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  1. Nice work, Chris! What size are the hydraulic jacks you used and what did you pay for them?
  2. GeorgĀ“s Electrical Service closed the business as of Dec 31st, 2019. What a loss!
  3. Does anybody in this forum have current contact details of Bob Minnis?
  4. I experienced the described problem yesterday with an Acclaim after a takeoff in turbulence. The rudder trim stuck in the full right position (=takeoff position). After two subsequent flights the same day with the left leg continously on the rudder in flight I opended the side panel next to the battery compartment and moved the rudder wire slightly. Funktion of the electrical switch came back to normal after that. Learned about the SI from my repair shop last night after returning home.
  5. Please add one door seal for me please. Thank you!
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