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  1. It's on eBay now and has been. I guess there is no market really for these things anymore. ADFs have pretty much gone by the wayside with the advent of GPS. Sad but you're right its just basically a glorified timer. However, for someone specifically looking for an ADF receiver, this is a fantastic deal apparently. I always advertise cheaper on MooneySpace than eBay.
  2. I just had the 9000+ installed and the antenna was put in place of the COM 1 antenna over the front seats. The COM 1 antenna was moved to the belly as a bent whip antenna. Works fine so far.
  3. Someone will get a great deal...$1,599 now
  4. Davarron

    ISO:KLN 94

    @HawkDriver Yeah I’ll honor $1,750
  5. Davarron

    ISO:KLN 94

    @HawkDriver My KLN94 is still available and at a great price as I've heard. Not sure if you were still looking but it's still available.