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  1. @252Turbski I had the exact same issue with my 231 as you described. Had to keep it alive with the primer and electric boost pump until it “got warm”. Once it “caught” it was good to go. You could start and stop it at will while it was warm. Changed out mechanical fuel pumps, ran fuel system checks, the whole 9 yards looking for it. Ended up being the fuel spider. Had that overhauled for like $700 and now she starts every time with zero issues.
  2. Tennessee is awesome, but heads up they expect to collect their 10% sales tax regardless of how long ago or where you lived when you purchased the plane. They do give you credit for tax paid, but that was still a extra AMU that we didn't account for. And you need to have proof of tax paid or you're on the hook for the full 10%. https://www.tn.gov/content/dam/tn/revenue/documents/taxguides/salesanduse.pdf
  3. Since I assume your numbers were based upon your retail costs, there is also sustainable profit built into every component of the build pricing you gave and this number goes up even more. Or that $400k price can come down more....
  4. Isn't that exactly what they did with the Encores?
  5. I don’t think the 70% standard would apply in a CPO J or K, but if you get more in the 50% arena a $400k highly upgraded Mooney-factory restored and backed plane becomes a very intriguing option. I would be all over it if they would factory convert all the K’s to the Encore spec (or better) mechanically or give some other nice upgrade that is most easily certified at a factory.
  6. I may be able to help as well. I need to snag my plane from Joey here in the near future.
  7. +1 On the other side of that coin I’d stay away from OAS. Nothing but problems.
  8. Try twisting the throttle. Mine (1980 K) goes off periodically and a quick 1/4 to 1/8 twist of the throttle does the trick (it’s not a veneer type).
  9. I went through this exact situation about a month ago. The shop that installed my GTX345 really screwed up my pitot static check and blew my airspeed switch. The manufacturer won’t work on anything over like 10 years old. Search eBay for the part. I was able to source one. Try to find ones that let you return. The first switch I bought was failed by my mechanic because it went off at 40 kts and I had to buy a second. Spent a total of $400 on the two. I still have the first one that my mechanic didn’t like if you would like a shot at getting it to work. PM me if your interested.
  10. I’m glad I brought up social media. Another thing that Mooney needs to do is drop only having dealers promote and demo the planes. Both Cirrus and Textron have field sales managers that are very active on social media. They do demo flights and travel around the country showing the planes off. While they are flying they post videos of various features of the planes and some of the cool things that GA allows them to do. It’s a huge boost to the brand awareness and Cirrus has even managed to get me interested in what they can offer. I know what they are showing isn’t really different than what a Mooney can do, but the exposure does wonder for their brands.
  11. I agree. I remember one of the first years they were back at SNF earlier this decade I was ready, cash and hand, to buy them out of any and all gear they may have had on site. That cost me $0 because they didn’t even bring anything to sell. They had an Acclaim mockup and a tent with a TV (That only displayed the Mooney logo) and a couch. I ungracefully let the ONLY person working the booth my displeasure at the absolute lack of swag to which she begrudgingly offered me a free hat that they were giving out to prospective customers. Meanwhile Piper, Cirrus, and the Textron companies had racks and racks of everything imaginable to buy. It’s stupid stuff like that that drives away prospective buyers/upgraders. Plus it’s literally getting paid to get the name out there. People stop me all the time about that hat (still) and I take the opportunity to talk the planes up. Imagine if there was a contingent of people wearing branded shirts, hats, bags, etc. Their ads are also crap. We understand that it’s a fast plane, that’s one of the reasons why we buy them. I have yet to see one that gives any other benefits of the line besides that. I’d do their marketing for free and would probably quadruple the units moved with a basic print and social media campaign that was halfway competent.
  12. It was 10 years on the rebuild limit.
  13. Update: my mechanic found one on eBay for $150 that accepted returns. Got it and it works. Side note: I now have an extra airspeed switch that apparently goes off at 40 kts instead of 60 if anyone is in need of one.
  14. My airspeed switch in my K has decided to quit working. Found another on Ebay from a J and bought it, however, I am being told that the activiation speed is only 40 mph and my mechanic won't release it like that. He said they tried to adjust the set point with no luck. Now our options are either to try and have it overhauled or buy a new one from Mooney for $1k+. Any thoughts or ideas would be most appreciated.