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  1. I have owned planes for many years and my wife has always supported my flying, she enjoys taking trips or just a quick flight around the patch, I’m very blessed. Six years ago my wife said she wanted a boat so I bought her a 40ft Silverton SB, she’s very happy as am I. We typically take 40 - 300 mile trips on Lake Michigan or just hang out on the boat for a long weekend. Naturally I love flying first and boating defiantly a second, since I’m based DKB I fly my wife weekly ( quick flight ) to KRAC Reef Point Marina so I’m happy and she’s happy.
  2. Thanks for sharing, should be fun to watch and follow along.
  3. I had my bladders installed in 2005, paid $10,700 then. Probably could save a lot of money installing your self with a IA friend. I have not had any problems since, sure don’t miss the constant sealing / patching and fuel odors. Over the years I’ve changed over to the light weight starter, alternator, got rid of the heavy gyros, radios and vac system so use full load is a non issue for me.
  4. I left mine in, sure makes a nice ice detector........
  5. I used the fast stack hub for my RV-7 panel, awesome product makes avionics wiring super simple.
  6. Try Gene at Northwest Flyers 06C Schaumburg IL a quick 25-30 minute flight for you. Once a certified Mooney center, still does a ton of mooneys.
  7. I have the IFD 540 with 2 G5’5 they play together nicely and great for legal IFR.
  8. Very nice, love the upgraded wing tips.
  9. Always a negative one somewhere........ As stated, this would make a great ( wait for it ).....................REPLACEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dont really need to sell it, don’t care if I do, just thought I’d list if someone is in the need for the same.
  10. When I installed electric trim we made another bracket for the yoke (pictured) so the electric trim can be operated with left thumb like the auto pilot switches. Im also able to use a iPad mini on the yoke with no interference. Since these pictures I ran the wires up the yoke. I would think a bracket for your trim switches can be easily made.
  11. Not sure if your yokes are like mine but this is how I’d did my 70C yoke switches for my Stec-30.
  12. Trying here before Barn Stormers. Back in the day I purchased this GX65 new, thinking it may have only 300 hrs on it before I removed it. Radio worked perfect, screen and display worked perfect. Includes GX65, tray and antenna not shown. No connectors. Would be perfect for a replacement. Been in my heated hangers it’s whole life so no extreme temperature variations ( if it matters or not ). Was going to install it in my RV7 but decided to do another IFD540 instead. $SOLD
  13. I hit the donate button on top but nothing happen. Is there another link somewhere to donate again this year ?
  14. When I overhauled my engine I did the three blade including power flow and never looked back...... I did it for better climb performance on hot days and it sure helped a lot , really awesome on cold days. Some say you will lose speed, I have not noticed any speed reduction Lastly it really looks cool !!!!
  15. Ouch I feel your pain...... If you ever need help bucking rivets when the time comes (I'm fairly good at it) let me know. I’m based DKB.
  16. If you don’t go the G5 / GI275 route then the Stec 901 system will work between your box and the Stec 30 to achieve GPSS I have a 901 I recently pulled out of my plane if you need one.
  17. My second screen is where #7 is but I have a 0360A1D. Sucks to pull and clean, that ones done at every annual.
  18. For price comparison this past July I had 2 G5’s the 29 and 13 installed for $9300 in the Chicago area.
  19. Great Video! one recommendation (I hate to be that guy and rarely am ) but please get some shoulder harness seat belts for you and your lovely wife.
  20. Gene at North West Flyers 06C Used to be a Mooney Service Center, still doing a lot of Mooney work.
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