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  1. Per another thread, I’m pretty sure that the UAvionix TailBeacon can’t be used on the plane since it has no strobe and the 231 has enclosed wing strobes therefore requiring a tail strobe. May want to tell the seller to research and cancel the order.
  2. Anyone know the size of the small set screw for the overhead vent knob on a 1980 231? Last shop that removed the overhead panel lost it. Luckily it was set in the “on” position. Thanks
  3. I bought the D2 Delta PX then returned it and got the D2 Delta instead. I didn’t think the built in pulse ox was worth the extra price, plus it’s just a big watch. I think the Delta is perfect and bought a new fingertip pulse ox and a nice steak dinner with the savings. Honestly I don’t really find myself looking at the watch enough in flight to make the constant pulse ox monitoring worth it. The best feature to me is the flight logging (see attached example) but your mileage may vary
  4. Mine was received on 1/16 and was processed yesterday.
  5. I’m in the middle of a address change with my registration renewal. I called them on Monday and they were processing renewals/changes received Dec 28th. Guy I talked to said they process them in the order received and to be patient.
  6. Stayed with Global and was the exact same amount as last year.
  7. Everyone should watch these because there is a lot of bad information going around and items that dont necessarily apply to the -360s
  8. 936 lb UL 1980 231 w/ Aspen PFD, 430W, JPI 730, leather
  9. Check eBay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/MOONEY-M20K-231-AIRCRAFT-AVIATION-COWL-FLAP-CONTROL-CABLE-/271839813398?hash=item3f4aea5f16:g:5XUAAOSwPgxVLqYu&vxp=mtr
  10. Why does he say that it is a necessary instrument? It is not required by the FARs and not listed on the type certificate.
  11. I always flew into KOPF when I was going to Miami for work. Fontainebleau is $20/night and they will wave the first night if you take gas, which includes self-serve. Only downside is that SS is still like $7/gal. I started just ferrying fuel and paying the fee. If you want to venture into KMIA and can ferry your own fuel and handle your own transportation, there is the General Aviation center located at the Custom's ramp. Landing fee was $26 last time I heard, but no other fees. However there are also no other services. Here is the link: http://www.miami-airport.com/mia_airport.asp
  12. If you are going to eat in Winter Park, I will suggest Prato on Park Ave. If you go, get the meatball appetizer. They are the best!
  13. I paid a little more (+/- $100) than that for my first year in my K with no complex or high performance experience, 80k hull value, instructor sign off and 10 hrs solo. I go through a broker and change my insurance company yearly based upon the best quotes.
  14. Has anyone replaced their broken interior plastic panels with ones directly from the Mooney factory instead of somewhere like plane plastics? If so, do they fit well or require extensive trimming like PP?