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  1. Davarron

    PERSISTENT Electrical System Pulsing

    You win the prize of the day! My mechanic tonight, along with an electrical engineer, found the break in current between the alt field CB and the master switch. Replacing this wire completely fixed the pulsing issue and the alternator offline issue (according to the ops runup. Will find out for certain next time I fly it soon). This 16 gauge wire did not just break according to my mechanic. Since the problem began after I had the avionics installation done a few months ago, he believes the avionics shop is the culprit. Adding this to the list of other issues from this "shop", I would not hesitate for a second that it was caused by them (obviously not intentional, however, there is a level of detail and care that must be taken on these older airplanes. Carelessness has no room here).
  2. Davarron

    PERSISTENT Electrical System Pulsing

    I should have clarified..the CB never popped. I pulled it and reset it, which made the alternator come back online again. But I definitely agree with you not to do it more than once. Hopefully we get it figured out soon.
  3. Davarron

    PERSISTENT Electrical System Pulsing

    Update: The ammeter and voltage swinging has gotten worse and now the alternator kicks offline in flight. Resetting the field CB reset it. However, on the most recent flight, the alternator kicked offline and I was not able to get it back online at all. Even after landing and restart, still offline. I wish it was as easy as the VR. But that's new, the alternator is new, the master switch is new, everything is tight and cleaned. My mechanic is going to jump across the shunt. Will report back if that works.
  4. Davarron

    PERSISTENT Electrical System Pulsing

    That is EXACTLY what mine is doing. Along with the voltmeter on the jpi.
  5. Davarron

    PERSISTENT Electrical System Pulsing

    Which switch are you referring to? The master switch is the combined battery and alternator one. I can have my mechanic take a look again behind the panel there but he said he had verified everything was good.
  6. Davarron

    PERSISTENT Electrical System Pulsing

    The master switch is brand new so I would assume the terminals should be new as well?
  7. Davarron

    PERSISTENT Electrical System Pulsing

    It does it immediately upon engine start before I even turn the avionics master on. The only thing on at that point would be the G5 I think.
  8. Davarron

    PERSISTENT Electrical System Pulsing

    Good idea on both. The battery is a Concorde xc and is about 2.5 years old. It shows no sign of even starting to show diminished life. Could the battery be an issue?
  9. Merry Christmas all! Over the summer I had a G5, Lynx xpdr, and a PMA450B audio panel put in. Soon after the installation, related or not, my ammeter and voltmeter started pulsing after engine startup until engine shutdown. The voltmeter would bounce from like 13.0 to 15.5 volts or so continuously. Flying at night, the lights dim and bright with the pulsing. It's definitely not an indication issue. My mechanic and I are stumped. We have put a new alternator, new voltage regulator, new master switch, new alternator 70A circuit breaker, new alternator field 5A circuit breaker. Nothing seems to help. And we have tried isolating everything in the cockpit regards to avionics and stuff and cannot isolate anything. Any ideas??? I've read on here something about a shunt past the ammeter. I'm not too familiar with it. Can anyone think of anything else to check or do or replace? A ground issue, which I'm afraid of it being, could take days of labor to find. Thanks for the input
  10. It's on eBay now and has been. I guess there is no market really for these things anymore. ADFs have pretty much gone by the wayside with the advent of GPS. Sad but you're right its just basically a glorified timer. However, for someone specifically looking for an ADF receiver, this is a fantastic deal apparently. I always advertise cheaper on MooneySpace than eBay.
  11. I just had the 9000+ installed and the antenna was put in place of the COM 1 antenna over the front seats. The COM 1 antenna was moved to the belly as a bent whip antenna. Works fine so far.