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  1. My thoughts are based on these premises: 1. The certification shift from TSO to STC is a monumental step forward for the retrofit market 2. The glass retrofit market is in a state of flux. I'm speaking strictly about pfd/mfd boxes, not AI/HSI, as in G5 or AI/DG as in Aspen. 3. Some vendors have stepped forward with STC boxes but the major players, Garmin and BK have not. 4. BK announced, as they have a pattern of doing, the Aerovue Touch. Garmin has not committed with the G3X touch. 5. Dynon imo missed the mark. They severely limited their market in a couple of ways but that's a different discussion. As a result I don't think they're going anywhere. 6. So as I see it right now the only player left is the G3X touch. And it has a lot going for it: it's a proven and mature product and it's Garmin. 7. There will always be a market for the txi. But in my mind I see a huge market that is not being served by anyone right now. And this market expects lower cost STC product. I'm sure Garmin is watching and even though they have not committed, I think it's a matter of time.
  2. Legaly no radio is required when VFR in class E or F. But in this case with B and D airspaces in such close proximity it’s just stupid not to be on the radio.
  3. Yes, the Dynon is more appropriate when upgrading simple panels. Panels that don’t have an autopilot or a mode S, or ads-b, etc. They give you everything but you do have to use their components.
  4. I don’t think so! A Dynon with STC is around $18K. You have to use their components such autopilot, servos, adsb, transponder, etc. In contrast a 10” G500 txi msrp is $16K. Closer to 12K street price. Dynon is for simple panels that don’t have an autopilot, etc. Do your math.
  5. I don’t think so! With Dynon you have to use all of their components. And in doing so you'd be close to txi dollars. It may make sense for planes with simple panels that don’t have an autopilot for example.
  6. Obviously every accident is different. However how a situation is handled determines the outcome and depends on training and experience. For what it's worth Ethiopian Airlines is nowhere to be found in the list of the world’s top 20 safest airlines.
  7. There have been comm issues with avidynes. Some think it may be due to old wiring and/or tray that are retained. The fit of the IFD is a little different than the original GNS.
  8. This is the reason why we talk. Did the Cessna announce he was clear of the runway? Did anyone talk? Sure doesn’t look like anyone did! That is not the setting to be reticent or deaf and mute!
  9. Prehistoric man knew how to use the thumb as a pointer to touch the 12 phalanges of the fingers and count them. Also he knew he could grasp food and eat with one hand. All that thanks to the opposable thumb! Same goes for a 5 year old!
  10. The human thumb is a digit but not considered a finger. It is “opposable” meaning it faces and can touch the four fingers. This is true of most primates but humans have the most opposable thumbs. We can move our thumb farther across our hand than any other primate. Therefore we can use our thumb to point to and count the 12 phalanges of the fingers!
  11. Each human hand in fact has 12 phalanges (finger bones.) 3 in each of the four fingers. So it is possible to count to 12!
  12. These seem relatively inexpensive and can be disposable. I wonder how they work and how long they last. https://www.bestreviews.guide/carbon-monoxide-detector-for-car
  13. We see things differently. Aspen is small potatoes. No real competition for Garmin. Actually I don’t think Garmin has any serious competition. A G5 is not a pfd/mfd. A G3X touch will be a welcome addition to the Garmin line. G5<G3X touch<TXi.