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  1. joneluv

    Las Vegas

  2. I wish. Just looked out the window of the charter and there it was!
  3. joneluv


    Planes at Nashville
  4. Private charter 737 for the weekend! Things are looking up. Quebec City, Prince Edward Island, than a few days off in Toronto!

  5. BNA to BOI through IAH. Gotta love airline routing!

  6. Hi Mike, I live north of Nashville. I was looking at starting my ppl at Wings of Eagles at John C. Tune, but the airport is closed for 60 days while runway and FBO work is being done. I'd be interested to know where you are getting your instruction done if you'd care to share. Thanks, John
  7. I'll probably be back before you are off work, but I would come back this evening when you could meet. Also, if it's okay I have a friend staying in Franklin who is an A/P and a pilot. He owned a V35 years ago and was a crop duster, too. And worked his way to DC9 for Eastern Airlines. I'd like to bring him along if your good with that.
  8. JK - I'm gonna drive by 4M7 this afternoon twice, to Clarksville and back. Any chance your around this afternoon? Like to check out your plane.
  9. JKSmith - I just moved from Franklin, KY to Portland, TN. Bought most of the light fixtures for my new house from a lighting company in Elkton. Hope to start flight training in two weeks. Eventually would like to have an F model. If you ever want someone to share expenses for one of those $100 hamburger runs, count me in!
  10. joneluv


    Mooney's at John C. Tune airport
  11. joneluv

    USAF Thunderbirds

    Pictures from Nellis AFB
  12. Staying on Nellis AFB a few days with the kids. Jets are awesome!

  13. Just landed San Antonio for shows tomorrow at the rodeo. Sure wish this trip included a visit to All American!

  14. Isaac, A couple of months ago I was watching a c130 doing touch and goes at KBWG. I met a guy with his son watching as well. I believe the fathers name was Doug and he told me about a guy named Steve who owned a G model and taught in a 150. The number I was given for Steve matches what you have so that is great. I plan on starting my flight lesson right after I get back from a New Years Eve show we are doing in Canada at Niagara Falls. I thought Steve was out of Clarksville so he was too far away, but if he is in Springfield that is much closer. I will give Steve a call! Thanks for the info.