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  1. Edo-Aire Attitude Gyro Indicator (Volts: 14/28), Excellent Working Condition. Asking $400 with free shipping to contiguous US. Will ship elsewhere for additional fee.
  2. King KR-87 ADF System with Tray, KI 227 Indicator, and Antenna in Good Condition. All working when removed for avionics upgrade. Asking $675 with free shipping to contiguous US. Will ship elsewhere for additional fee.
  3. KLN 89B GPS working when removed from my plane for avionics upgrade. In good condition. Includes the GPS, Tray, and Pilot Guides. Asking $500, will ship free to contiguous US only. Additional shipping for elsewhere please.
  4. Whelen Nav/Strobe LED Chroma A650 Aircraft Lights with Power Supply. Condition is used in great condition! Removed to upgrade to full LED. These were working when removed. Included is the lights, power supply, and 2 Whelen Chroma Series LED position lights already installed in the housing. Free Shipping to the Contiguous US. Offering these lights at $425. The Chroma series Nav lights alone were $270 from Spruce.
  5. One of the problems is that the apprentices aren’t being watched or work being reviewed by more experienced workers. I understand everyone starts from somewhere (I’m young myself) but they need to be observed and taught the correct way, taught to be careful, and taught how to do things correctly. No one is perfect right out of the gate. The experienced workers should be double checking their work. This shop at the time was extremely busy and I felt as though they were just pushing me through to get the job complete. I realize they were busy, but substituting quantity for quality is a huge mistake in any business. Now they lost me as a customer and probably many more as a result of my problems.
  6. If only I could afford two haha. Will be looking for a nice Ovation pre G1000 in the next twelve months or so. Hopefully there's a nice one as nice as this 201 I owned.
  7. It really was a pleasure to own and fly and to update! I did the avionics. The guy before me did the paint and interior. Hopefully I can find an Ovation just as nice as this airplane was to me.
  8. I am not one to write reviews on companies unless I had a very exceptional experience or a downright horror story. Unfortunately, this review is a horror story and I caution anyone from even THINKING about taking their precious airplane to this shop. Many of you probably remember the electrical pulsing issue I was having in my J model last year. After replacing numerous items, the issue was traced to a cut wire that both ends were touching and arcing behind the panel with the vibration of the engine. Mechanic says it was a clean cut that someone had made. The problem began immediately after my avionics installation through Sporty's Cincinnati Avionics last July. Upon receiving my airplane after a $23k avionics job, the windshield was scratched, the overhead air vents were never reconnected, chipped paint on the wing where tools had been placed, cracked rear seat plastics, a green mark on the prop on only one blade, and a nose wheel strut that was covered and I mean covered in black grease. Not to mention handprints and finger prints all over the paint. To some degree, I expect a level of service and care for the aircraft commensurate to the amount of money that I am paying someone or company. In the shop's defense, they fixed those problems I just mentioned, after hearing exactly how I felt about them. Fast forward a month. I am preflighting the plane and notice that the newly installed antennas have the caulk separating between the fuselage and the antenna. Caulk from 1983 is still holding on the other antennas so there's no reason for two month old caulk to be separating already. Next, fast forward to a few weeks ago when I had an IFR cert done. My shop had to remove the Lynx transponder to check the connections on the back but couldn't remove it from the panel. They got it about halfway out and then it gets stuck. They get behind the panel with a light and camera and see that the transponder had been jammed in the panel, secured with a strap, and the rivets holding the rack in place where not blind flush rivets like they are supposed to be. They are rivets with protruding heads which had caught on the transponder and jammed. Not only that, but the shop found that the G5 initial setup settings were not calibrated correctly and it was not within tolerance. I am just astonished at the lack of proper procedures, lack of detail and care, and a lack of safety. I would NEVER even take the airplane back there because I DO NOT want them even touching the aircraft again. About a month after I had this work done last July, I heard from another airplane owner in a Cirrus that just had avionics installed and his entire center stack was sagging to one side when he landed after getting back from Cincinnati Avionics. THIS IS NOT AN ISOLATED EVENT. Please protect your valuable airplanes and do yourself a favor and not use Cincinnati Avionics. Like I said, I do not usually write reviews but I feel it is necessary in this case since there were so many issues and problems, some that were safety concerns, that I do not want anyone else to have to deal with. Take your business elsewhere.
  9. Not sure if he's on MooneySpace or not but I'll find out. It's going to near Duluth, MN.
  10. I apologize but for some reason I am unable to post any additional pictures that are oriented the correct way. If you are interested, I can send them to you or you can check out the listing on Trade a Plane or Barnstormers. Trade a Plane has 19 photos attached. Overview SOLD Price: $126,500 IMMACULATE LOW TIME 1983 M20J 201, 2550 TT, 550 SMOH, Garmin G5, Lynx 9000+ ADSB Transponder with Active Traffic & Terrain Vision, PMA 450B Audio Panel with Dual Bluetooth, No Damage History, Always Hangared, 158 KTAS at 9.5 GPH Avionics -New Garmin G5 Primary Attitude Indicator in 2018 -New PMA 450B Audio Panel with Dual Bluetooth in 2018 -New Lynx 9000+ ADSB Transponder with ACTIVE TRAFFIC and TERRAIN (TCAS Antenna on top of airplane) -New GMA 35 WAAS GPS Antenna installed and prewired to front panel -All GPS wiring prewired from panel to battery compartment to eliminate removing interior again and reduce labor costs ***All you need to do is choose what GPS unit you would like to install*** -All wiring prewired for a second G5 HSI version to eliminate removing interior again and reduce labor costs -KAP 150 Autopilot with Electric Trim (Flies like it is on rails!) -Fully coupled to complete ILS to minimums -JPI 730 graphic engine display with all engine instruments except RPM, MP, and Fuel -Vertical Card Compass -KY-197 Comm 1 -KNS-80 Nav 1 -KX-165 Comm 2/Nav 2 -King HSI Airframe 2550 Total Time!! -Precise Flight Electric Speed Brakes installed in 2010 at 2125 total time -New Main Gear Disks in 2010 -New Nose Gear Disks in 2007 -Mechanic says all disks are in great shape -No fuel tank seeping -ALL LED EXTERIOR LIGHTING including AeroLED Sunspot 46 LX Landing Light Engine -Lycoming IO-360-A3B6, 200 HP -Dual-Drive, Dual Mag option (Instead of Single-drive mags) -550 SMOH by PENN YAN AERO in 2009 -Average flown 55 hours per year -Oil changed every 25-30 hours with CamGuard and oil sample analysis -Completely DRY Engine -Compressions at last annual: 77, 74, 76, 75/80 -All Tempest Fine Wire Spark Plugs -Reiff engine cylinder band preheat system 100W on each cylinder Propeller -McCauley 2 Blade Constant Speed Prop -550 SMOH -Polished Spinner Exterior -Full Custom Paint Scheme by ArtCraft Paint in California in 2013 at 2250 total time -EXCELLENT LIKE NEW Condition -Rated 9.9/10 Windows -New Solar Control Great Lakes Aero Products windshield when airplane was repainted -Remaining windows are original in good condition Interior -New Carpet and Seats in 2012 at 2212 total time -Rated 9.5/10 -Seats have special 7-layer foam cushions -All interior plastic repainted (original plastic…has a few cracks here and there to be expected with age) -Custom Leather Wrapped Yokes with New Mooney Logo -Custom LED overhead dome lights to match exterior paint Remarks This is an IMMACULATE 1983 Mooney currently owned by a professional airline pilot with no expenses spared. No maintenance issue has gone unfixed. This airplane has been featured by Mooney in advertising and is a one-of-a-kind aircraft. Exceptional low total time for this year. -Dual split reclining rear seats. -Will include custom-made chocks as well. -Last Annual: June 2018 -Last XPDR/Static IFR Check: July 2018 If interested, please message me for additional information or call 810-429-0203
  11. You win the prize of the day! My mechanic tonight, along with an electrical engineer, found the break in current between the alt field CB and the master switch. Replacing this wire completely fixed the pulsing issue and the alternator offline issue (according to the ops runup. Will find out for certain next time I fly it soon). This 16 gauge wire did not just break according to my mechanic. Since the problem began after I had the avionics installation done a few months ago, he believes the avionics shop is the culprit. Adding this to the list of other issues from this "shop", I would not hesitate for a second that it was caused by them (obviously not intentional, however, there is a level of detail and care that must be taken on these older airplanes. Carelessness has no room here).