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  1. On the F with bladders our stick starts at 6 which matches your 5.5 very closely.
  2. Well, not good reading.

    The new MAKO looks nice as well. Will offer the ballistic chute as an option.
  3. Generally it is not the the basic operation of the aircraft that is the problem. It is the mix of weather, unfamiliar situations and a complex fast aircraft that get the pilot way behind. Yes, you can train and jump from one aircraft to an other fairly quickly. Have you built the muscle memory and had enough experience to make good decisions when the shit hits the fan all at once? Fast aircraft can get you into situations quickly and only good judgment will get you out. Do much serious cross country and you will find that it is mostly Mooney's and Bo's out there on the trips longer than 200 miles. You start dealing with multiple weather systems, rapidly changing weather, smoke and haze, etc. Good training goes a long way, but having experience in many situations takes time. “Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it.”
  4. Stratux vs stratus vs SiriusXM

    I have used an ilevil for a few years. Works well, flawless wifi connection. Would go with the Stratux today just because of the cost difference. The ilevil has a small solar panel, but I have it connected to the cigarette lighter outlet in the plane.
  5. O2 tank requirements

    They should be fine. The regulator is designed to provide a reduced pressure from the tank. I would include a flow meter in the line like a MH so you can confirm you are getting proper flow for the altitude. Get a MH oximizer flow meter and use the oximizer canulas and the tank will last a long time. I have an aluminum tank and a MH O2D2 system I carry in the plane most of the time. I fly in the west and it comes in handy on days when there is a nice tailwind up high. I used it a few weeks ago to climb above the smoke from one of the big fires in California. My wife likes it because it reduces the headaches she gets from flying higher than 10k for long periods.
  6. The early J's had 20:1 gear drive, later and updated had 40:1. Need to confirm if the gear is up and the light is slow or that the gear is just slow. One thought is that the gear doughnuts are old. This usually causes problems with gear sensors in the winter but if very old may cause problems in the summer.
  7. Favorites EFB's

    Avare has an auto switch function. When you land it will automatically switch to the airport diagram and display the aircraft position as you taxi.
  8. Mooney 20B $28,000

    I'm not the owner, but it is sitting in the hangar across from mine. Nice B with low time engine. It is bare bone avionics wise but looks clean other wise. Pictures posted on barnstormers. Mooney 20B MOONEY 20B • $28,000 • AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE SALE • The B Model was the first all metal Mooney & was the transition to the 20C. It has a McCauley propeller which has no repetitive AD's. July 2017 inspection completed. Total time of airframe and engine is 2855 hrs. with 435 hrs on complete engine overhaul including new slick magnetos. Engine overhaul completed by Utah State University Aviation Technology Program. Has been continuously hangared for the past 40 years. A strong reliable airplane with good speed and economy Engine has normally aspirated Lycoming 036. Hangared at Logan-Cache Airport in Utah. • Contact Barbara and Carl Howlett, Owner - located Preston, ID USA • Telephone: 7025922122 . • Posted July 23, 2017
  9. Favorites EFB's

    +1 for Avare and Galaxy Tab 8.4. I have a iLevil for ADS-B in. Everything is free and I have all the charts at my finger tips and moving map on airport diagrams. Fits perfectly on the yoke.
  10. My shop elves started doing the fiberglass - epoxy repair, but I like the simplicity of a wedge and an off the shelf eye vent. I have some Taulman Black "Bridge" nylon on the shelf that would make a nice wedge. The Tg is high enough for a vent and from what I can tell it has very low flammability potential compared to ABS.
  11. Chris, I would be interested. I have a machine shop and 3d printers. It might be faster to measure and convert to .stl file and print. I will need to do some burn tests on different materials. Tim
  12. Ditto, mine has been waiting for the shop elves to repair it for about two years. They have gotten slow lately.
  13. 'Annual in lieu of Pre-Buy' - ?

    I will give a different perspective. The owner is just trying to get the aircraft back in annual. By requiring the annual rather than pre-buy he is guaranteed that the plane will be in annual no matter what happens. The main issue for the buyer is what are the details of who pays for what? How much will it cost him to walk away if he is not comfortable, etc? Has the price been discounted for the lack of annual (~$3K) or is the buyer picking up the difference in cost between the PPI and the annual? As long as there is a clear agreement on who pays for what and you can figure out how to get the aircraft to a mechanic (ferry permit?) I don't see any real issues.
  14. Why a Mooney?

    From: Mooney's sit lower so cabin height is not a factor in comfort. Aircraft Cabin Width, Cabin Height Mooney 201 43.5″, 44.5″ Beechcraft V35 Bonanza 42.0″, 50.0″ Cessna 182 42.0″, 48.0″ Piper Arrow 41.0″, 45.0″
  15. Why a Mooney?

    Welcome to MS. Most Mooney pilots would say that the "J" is the gold standard to start with. It is the sweet spot of price, performance and simplicity. I would start there with your mission and budget and see if it fits. If it doesn't you can move up or down from there. From what you describe as your mission, a J with close to 1000 pounds useful load would work well (some early 80's models got down to the low 900's useful load). Mooney's are about speed and efficiency. You can have one or both depending on the model. A 300 nm trip in a J is just over two hours and about 20 gallons of fuel. You can do it faster in other models at a higher burn rate. You mentioned lack of comfort? Not sure where that comes from. Most of us would prefer the comfort of a Mooney to brand B, C or P. Mooney's are like a Porsche, B is like a Mercedes, C and P are Chevy's and Ford's. Which fits your style?