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  1. Also the cup holders were not dimensioned, They would only exist in that position and configuration if I can get the console 5.5 wide back there. although realistically, I might stagger them to open them up a bit to clear more than a sode can, maybe more like coffee mug, Reusable water bottle sized.
  2. Glad you guys are liking this idea. @PTK demensions of that drawing at 32 inches long, as its 36 inches between the rear seat bulkhead to the base of the pedestal in a mid body. Width, that was drawn at 4 inches, that might need to be tweaked. In an ideal world, I would like to get sectional charts to fit width wise, I might need to get creative and put those forward slots at a 45 degree angle, and reserve the remaining little triangular area for a flashlights and pens. Height varies along the length obviously. That was drawn at 8 inches at its tallest, which may be on the tall side, but thats easy to change. No Pics as of yet. its just a cad drawing. Where is your manual gear extension? and I am planning on building them to clear Johnson Bars if equipt. fuel selectors if in the center of the floor, and not obstruct the down and locked indicator on the floor. @Bob Austin That was drawn to clear the trim wheel on my F, where is the trim wheel on your J/missile?
  3. @rainman, its an adaptable concept. I would need to know the interior dimensions between your seats, pictures. location of trim control etc. this is for a mid body F, but if I can get data for short bodies with and without manual gear. mid bodies: F manual gear, J, K 231 K252. And Long Bodies : Bravo, Ovation, Acclaim I can go from there. @Mooney65E I agree injection (or heat molded) plastic might be better in the long run. I have access to equipment that can make approximate 24x24 inch vacuum molds. So it would have to be modular, which may not be bad in the long run. But if its worth easing your mind, I can make it with rounded, if not plastic corners to protect fromt sharp edges and round off any exposed aluminum. I prefer the aluminum just because its a superior material in terms of quality. Plus, what looks better? I think most would go for the anodized aluminum with laser embossed finishing.
  4. I agree to a point, but the reason I bring this up is if you bought your C E or F, to meet your mission goals, you know that a vintage aircraft can be had for a good price, but we sign the paper knowing that price is partly due to living under the shadow of the mighty J. So if you decide to spend the money to turn your vintage aircraft into a modern avionics showcase, you will reach a total investment point where you would saturate the investment in the aircraft (quickly) to the point where you would be money ahead selling your current aircraft and adding the upgrade funds to buy a nice J with the same avionics you would have purchased for your current airplane. That's not to say its a bad idea to upgrade, provided it is approached with the mindset that matches the airplane.
  5. Hey guys I am looking for a set of decent yokes for my 74 F. I have the PC system and want the yokes with the cut off switch located in the pilots side yoke. While any decent set would work, I would be very interested in a set that has PTT switches installed.
  6. I like the GTX330 as well and it would certainly be high on the list of options to consider. Is it the only unit that will interface with the 430? I like Garmin stuff, I bring up other ideas for two reasons. 1.) Garmin has become the 800 lb gorilla and there are elements of railroading customers into what appears to be a planned obsolesce business model. If I am not mistaken there is a population of G1000 systems out there that are stuck in unsupported purgatory. Another example is requiring new racks for panel mount units if you want to upgrade to the current Gen stuff, that is of course a small part of the price when upgrading, but all the same, it says a lot about the thier state of mind IMO. That puts a little bit of a bad taste in my mouth. 2.) (theoretically speaking) Other manufactures have had time to come up with competing systems that need to offer something above the Garmin product to pull people away from them into their product lines. It is going to take a strong product and a strong price point to do so. I am about as loyal to Garmin as they are to me. The KT74 is an intriguing idea...
  7. The plane is equipped with a GNS430, KX-155 KN-64 KT76A Like I had said, I am not interested in a major refit, I have no plans as of now, just merely entertaining the conversation My apologies for being a little vague, I was mainly gauging thoughts on the AXP340 as a replacement for the KT76A, but didn't want to limit thought input to just that alone if someone saw a valid reason to bring up something related. @cruiser that is an interesting point, I haven't really kept up on the details of the pending changes, or how deep the potential impact will be when things flesh out.
  8. Hey guys I was looking to see what your thoughts were on upgrades for the vintage aircraft. I'm looking at about 5 years of ownership of this aircraft and then moving up. So going for a G500 is a bit silly. But on the other side of the coin, I like the idea of getting rid of my KT76A and maybe killing two birds with one stone and spending the money once to meet ADSB compliance. Anyone have any experience of thoughts on the new avidyne systems? They seem to be taking advantage of garmins planned obsolescence. ie. the IFD440 slides right into the same exact slot as a GNS430, where as the New 650 requires a new rack etc.
  9. Thanks for the input, charging system is functioning and aircraft cranks strong after a few days of sitting. So the big stuff seems to be in order. Plane has logged another 10 or so hrs since I posted this without further incident, so knock on wood, maybe the door wasn't completely latched and it went unnoticed.
  10. Low as in it has enough power to do preflight checks, but once the starter is engaged, there isn't sufficient power to engage the starter. I mention it being low as opposed to dead because I am in agreement, it wasn't charged on the previous flight, or something is slowly draining it. I haven't checked the interior lights, but are they always hot?
  11. A few weeks ago, I had a "low battery" out of the blue. I gave the go ahead to replace the battery as I am not one to mess around with a battery in marginal health, even it the battery is not the direct cause. That seemed to take care of the issue. The plane went into annual and was test flown about a week ago by the previous owner after the annual. Everything went fine and it was returned to service. I went to fly it yesterday and once again the low battery showed up again. It's a bit of a challenge to figure out common factors as the plane is flown by several different people. Anyone have any experience with a slow drain? Aircraft is a 1974 M20F
  12. I would think the level playing field idea is a good idea. otherwise I could see this spiraling into pulling all of the seats out except the pilot seat, adding weight as far back as possible to get the CG pushed aft and numerous other little tricks. How far are you racing? Or are you just going to get up into cruise flight side by side and push all the money knobs forward and lean for best power?
  13. I was taught that the pro's clean up the airplane once off the runway. I cycle the flaps down on preflight to listen to the motor and mechanism, for straining, binding, jumping etc. and I leave them down for passenger loading to keep them from getting stepped on.