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  1. If it was me, most of my attention would be on the engine, borescope to see if any corrosion is present, oil change, injector cleaning, and spark. Most are commenting on rebuilding, overhaul, IRAN's. I'm concern about your ferry permit and someone flying it back to home base. The engine probably will start and sounds good for sitting that long but can you make it out of the pattern is another thing.
  2. Crap! I see the new heading that its sold.
  3. How much is the annual database subscription? also does the GXM 40 provide weather and radio?
  4. What did you end up doing to get this fix?
  5. Check with Gsxrpilot, he recently did the Encore conversion which required some gear door change, might be another option.
  6. Don't forget his often recommendation of a relief tube!!
  7. -A-, I was just being cheap and trying to avoid the charges for a second reprogram from 252 to encore conversion that's all. I currently have a UBG16 but it has been acting up so I figured "heck I have a JPI 930 let me see if I can have it installed along with the Microkit landing system" so I reached out to JPI.
  8. I've also heard that before. I just replaced my Gill battery last month...... I'll see how long it lasts.
  9. I've been searching for pics of the dual setup just to get an idea of where the second alternator is located. I remember an old mechanic telling me that I would need to replace the whole case a couple months back. I thought that was just crazy cause if the same engine is in Gsxrpilot plane then why wont it fit in mines with same dimension, cowling etc?
  10. Your absolutely right. I think also because of it being certified equipment. My beef was trying to avoid the second $500. Who knows there might not be a charge if I leave it up to the professionals.
  11. I understand the reprogram $500 cost going from a Cessna T210 which the box is currently setup for- to a 252 but! going from 252 to encore is a minor change definitely not worth the additional $500 for a reprogram of the RPM and Manifold pressure especially if it's as simple as an file upload. I definitely know I want to switch my engine from a single alternator to a dual alternator setup during the overhaul so I haven't made the decision on who will do the conversion work just yet. Is there a gauge for dual alternators on the 930?
  12. .I’ve been back and forth with JPI all week on reprogramming my used JPI 930, I purchased my JPI 930 years back and it came from a Cessna T210 unfortunately the unit I have can not be reprogrammed but for $500 I’ll get the newest 930. $500 to program and $220 for the RAD. $1220 out the door for a new JPI 930 with my old unit. In couple months I’m 100% going the Encore conversion as I have 90% of the required parts and that means having the 930 setup for the Encore specs. JPI is saying they will not setup the 930 to anything other than the current 252 without an STC paperwork, I got the RMA num
  13. https://www.etsy.com/shop/therawdesigncompany?listing_id=722002709&ref=shop_overview_header#items They have multiple lens for the King Avionics
  14. I thought you can get them but only thru Blue Skies Aviation @ KHYI?? that was the info I came across right around June 2020.... maybe things have changed?
  15. Just bought this same part from Paul Loewen for my M20K 252 a month ago and had a great experience, quick shipping from CA to MA.
  16. Did you also install it on the Pilot side?
  17. It would be nice to see video of the new devices in action.
  18. This happened to me last week as I was doing work in the pattern at KTAN. For me it turned out to be that I simply forgot to flip the Electric Trim switch on my panel. This is my first plane with electric trim so I was clueless. I landed and went through the checklist that I have and BAM there it was and what a relief. Hope your able to trace the issue down.
  19. Had my Magneto upgraded by Eagle Magneto in New Smyrna Beach, FL. Lycoming IO-360-A1B6D The mag was the Bendix D2000 dual mag. Great price and quick turn around, even upgraded to D3000 specs.
  20. I use it all the time. All my electronic devices including office computer has Windy installed.
  21. After looking at some pics, the gearbox is attached to the wheel without the wheelhub? The wheelhub is 5 bolts and the wheel pattern is 4 holes.
  22. Why did you go with 2 batteries? I know there cheap but wouldn't 1 be enough or do you think the power draw is a bit much from the motor?
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