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  1. Only if we let them! I think some of us pilot owners have developed a reputation of being too trusting. Some shops take advantage of this.
  2. It is not fair to blame Bose for your shortcomings and you made a few mistakes here. Why didn’t you obtain the serial numbers and check with Bose before paying for them? Why did you wait and allowed the thirty days to lapse? Why are you so trusting of some seller on ebay? Bose is a fine company with a fine product. I have a Bose X headset with the lemo plug for ship’s power which I leave in the airplane. Exiting the plane one day I inadvertently tangled my foot on the cord causing it to pull a little from the plug. It stretched enough to damage a wire inside the cord. I reluctantly called Bose because it was out of warranty and I had caused the damage. The person on the phone advised me to send it in for an evaluation. Long story short Bose replace the cord at no charge! It took a few weeks but they helped me. This is the kind of company Bose is.
  3. This is hate speech. How is it that you feel this way about one manufacturer? Just curious.
  4. But where is all that hatred coming from?
  5. I equally wonder out of curiosity from a functionality and compatibility perspective how some owners gravitate to Avidyne only to find themselves chasing bugs and glitches. When Garmin has a plethora of options to suit every panel and taste! GPS/NAV/COMM/MFDs, GPS/COMM/MFDs, GPS/TX/MFDs etc. etc. Of all shapes and sizes! I can’t even imagine where we in GA would be if it wasn’t for Garmin! https://www8.garmin.com/aviation/pdfs/GTN_series_brochure.pdf
  6. What went wrong with your Aspen? I can’t imagine having to be without a pfd waiting indefinitely!
  7. Breakthrough solution for leaky bladders! This powerful blend has been shown to decrease leaks by an incredible 79% and is backed by over 35 clinical studies! Best to use one capsule at each fueling. Save your Mooney the embarrassment that goes with loss of bladder control at the most inopportune moments! Use Bladder Brake! Special new formulation will not interfere with speed brakes!
  8. Comparing a single and a twin with an engine failure the single is safer imo. Piston twins are not safer than piston singles after either loses an engine. So until I can afford a TBM or a Pilatus I’ll take my piston Mooney over a twin.
  9. As Bryan said flt plan crossfill wirh GTN will be added. Also I wouldn’t be surprised if they gave it comm capability although that’s probably a long shot.
  10. If you can wait till Oshkosh you will find that Garmin will expand the 375 and that may be more attractive than the 345.
  11. I agree. But their GA boxes will be (are) orphaned and it's not good news for those who bought into them.
  12. Try to follow: No, No, No and No. I'm just that good! If you were as good as I am you would know too. As you would know that the info from the former L3 employee is public record. But you're just not as good!
  13. This is what a software engineer and former employee of L3 Aviation Products says. His opinion of his former employer is very interesting and very telling. "Do yourself a favor and keep looking somewhere else. L3 has a lot of great people but the corporation is just worried about making the numbers look good instead of actually making greats products."
  14. It is normal but there is an SI to alleviate it. If you ask a MSC they should know about it.