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  1. quik flite

    Another Mooney CEO gone...

    They need a few good dealers across the country. So people can see the airplanes. With a company this small and desperate for sales dealers would need to be sure the factory does not end up selling direct to the public anyhow in an attempt to keep the extra cash Mooney needs a few dealers and sales people with an incentive to tell people the benefits of there product. Just my opinion
  2. quik flite

    NY/NJ Area Shop Recommendations for Annual

    Webers is excellent and fair highly recommend them. Dorm and Steve are both very nice , with different jobs and personalitys. call Dorn and ask with any questions , I usually dealt with Dorn always extremely knowledgeable and super nice to talk to. You will be happy with your choice. Also Lancaster avionics and sensenich propeller in one place. It does not get any better
  3. Henry Weber at KLNS Lancaster ,PA a Mooney Service Center is great ,always great service at a fair price . No surprises ,a fantastic group of people doing a superb job. Highly recommend them
  4. quik flite

    Ammeter fluctuating

    Had the same problem , the alternator had an oily film all over inside it. As usual a trip to Webers took care of it. Call Dorn at Webers if you have not done so ,he will be glad to help.
  5. quik flite

    Garmin Aera 500 - Price reduced

    Do you have everything it came with including a yoke mount, power cable all manuals. I am interested and a quick look online shows a yoke mount comes with the kit. Also how old is it and does it work perfectly?
  6. quik flite


    I was a member for approximately 15 years ,but no more, what is the point , I certainly do not see much value in it. Oh they are all we have, what a dissapointment.
  7. quik flite

    Battery post plastic cover

    Every boat has covers on the battery posts , not sure if they are approved or require anything special, someone who knows may speak up.PROBABLY NOT FOR AIRPLANE USE.
  8. quik flite

    A Fantastic Mooney Service Center

    I agree, we are very fortunate to have Webers , Lancaster Avionics and Sensenich Propeller all at one airport, It just does not get any better than that.
  9. I just wanted to let you all know how a great Mooney Service Center does business. I have done business with Webers @ KLNS for years, and a friend of mine who is working on his 1981 or 1982 201 calls and tells me his plane is on jacks and the manual gear extension is hard to use. After talking for a little while, I tell him I think my flap motor was serviced , but I could not remember ever needing to service the gear motor (mine was a later model). He knows I have had Webers doing my maintenance, and does admit that they are very good. He asks if I would call and ask if they might know the problem. I called Dorn who was very helpful and he let me know a little about the gear motor and the rigging and said if there was a problem ,it should not take long to fix and he would be happy to help in any way he could. Before he said goodbye, he let me know of one other thing that may cause the problem, something about only pulling one circuit breaker ,for the gear motor. Well when I called my friend back ,I could tell my friend had done the two circuit breaker pull. The reason I posted this is because, there is a big difference in the maintenance at a fantastic Mooney Service Center and I actually feel bad for calling Webers, when my "friend" may have had no intention of ever using the great service a MSC can provide, for fear they may find something wrong. I can tell you from a few years of ownership, a good Mooney Service Center provides you with a safer, smoother, faster and better resale, airplane and it only cost more if they find something the other shops did not notice. Webers is a Fantastic Mooney Service Center. They are the experts.
  10. PTK , It appears to me you are correct and I think a little bit of , lets see proof , is a good thing. I have used camguard for years, since around 2007. I appreciate your posts and a lot of others who post here so we all can learn a little. One more lesson learned. Now we will see if those couple dollars are well spent. Keep up the good work. I also have met and talked to Ed Kollin at Oshkosh and found him to be very knowledgable and a nice guy to talk to , he may have wanted to get some news out quickly and I can understand that . He has developed and tested his product and is justifiably proud and excited about it. Again, Thanks
  11. quik flite

    My 2014 Annual

    Sounds like your airplane is in great hands, let us know how you like it.
  12. quik flite

    This sucks!

    AOPA ask for my updated credit card info, the old one expired. I was on auto renewal, and was not going to renew. After a few weeks they billed my credit card, without the updated info, I sent an email to member services telling them I will not be renewing and that is why I did not give the updated info. They credited my credit card. (all was done through email).
  13. quik flite

    Good avionics shop in NJ area.

    Lancaster Avionics @ KLNS in PA did an EDM 800 for me , excellent and clean install, never a problem. Henry Weber is there also, a first class Mooney Service Center , they can also do that for you, maybe that is farther than you like , but you cannot go wrong with either of those choices.
  14. quik flite

    MSC in/near Ohio

    Webers at KLNS Lancaster ,PA, may be a little out of the way but a great Mooney Service Center
  15. quik flite

    How far?

    The closer it is the more you can use and enjoy it ,it can easily turn into all day to fly a little ,and if everyone in the family does not share your enthusiasm you are in trouble