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  1. My problems were hard to start cold and required the boost pump to be running until it got warm. It was diagnosed by a Mooney specific mechanic who had seen it before.
  2. Problem ended up being a stiff fuel spider. Replaced that and the problem went away.
  3. I'm interested in how this turned out. Our airport is doubling our leases as well and the hangars leave a lot to be desired (wood frame, sheet metal walls and leaky roof, no power, floods, etc). The airport has a master plan to build new T-hangars one day but I'd be interested in forming a company to lease some of the available land and go ahead and construct maybe 8-10 new t-hangars. The demand is definitely there as I get notes in my hangar door every month or so from people looking for space.
  4. I read somewhere they were called crowbar approaches - both due to the similar shape as well as you can toss a crowbar out the window and see who gets on the ground first.
  5. Here is my flight down to FL yesterday. Yes I know #3 is a little higher than I’d like too, but I got it down below 180 shortly after by leaning my FF to 10.3 gph and only lost 2 ktas. At 2550 rpm. Cowl flaps closed.
  6. Take an hour flight and go visit Joey Cole. He will set it up right. I see 25+ gph on the takeoff roll after he corrected another A&P’s disaster setup on my engine.
  7. Phil Jimenez in Avon Park, hands down. +1 (863) 873-9999 pjairsvc@gmail.com
  8. Hey everyone, I’d like to share my family’s 2/2 townhouse on the Florida Panhandle with you. Located in the middle of scenic Route 30A, it is in the middle of of the 6 beach towns that make up this great vacation spot and is right across from The Hub, with food, drinks, and a great lawn for little ones to play on. The townhouse comes with a street legal 6 person golf cart to get around, so you can fly in to Panama City and catch a shuttle to our place without needing to rent a car. Book 3 nights or more, shoot me a DM and I’ll give you a $100 Mooneyspace credit, which
  9. What am I looking at install-wise if I already have a 430W and want to add another as second as COMM/NAV2? Can I split the signal from the already installed antenna? I assume the install labor would be significantly less than the initial one’s was.
  10. Let’s not forget that 10 horsepower gap rapidly grows as you climb. I can get above 10,000’ in less than 15 minutes and leave a NA 201 in my wake with more than likely a smoother and cooler ride. Treat the TSIO-360 right and she will return the favor.
  11. I have a 231 with a stock -LB + GAMIs and I really have none of the issues others have talked about. I typically fly between 10k’ and 13k’ (family doesn’t do canulas) at 35”/2550/11gph and see acceptable CHTs and good forward speed. Just make sure you have a solid engine monitor, which is true regardless of what K model or what features it has. That being said, I will be putting in an intercooler next time I have $8k burning a hole in my pocket.
  12. At what age did you stop making your kids sit in a car seat in your Mooney?
  13. I always climb full power (40”, 2700, 24-25 gph) at 110 kias. Provides solid climb performance, keeps the engine cool, and allows you to see over the nose so you don’t hit anything.
  14. This may be overly simple, but have they checked that the unit is tight and secure in the housing? My 430W was acting similar about 6 months into having it installed and a quarter turn with an allen wrench eliminated the issue.
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