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  1. Mike A

    Insurance up 20%

    Stayed with Global and was the exact same amount as last year.
  2. Mike A

    Killed LOP my engine?

    Everyone should watch these because there is a lot of bad information going around and items that dont necessarily apply to the -360s
  3. Mike A

    231/252/201 useful loads

    936 lb UL 1980 231 w/ Aspen PFD, 430W, JPI 730, leather
  4. Mike A

    Cowl Flap Handle and Cable - M20K

    Check eBay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/MOONEY-M20K-231-AIRCRAFT-AVIATION-COWL-FLAP-CONTROL-CABLE-/271839813398?hash=item3f4aea5f16:g:5XUAAOSwPgxVLqYu&vxp=mtr
  5. Mike A

    Fuel Flow Transducer

    Why does he say that it is a necessary instrument? It is not required by the FARs and not listed on the type certificate.
  6. Mike A

    any advice on a miami airport?

    I always flew into KOPF when I was going to Miami for work. Fontainebleau is $20/night and they will wave the first night if you take gas, which includes self-serve. Only downside is that SS is still like $7/gal. I started just ferrying fuel and paying the fee. If you want to venture into KMIA and can ferry your own fuel and handle your own transportation, there is the General Aviation center located at the Custom's ramp. Landing fee was $26 last time I heard, but no other fees. However there are also no other services. Here is the link: http://www.miami-airport.com/mia_airport.asp
  7. Mike A

    Winter Park FL

    If you are going to eat in Winter Park, I will suggest Prato on Park Ave. If you go, get the meatball appetizer. They are the best!
  8. Mike A

    Best insurance quote for 64 M20C

    I paid a little more (+/- $100) than that for my first year in my K with no complex or high performance experience, 80k hull value, instructor sign off and 10 hrs solo. I go through a broker and change my insurance company yearly based upon the best quotes.
  9. Has anyone replaced their broken interior plastic panels with ones directly from the Mooney factory instead of somewhere like plane plastics? If so, do they fit well or require extensive trimming like PP?
  10. Mike A

    pros and cons of these two m20k's

    +1 for a flat lander who loves his turbo.
  11. Mike A

    M20k vs M20J

    Cheapest i've been able to find a hanger in central FL is $300/mo for a group one, $700 for a private t-hanger
  12. Hi Mike,

    I have a 1980 M20K with a rear bench seat and I too was longing for some space in the back that would allow me to carry two dogs or my tri bike when I wanted.  My going in purchase requirement was a 1982 or newer with the removables.  But alas, I walked from 2 pre-buys, one a 1984 and one 1 982 due to maintenance issues.  I found my 1980 which maintenance and previous owner wise was a solid investment.  However, bench back seat.  I have attached a backseat conversion process I found online.  I started doing it and it will work however I found through the process there is an easier way to settle.  What I ended up doing is swapping my lower hinges and upper bolts from from bolts and nuts to pins and cotter keys.  I took off one screw from each upper bracket so my seat brackets swivel down out of the way and I put them up when I need them.  So what I basically do now is:, 
    • pull out the lower cushion, leaving the springs and set it aside for the moment
    • Unscrew the lower hinges from your seat back and take the seat back out. This will be faster the next time once you replace these nuts and bolts with pins and cotter keys
    • The two upper brackets on the seat back have an inner and outer screw that screws into the seat back.  Remove the outer one from each and push the brackets down so they are out of the way hidden behind the back upholstery
    • Now, take your seat back and lay it flat on the lower seat springs as if you folded the seatback forward and down
    • Now take your lower cushion and lay it width wise behind the seat back in your cargo space making the cargo space and the folded seatback all level
    • Now I took a pet/scotch carded blanket (or you can use a piece of carpet you cut/ordered) and lay on top of everything to pretty it up and make it look even.  
    • Instant space, no weight and balance needed due to all parts being in the plane and mechanic says no major modification also 
    • When you need the seat, pull the lower seat pad out and set it aside.
    • Pull the seat back out and attach the lower hinges with the pins and cotter keys
    • Swing the brackets out of the seat back and run a pin and cotter key through the bracket and seat post hole that’s already welded to the airplane as before
    • Attach seat belts to pins as before (my seat belts are clips so they clip right onto the seat hinge pins)
    • Put seat cushion back on
    Putting the seat back up takes me about 20 minutes


  13. Mike A

    1980 K 231 Rear Seat Removal

    Can i get a copy of that PDF?
  14. Mike A

    1980 K 231 Rear Seat Removal

    I have a 1980 K as well and have removed the rear seat. The bottom and back are separate pieces and can be removed independently of each other. Beneath the bottom is a thin plastic or aluminum layer then the spar. If you are going to use it to haul items around, I would just removed the back and lay them over the bottom piece. You can even use the seat belts to hold things down.
  15. Mike A

    C to K

    I have to disagree with this. I am as flatland as they come being from Florida and I would not trade my K for a J. At 12k feet, a non-oxygen altitude, the K outpaces the J by 15 knots. And it is always nice to have the option to go higher if you need it. Plus the K sounds like a hot rod on the ground.....