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  1. The search engine inside MooneySpace is not great. Go to Google and search "Mooney hot start MooneySpace". You will find many threads on the subject.
  2. I climb at 2700 until 1000 agl, then back to 2600 until reaching cruising altitude. I lean during the climb with a target of 100 ROP. 2500 and WOT for cruise. Where I live at 4500 msl base elevation, I usually cruise between 8500 and 11500 feet. At these altitudes it is hard to produce over 65% power, so I just use fuel flow rather than worry about how far lean of peak. I have a Fuel Scan 450 and just pull back slowly to 9 gph for cruise.
  3. Get a bottle with the correct valve and regulator, you need a CGA540 valve. Cost is a little over $100 for the bottle. Now you can go get Welders Oxygen for a few bucks a refill. NEVER tell them it is for aviation. With the CGA 540 you can also go to a FBO, but they are usually a ripoff. Most FBO's have a fixed price for refills, like filling a Prius tank and a Suburban for the same price. https://lifemedicalsupplier.com/product/jumbo-d-oxygen-cylinder-with-cga-540-valve/
  4. Not sure if this has been posted already elsewhere https://www.news.com.au/travel/travel-updates/incidents/video-shows-terrifying-moment-planes-baggage-hatch-opens-during-flight/news-story/700e994f278db10ec43f665f2a048ba1
  5. Even if you don't have manual gear, the button is nice. I still catch the latch type when adjusting the trim.
  6. I have been on a waiting list with Lasar for about a year. They have no idea when (and at this point if) sets will come in.
  7. https://www.kwtx.com/content/news/Police-identify-pilot-and-Belton-woman-killed-in-plane-crash-566628211.html
  8. Not a good idea. Use the wing jacks and tail holder to raise the front wheel off the ground, or use a jack that fits the 1" tube in the front gear.
  9. Key statement may have been "cold snap". How old are your gear pucks? Old pucks can contribute to shimmy and cold conditions make it worse.
  10. Work backwards from this M20J with a +$20k to 30k advantage for being a "J". Then you see that a run out engine, leaking tanks and minimal avionics leaves little value in the plane. https://www.barnstormers.com/ad_detail.php?id=1512146
  11. I am going to be pessimistic and say $5 - 10K. It is right on the edge of meeting the reaper. The all in $110K price from above puts you over the "J Threshold" and it is never going to be a "J" unless you want to spend a lot more. I think the $30K for Avionics is optimistic by $10 to $20K, $40 to $50K is more likely today.
  12. I had one stick open on a flight in January with -20F temperatures outside over northern Utah and Nevada. Had to land, bend the wire to close it and use duct tape to seal it until I could get it fixed. The wire you have currently is not original and is not connected correctly to the vent door. When you do the repair make sure it is done properly and connect with the correct hardware to the vent door. There should be a wire thimble and crimped sleeve or cable clamp making a loop where the door attaches. Usually these can be purchased at a bike shop or industrial supply or your local mec
  13. Hangar elves are good for parts like this (also your local auto upholstery).
  14. I highly recommend the solar gray tint. Provides UV protection, cooler interior in summer, and the optics are crystal clear. Almost no noticeable reduction in visibility for night flight. Best solution for aircraft windows right now.
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