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  1. This Airpath compass was removed from my 1983 Mooney. It is in very nice condition with NO leaks. The seal appears in very good condition. This model is lighted 14v. Working when removed. Includes the mounting bracket as well. Please add $10 s&h.
  2. Davarron

    Comant CI-196 VHF Antenna $225

    I just measured the vertical length which is what you would be concerned with (not diagonal tip to base) and the length is 13.25 inches from the bottom of the mount to the lowest point of the Antenna. The tip to base diagonal measurement is 17 inches but it is angled back so the 13.25 should be what you would need.
  3. Removed from my airplane for upgrade. Previous owner installed it and I never had a chance to use it so I’m not sure of all it’s features but what I can gather it’s a Levil AHRS unit with a separate device to pick up dual band 1090 and 978 ADS-B traffic and weather and a GPS antenna to affix to the interior side. It also has WIFI to wirelessly transmit this data to your iPad or device. Appears nice. Also includes many extension cables to be able to mount anywhere in your aircraft. FREE SHIPPING! $995. Similar ones sold on eBay for $1,300
  4. Nice PS Engineering 2000 stereo 4 place Intercom. Removed in working condition and includes wiring harness. Please add $8 for s&h.
  5. Removed in working condition. This one is in very nice condition. Please add $15 for s&h.
  6. Excellent condition KR 87 ADF Receiver removed from my panel for an upgrade. Working when removed. Includes the Receiver, Tray, and pilot’s guide. Please add $15 for s&h.
  7. Panel upgrade is the reason I am selling this. Working normally when removed. KMA 24 Audio Panel. Includes Tray. Please add $15 s&h
  8. This KT76A transponder worked intermittently when removed from my plane. A good unit for parts. Please add $15 s&h
  9. Excellent condition removed from my panel in working condition. This GPS Annunciation Control Unit by Mid-Continent MD41-524 was paired with my KLN-94 (also for sale) and only removed due to a panel upgrade. This unit will work with multiple different GPSs. Sold as is. Please add $10 s&h.
  10. Davarron

    Stratus 2S $450 out the door

    Price reduction to $450 with free shipping
  11. This came with my airplane and I’ve never used it before. USB on one end and card input on the other. Used to update the database card on a KLN 89 or 94 GPS. Please add $5 for s&h.
  12. Panel upgrade is reason I’m selling. This KLN 94 unit is in excellent condition with absolutely no imperfections on the screen. Includes Tray, Antenna, Pilot Guide, database card, and also 2 reference handbooks! $2,200 plus $25 s&h.