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  1. Weber’s it is. Very good, at KLNS. Lancaster, Pa
  2. How about a cheap rubber floor mat for a car (with a hole cut in it).
  3. Just a quick note to anyone looking for the JPI , I purchased a transponder from Nik after his panel update and it is in excellent condition and shipped, properly packaged ,My dealings with him were as expected. This is a great group of people and I felt it only right to let any interested persons know . I don’t know the value of the unit , but if priced reasonably, I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase it ,
  4. Buy the nicest ,best maintained and with avionics you need , one you can find ,it will soon be the least expensive one you looked at and bought. ( jimmy garrison) is very helpful and also knowledgeable , his prices are really what the market will bring and no more ,if you see one he has that you like. (Or just a few questions)
  5. Oh , sorry. ,and I got all worked up for nothing !
  6. I would think that anyone buying a new $ 800,000 single engine airplane , that really is nothing more than an expensive toy, would want the best built , safest, fastest best looking , and most automated airplane they can buy , with service to match.( they will be catered to) . A manual anything won’t be in the picture. These airplanes will need to be more expensive, with more features. And better marketing and dealers. , it isn’t going to happen.
  7. Let me know what you want for kt76c transponder, Thanks. Cooke002@aol.com
  8. Weber’s at KLNS is excellent, if near Pennsylvania
  9. Truer words were never spoken I always have the same appreciation for all the excellent work I’ve gotten at Weber’s MSC and Lancaster avionics . I always was treated fairly and honestly from an excellent group of people. The plane always worked and provided a confidence that only knowledgeable maintenance can provide. I think in the long run excellent maintenance is always cheaper. Excellent post !
  10. If they had something new and innovative maybe they would sell .like an engine that doesn’t corrode and require maintenance like a model T.
  11. If they could find one Mooney dealer in each state and each one would keep in stock at least one model of airplane it may go a long way towards people seeing and flying and buying the airplanes. If there is no one out there selling and marketing the product , it will not sell. It would also keep things steady at the factory. I don’t know if they could sell 50 a year or even stay in business at that rate. I can tell you that in other businesses unless there are people pushing and profiting from it the sales pitch is over , people sell what pays the bills , and hopefully they come up with a few good looking paint schemes
  12. Henry Weber, always a great job KLNS LANCASTER PA
  13. If anyone is at the airport and can take a few pictures and send them to john@skyportservices.net I would appreciate it. It’s for a friend of mine looking to sell it for a customer. Thanks in advance It’s south of the big hangers on the grass. N195QB Bonanza , it hasn’t flown in a while. I also have a phone number if that’s easier, let me know and I’ll give you the number. Thanks again