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  1. You might consider buying some disposable piping bags. Put what you want to use at one time in the bag. You can mix the two parts in the bag and then cut the end to pipe out the sealant like a caulk.
  2. A few more details. I thought maybe they decided to land gear up, but report says gear collapsed. http://www.kathrynsreport.com/2020/11/incident-occurred-november-15-2020-near.html
  3. Practicing engine out and engine does not recover. https://www.hjnews.com/news/local/update-airplane-lands-in-field-near-newton-reservoir-occupants-reportedly-safe/article_adb23eca-c65f-500d-ae3c-20c911323085.html
  4. Kerry, I was looking at this shaking my head. No shoulder harness worn, yet they were clearly there. Looks like a stall (likely spin) into the ground. When the engine loses power I am going 1. Beach, 2. Water parallel to the beach, 3 Sagebrush. Pilot picks number 3. Speed control and airplane attitude was scary on final. I don't know the recommendation on the Cessna, but I am not sure gear down would have been a good idea. Likely to flip the plane. Pilot does not give any direction to the passengers. He should have said shoulder harnesses, tighten seat belts, grab anything for padding fo
  5. Sent P-message with my data for a 54 gallon bladder stick. Here is what I have if others are interested complied and averaged from several aircraft: Bladders Reg Inches 54 62 0 6 6 2 13 15 4 19 23 6 24 28 8 27 32
  6. Hearing that these may now be back in stock. Check with your local MSC.
  7. More speed or more speed at the same fuel flow? You already have the big one with the 201 windshield. The PowerFlow may get you more speed, but because it is horsepower and not efficiency it usually comes at the cost of fuel burn. The 3 blade does not help speed and there was a pirep recently on prop changes that didn't do much for the $12K cost. Top mods you have left: 1. Cowling. Either a 201 or LoPresti. Neither is cheap to do. Hopefully there will be other options again soon. 2. Gear. Inner gear doors and/or brake rotation. 3. Add a turbo. Then you can go high a
  8. If the rubber is still good, not flaking or breaking up it may be repairable until Mooney decides to order some more from their supplier. First check with your mechanic that it is OK to do a repair if he is the one reinstalling it. I used a light 1.5 oz fiberglass cloth (0.75 to 1.5 oz should work) You only need a few sq inches for the repair. I then got black high temp RTV from Amazon (comes in different colors, your choice). I cleaned the intake well with soap and water and let it dry, then wiped the area around the holes with solvent (90% rubbing alcohol). I cut several layers of p
  9. Actually it has been on back-order for almost a year. They were just trying to be kind to you. I found a used one in repairable condition, but many out there are not really repairable anymore. If the rubber has started to deteriorate rather than just a small hole they are likely not repairable. I hope that Mooney starts getting more made soon.
  10. The search engine inside MooneySpace is not great. Go to Google and search "Mooney hot start MooneySpace". You will find many threads on the subject.
  11. I climb at 2700 until 1000 agl, then back to 2600 until reaching cruising altitude. I lean during the climb with a target of 100 ROP. 2500 and WOT for cruise. Where I live at 4500 msl base elevation, I usually cruise between 8500 and 11500 feet. At these altitudes it is hard to produce over 65% power, so I just use fuel flow rather than worry about how far lean of peak. I have a Fuel Scan 450 and just pull back slowly to 9 gph for cruise.
  12. Get a bottle with the correct valve and regulator, you need a CGA540 valve. Cost is a little over $100 for the bottle. Now you can go get Welders Oxygen for a few bucks a refill. NEVER tell them it is for aviation. With the CGA 540 you can also go to a FBO, but they are usually a ripoff. Most FBO's have a fixed price for refills, like filling a Prius tank and a Suburban for the same price. https://lifemedicalsupplier.com/product/jumbo-d-oxygen-cylinder-with-cga-540-valve/
  13. Not sure if this has been posted already elsewhere https://www.news.com.au/travel/travel-updates/incidents/video-shows-terrifying-moment-planes-baggage-hatch-opens-during-flight/news-story/700e994f278db10ec43f665f2a048ba1
  14. Even if you don't have manual gear, the button is nice. I still catch the latch type when adjusting the trim.
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