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  1. Davarron

    CiES Fuel Senders Resource Thread

    Well that makes me feel a lot better. Thanks for the good info and pictures.
  2. Davarron

    CiES Fuel Senders Resource Thread

    When installing the cies fuel senders, what fuel inspection panels need to be removed, if any? I ask because I may wait to install them until I think about new paint in many years. All of the panels above the wing have not been touched since the plane was repainted a few years ago.
  3. Selling this due to a panel upgrade. I’ve used it like 2-3 times so it is literally in like-new condition. All original packaging and cellophane. No defects on the display at all. Includes all the equipment including panel and window mounts. Great little unit! I’ve heard it’s no longer in production. This is the D2 model. I’m asking $950 + 20 for shipping. Reasonable offers will be considered. David dafatell@netzero.net
  4. Davarron

    New Side Windows Self Install

    Thank you so much for all the quick responses. This sounds like a fun multi day project. Thankfully I believe mine does have the clips and should not require any hole drilling.
  5. Davarron

    New Side Windows Self Install

    Any tips on removing the sealant from the exterior of the aircraft?
  6. Davarron

    New Side Windows Self Install

    Would a jig saw be any easier to be able to lay the window across two horses and cut it that way?
  7. Davarron

    New Side Windows Self Install

    Thank you so much. One of the small cheap bandsaws will work? Metal/wood?
  8. Hello all, So I am thinking of replacing all of my side windows on my 1983 J model (NOT the windshield as this was done when the plane was repainted a few years ago). I got a quote from my mechanic and he said expect 8-10 hours PER window. Is this a reasonable rate for the side windows on a J model?? So I'm thinking of doing it myself with the help of some friends. Anyone who has done this provide any recommendations or tips? Looking at some of the other topics on Mooneyspace here about window replacement, I see to use CS3330-B2 sealant and then use a bead of PR 1425 on the outside for looks. I will do Great Lakes Aero Products SC gray for the front two side windows and dark tint for the rear two windows. My windshield is SC gray and I love it. I appreciate any feedback from previous people who have done this themselves. Thank you so much. P.S. My model has the screw clips and not the rivets. And also my model is one of few that has the two window panes on the passenger door.
  9. Davarron

    Window replacement

    I’ve gotten some samples from Great Lakes Aero Products as I live nearby. The SC gray can be mistaken as clear from a distance (which is what I prefer). The dark tint (non SC) is similar to the rear windows of an automobile SUV. I was told by GLAP that the dark tint blocks just as much UV rays as the SC gray.
  10. I do a lot of all weather, day/night flying so for me this is definitely worth it personally. For someone who flies mostly daytime with occasional night, may not be worth three times the price. I just wanted to show the actual difference between the two lights because when I was researching, I did not find any comparison like these photos to base my decision off of.
  11. A few months ago I saw a video post review on here of the AEROLED Sunspot 46LX Landing Light. It SOLD me (sorry I forgot who posted it). However I had no idea how it compared to the most current version of the Whelen Parmetheus Plus series, which happens to be the Super version (that I had). So this post hopefully will serve that comparison purpose on here. I was dumbfounded at the difference and so happy with the AEROLED Sunspot. The beam angle is much wider and brighter allowing you to actually see the sides of the taxiways at night and the majority of the runway on final. Not to mention it just looks cool! And the Whelen’s beam is just so narrow. The AEROLED consists of 4 spot Landing lights (which can be seen shining on the hangar in the second picture below). It also consists of 5 taxi light leds that create the wide beam angle. You can see them all in the third picture below. Note that all leds illuminate simultaneously when the light is turned ON. The first picture is the Whelen Parmetheus Plus Super 46. The second picture is about 30 minutes later of the AEROLED Sunspot 46LX. Third picture is again of the AEROLED Sunspot. Notice in the second picture you can see the hangar centerline next door and how much more of the building and pavement you can see. Hope this helps some of you if you are on the fence. It’s quite a few more pennies I know, but I think worth it.
  12. Davarron

    ISO:KLN 94

    I would do $1750 including shipping. I also have the database updater
  13. Davarron

    ISO:KLN 94

    @HawkDriver If you are still looking for a KLN 94 GPS, I may have one coming available end of June. It works perfectly. Doing some avionics upgrades and was thinking about pulling that out as well. Not sure on a price but it would include everything. Database current as of this cycle.
  14. Davarron

    Fluorosilicone Fuel Cap O-ring Kits

    I would like to purchase a set of the Shaw 431 kits. I messaged you already. Thank you.
  15. Davarron

    Garmin G5 GPS Clarification

    This is all good to know. Thanks for all the info!