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  1. Weber’s at KLNS is excellent, if near Pennsylvania
  2. Truer words were never spoken I always have the same appreciation for all the excellent work I’ve gotten at Weber’s MSC and Lancaster avionics . I always was treated fairly and honestly from an excellent group of people. The plane always worked and provided a confidence that only knowledgeable maintenance can provide. I think in the long run excellent maintenance is always cheaper. Excellent post !
  3. If they had something new and innovative maybe they would sell .like an engine that doesn’t corrode and require maintenance like a model T.
  4. If they could find one Mooney dealer in each state and each one would keep in stock at least one model of airplane it may go a long way towards people seeing and flying and buying the airplanes. If there is no one out there selling and marketing the product , it will not sell. It would also keep things steady at the factory. I don’t know if they could sell 50 a year or even stay in business at that rate. I can tell you that in other businesses unless there are people pushing and profiting from it the sales pitch is over , people sell what pays the bills , and hopefully they come up with a few good looking paint schemes
  5. Henry Weber, always a great job KLNS LANCASTER PA
  6. If anyone is at the airport and can take a few pictures and send them to john@skyportservices.net I would appreciate it. It’s for a friend of mine looking to sell it for a customer. Thanks in advance It’s south of the big hangers on the grass. N195QB Bonanza , it hasn’t flown in a while. I also have a phone number if that’s easier, let me know and I’ll give you the number. Thanks again
  7. The Mooney is a nice airplane on the used market . To build new ones at the price approaching 1000,000 dollars , there is a lot of competition with more utility, used or new. It is a very niche market and in most cases just an expensive toy. I wish them luck and hope they make it , I think it will be very tough, the economy has been very good and still no sales. I hope manufacturing isn’t headed overseas .
  8. Weber’s at KLNS is excellent also there is Lancaster avionics and sensenich propeller I don’t think it gets any better
  9. Smart avionics at N71. Lancaster avionics at KLNS excellent quality work
  10. Here in the Northeast We are very fortunate to have the best shops in one spot Weber’s Mooney Service Center. Lancaster Avionics and Sensenich Propeller all at KLNS Lancaster PA It just doesn’t get any better and they are honest ,fair ,courteous and knowledgeable. It’s always a pleasure to do business with all of them. If you are anywhere close I highly recommend it No tax in Pa on aircraft work
  11. I’ve had both in different airplanes They are both excellent in my opinion
  12. I loved my ez power tow ,bought new with a Mooney space discount sold for within a few bucks of what I paid never gave any trouble .worked good up small grade all year even in somewhat slippery conditions
  13. I have had excellent results with Weber’s at Lancaster Pa a Mooney Service Center , I hope as the older guys retire , they will take the time to show the next generation the things they learned. All maintenance if done properly requires a very smart, knowledgeable and diligent person willing to work fast and cheap (go figure) I hope we can all continue to find good, safe places to get our planes worked on ...anyone can make mistakes, get distracted and forget. Take the time to look things over...especially after maintenance , I must say unless something in that area needed worked on it would be easy to miss.