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  1. The only time a Lycoming Engine doesn't leak is when it has no oil . Continue to chase small leaks but you will likely never stop them all.
  2. TTaylor

    Whelen Acquires LoPresti

    If it is typical Whelen pricing they will double it.
  3. TTaylor

    I Win the Slow Learner Award

    I found there are significant differences between the C and F, and may also be because of hydraulic flaps versus electric. With the 63 C, I found I was better with two pumps of flap (about half) on landing. With the 75 F with electric flaps, I found it was much better with full flaps but up-trim was critical to get it slowed down and not have too much force on the yoke at flare.
  4. TTaylor

    You know it's cold when...

    After "Two Years, Two Months, Too Long" in Minnesota we have been working at moving farther south with every move since then . Last stop will hopefully be Southern Utah. The only advantage of living in Minnesota is it makes everywhere else look better. When the weather gets bad here; we say it could be worse, we could be in Minnesota.
  5. About five months of the year my cowl flaps stay closed, but this is the land of ice and snow .
  6. TTaylor

    JPI Fuel Flow Accuracy

    The sensor can be off as much as 3 to 7% without calibration. Once calibrated, you will likely see within 1%. Just record fuel used and fuel bought over a period of time and you should be pretty close. Start with a full tank and end with one. If you want to do a test on only a few tanks be sure to fill the tanks carefully, let them sit for a time (15 minutes or so) and top. Also be sure the plane is sitting on the same slope. If the plane has bladders, they do take a little longer to fill and stabilize. Once you have numbers you can adjust the k value. It is always mentally nice to have more fuel than what the computer says you have, so most error on the conservative side while adjusting the k value.
  7. The servo are usually near the battery in the aft fuselage. Access through the battery door behind the wing. It is normally a one servo system (the rudder and ailerons are slaved together with springs in early 1970's Mooney's) that approximates two axis.
  8. I placed the manual in a .zip folder in the Downloads/Avionics section.
  9. PathFinder M2A AutoPilots Ground Check and Flight View File PathFinder Autopilot docs Submitter TTaylor Submitted 12/14/2018 Category Avionics  
  10. TTaylor


    Utah $120
  11. TTaylor

    Why do they let them sit unflown

    The key to working with owners like this are establishing a relationship. It can take some time and slowly educating them on the reality of the situation for the aircraft. You also have to give them time to grieve the loss and be willing to move on. If you come across as a potential owner that will love their "baby" and take care of it you can often work a deal to bring one back to life.
  12. TTaylor

    That nasty trim wheel!

    You might trying AL polishing compound and then a good hard wax.
  13. Astronautics Corp Of America Pathfinder Autopilot Systems were in many from the early to mid 70's. The M2/P2 was most common (2-axis) but I think there were some M3/P3.
  14. TTaylor

    Member shout out

    Glazing might be worthwhile as far north as you are. That may boost the Delta T even more. It can cause extra thermal degradation of the physical box but will boost efficiency.