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  1. Slowing Her Down...

    Just to clarify, energy is energy. You can fly low and fast or high and slow and you still have the same amount of energy. Aircraft live with: Total energy = mgh + mv^2/2. We are just trading kinetic energy for potential energy and thus arriving at the same total energy at the same point in space.
  2. Slowing Her Down...

    Some earlier models had lower gear and flap speeds so it will vary with your model. I tend to be focused on efficiency so I don't like to bleed speed needlessly. Two methods I use: 1. Plan to be down to pattern altitude early. I plan a decent to be at pattern altitude 5 nm from the entry point. I use the vertical descent profile in my flight computer, usually targeting 300 fpm. This gives time for the airplane to slow to gear speed as I enter the downwind and I can drop the gear abeam the numbers. 2. If I have ended up higher and/or faster than planned, I will descend to several hundred feet lower than pattern altitude while reducing power and then pull back to climb back to the correct altitude and drop the gear as my speed drops into the correct range. Once the gear is out the drag will increase and you can obtain your normal pattern speeds. I often find I am up in the 140 to 150 knot decent speeds after crossing mountains near the airports and these techniques have worked well to slow the F to correct speeds.
  3. Love the new spinner, will there be an option for those of us with three blades?
  4. Digital 1975 M20F poh

    Welcome Jnickell to MS. PM sent.
  5. New F owner likes your old posts

  6. New to Forum

    Welcome Jim, We won't hate you, but we might feel sorry for you . Your donation must be processed by the admins, it is not an automatic thing. I see you are now listed as a supported so you can post to the for sale section.
  7. Thinking about airpark property

    Here is a nice hangar and RV (toy) parking garage that happens to have a modest house attached . Isn't the hangar more important. I have a lot on the same airport. All depends on what your definition of "modest" is and what part of the country you wish to live in. Yes, if you are addicted to flying then living on an airport can make a great place to live among other addicts.
  8. Spots rheostat

    You will want something like the PWM controller below. PWM gives constant voltage to to LED but turns it on and off quickly so it appears dimmer. Up to your IA and hangar elves what will work for you.
  9. Spots rheostat

    Not an EE but I was thinking it is better to use PWM rather than rheostats to control the output of an LED.
  10. Mooney down in CT - N53CP

    Update on Kathryn's list: Mooney M20C, N53CP : Fatal accident occurred September 16, 2017 in Guilford, New Haven County, Connecticut "Police said Sunday that 81-year-old Charles Patrick Dundas, of Manorville, was killed along with modified champion racer Ted Christopher in woods near North Branford. Federal officials say the plane had left Plainville's Robertson Airport headed for Long Island on Saturday. Dundas, who also lived in Fort Pierce, Fla., and Christopher were the only two aboard the Mooney M20-C plane when it crashed."
  11. gear sight glass replacement

    I removed mine several years ago. Cleaned, polished, and touched up the paint (the green needs to be translucent). My bulb was burned out and I could not find a replacement bulb (the base was not standard compared to the parts manual). The shop elves epoxied a high brightness LED and resistor into the old base, now it is very easy to see in all light conditions.
  12. Cruise RPM

    I have tried similar on the F, not enough data to confirm but I feel like 2300 is a few knots slower than 2500 with the same fuel flow at 10,000 feet. I need a very stable day to try experimenting with the differences again. For long flights I generally cruise at 2500 rpm and 9 gph in the 8,000 to 13,000 foot range.
  13. Gulf Coast Avionics had just sent me an email.
  15. I see the FreeFlight prices are now down to about $1900 as well. I try to avoid Garmin when possible, Gsrmin tax is similar to the Apple tax most of the time.