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  2. Tag reads 28 volts. if you zoom in. To the OP, 1. please include more information in your signature line; location, etc. 2. include a price so you don't waste our time.
  3. I had better luck by posting a nice flyer at my local FBO and letting the local mechanic know I was looking for partners. Talk to your insurance company about requirements for hours and transition training so you can screen for those that are close to requirements. . I set a minimum of 200 hours tt for a shareholder and preferred those with complex all ready done. I had no trouble getting partners over about six months and have had several others on a waiting list if any of the current partners wishes to sell. We have a very good group and it helps spread the costs and keeps the Mooney flying more often than I would by myself.
  4. If you have electric gear you also need to upgrade the gear box from the 20:1 to the 40:1 as the inner doors add more forces on the system during operation.
  5. I miss Flight Watch . Sometimes it takes extra time to find the correct FSS frequency when flying over BFE (Usually parts of UT, NV, WY and CO).
  6. It works like any other addiction: Hey Kid, want to try one? First ride is free. .
  7. I did the side windows in solar grey a few years ago. I really like the change from origional. I held off on the windshield with the idea of rather than spending the money to replace the window it is a good time to invest in a 201 upgrade. If you are spending the money to replace the window it is worth looking at upgradjng.
  8. Thanks. I just got the latest newsletter from them. Looks like they are looking for 5 experimental aircraft to test them.
  9. I have been watching since they announced it. So far no price and no details on certification.
  10. We had an old runway at Logan UT, (KLGU) that was similar. The Marines brought an Osprey out for high DA testing last summer and did similar damage to much of the runway. Fortunately the runways was scheduled for rebuilding last fall.
  11. 17,500 over Yosemite.
  12. We just skip the stop for the fuel pump
  13. gsengle, Paul, and ppevee, I was not trying to say turbo's are not nice, just it was not required for the original posters mission. If I had a larger budget I would likely get a K or Rocket or do a turbo F with all the mods like John (M20F-1968). As an engineer that focuses on efficiency, practicality and reliability; I lean towards the simple system that solves the problem. Adding a turbo does reduce useful load and is one more failure mode for the systems. The turbo is one of the systems that has the highest rate of needing maintenance or failure on the Mooney's. That said, it adds great potential and I would love to be able to climb to 18k at 700-1000 fpm and cruise at higher altitudes when the winds are favorable. There are great solutions and models to all different missions and each of us picks the one that works best for them. Again, just trying to point out that the OP does not "need" a turbo for the mission he laid out, if he wants one that is great.
  14. Nowhere in Utah would you need a turbo for flying. My home airport is 4450 msl. Density altitudes approaches 9,000 feet in summer. I fly from UT to CA, NV, AZ, CO, WY, and OR without issues. The high peaks are usually not the issue, It is wide areas that are unlandable where I need altitude. The heart of the Rockies and the Central Sierra is where you have to be the most careful and want to climb higher. I try to flight plan so I don't go directly into these areas and keep as many options for forced landings available as possible.
  15. I agree with Mooneymite here. A good E or F would serve your mission (I am partial to F's). Pick up an F with a 201 windshield and put on the new cowling mod in a year when it is ready. The difference in flight time would be a few seconds to minutes on a 300NM trip compared to a J. I also love when those that live on the east coast tell you that you need a turbo to fly out of Las Vegas. We consider Las Vegas lowlands and my F has been quite happy in most of the west. If you were flying over the heart of the Rockies often with 14K peaks I would recommend a K, but for 99 percent of the time smart flight planning will allow you to fly at 15K or less. You can get a very well equipped and maintained F for $80K. It will be an honest 150 knot plane at 9 gph. Tim