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  1. I was taught to never trust the fuel gauges in aircraft. First thing installed in my F was a JPI FS-450. Best investment I have put into the airplane. I would love a full new engine monitor system with the fuel flow and levels but the FS-450 is a great first step for not much money. It gives fuel remaining if you set it up correctly after fueling. It will give fuel burned on the flight and hooked up to GPS it will give fuel required to next waypoint. It give much better peace of mind than gauges. It is nice to be 4 hours into a flight and know that I have 1.5 hours of fuel still on board (I have bladders and only 54 gallons of fuel). It is also nice in fuel injected airplanes to be able to set the fuel flow (I fly high most of the time, so don't have to worry about leaning too much), I just pull the mixture back to 9 gph for cruise.
  2. TTaylor


    For me they would have to pay me to move it. The value is what would the engine be worth minus the cost of the dumpster to put the rest of the plane in. The basic assumption are that the engine and prop are core value and will need to be rebuilt. It all depends on how much you want to own a wood wing "A". The value of the engine and prop are a few thousand at most if they have log books (without almost nothing).
  3. TTaylor

    Never Had a Mooney

    The Mooney will work well for your mission. If you are only flying with one or two in the plane a very nice E would work well and be the best bang for the $$. If you need to carry four adults an F could be found in your budget range. A nice J is likely slightly higher than your budget. Your annual budget is hopefully high, but it is nice to have extra just in case. I don't think you will have any trouble with a transition with your hours and experience. Go fly one and you will be hooked.
  4. Should be able to go to my profile < Albums < Rear Window Mod 20F
  5. Don't buy the window that matches your current one, buy the window you want all them to be when you are done replacing the rest. Once you see the difference you will want to replace the rest of the "glass" in the plane. My vote is for SC Gray, it is the only way to go on an airplane now. You can go to my personal albums to see the replacement of side windows. I was documenting going to single back window on an "F" so not good pictures of the steps for the window install.
  6. 17,800 crossing the Sierra. Was forced to go south from my usual route so decided I wanted to be high. Great view of the park and Yosemite Falls. I use a portable bottle and two person EDS in the plane.
  7. TTaylor

    "SabreCowl" Update (part duex)

    Best guess is about 7 to 9 knots for the two combined. Throw in all the seals, remove or fair the step if it is fixed, and reverse the brakes or add an inner gear door and you should get close to 10 knots. My goal has been to get our 75F to 150 knots burning 9 gph at 10,000.
  8. TTaylor

    Should I buy in?

    A partnership can be good and bad. Selecting the partners is important for the long term success. They should have the a same objectives for the plane, relative financial resources, and enough flight time and temperament to treat the plane well. That said, I am very happy with our partnership. For me the Mooney is a tool to get me where I want to be. I have a glider that I fly for fun so I don't need the $200 hamburger or to go out and fly around the pattern on Saturday morning. I appreciate the skills my partners bring and the shared costs make it affordable for me to fly. The numbers you posted are reasonable, they should cover basic costs and allow for a reserve fund. We use the fuel totalizer to charge for actual fuel used so each pilot can fly how they wish to fly.
  9. TTaylor

    any help would be appreciated

    Ferryable means that it can be flown for a limited time and distance to move it for additional work. It requires a "Ferry Permit" and the plane is made airworthy enough for the trip. As others have said a complete annual will likely run multi-thousands of dollars if the plane can be made flyable again. After sitting this long in the sun there can be both engine, fuel tank, and control surface damage that will cost more than the airplane is worth. Unfortunately looking at the outside also indicates that the interior and panel are likely damaged and dated. I purchased a plane in much better condition a few years ago that had sat for only a few years and most of that in a hangar, I spent about $10,000 to get it flying. It was worth twice what the C is worth so it was economical to do. I hate to see a Mooney die, but this one is not likely to fly again unless you can get the Airport to wave the fees and you can give it to someone local that just wants a project.
  10. TTaylor


    I have the 54 gallons, it has not been an issue for us so far. I can fly five hours with 45 minute reserve . I usually don't like to fly more than four hours without a stop, so five hours gives me extra options if we had to divert. If I was doing it from scratch, I would do the 64 gallons just because it is easier to do in one step. That said, I am not going to go out and add the extra 10 gallons. Often more important than the extra fuel is a very good fuel flow system. I added one when I got the plane and it is one of the best additions for peace of mind on long trips.
  11. Bump Was thinking of this today. Any update?
  12. Today the first hour was in rain with a slight north tail wind. Then I crossed a weak frontal line. I was showing about 1:00 ETE at 140 knots. For the next 20 minutes my ETE sat at about 1:00 as my ground speed slowly dropped to as low as 99 knots. When the trucks on I-15 start passing you, you know the head wind is getting bad . I deviated around a mountain ridge and picked up twenty knots from the ridge lift. Was glad to finally see the ETE start going down again.
  13. TTaylor

    3 coats of wax but no residue

    I use a good paste wax on the whole air[plane at least once a year. After most flights I wash the leading edges and wipe on some spray wax to minimize the bugs sticking.
  14. TTaylor

    New to M20C

    Welcome to MooneySpace Cap. You will find the internal search engine on MS is not the best. Often you will get better results using Google. Try searching "Mooneyspace pre-purchase inspection" or "Mooneyspace prepurchase inspection" or "Mooneyspace inspection checklist".
  15. I thought you were going to the Future Farmers of America convention .