I like to keep up with the Mooney market and have noticed this one on Controller for a long time located in Poland: https://www.controller.com/listings/aircraft/for-sale/189799457/2008-mooney-acclaim Doesn't seem like a terrible deal, includes delivery to the homeland, and with its time on the market I assume there is some wiggle room on that price. Hypothetically, what am I looking at having to do in order to get this reregistered in the US of A, outside of normal purchase considerations of the same p
  11. @Brett Larsen I’m interested in how you got this done as well. I would pay some serious money to be able to upgrade my LB to an MB
  12. https://www.knots2u.net/categories/mooney-aircraft-models/lighting/landing-taxi-lights.html
  13. I’m based at Smyrna and go down to Cole aviation in Dalton, GA.
  14. https://www.ebay.com/itm/271827840614 https://www.ebay.com/itm/202989086135
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