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  1. TTaylor

    Why do they let them sit unflown

    The key to working with owners like this are establishing a relationship. It can take some time and slowly educating them on the reality of the situation for the aircraft. You also have to give them time to grieve the loss and be willing to move on. If you come across as a potential owner that will love their "baby" and take care of it you can often work a deal to bring one back to life.
  2. TTaylor

    That nasty trim wheel!

    You might trying AL polishing compound and then a good hard wax.
  3. Astronautics Corp Of America Pathfinder Autopilot Systems were in many from the early to mid 70's. The M2/P2 was most common (2-axis) but I think there were some M3/P3.
  4. TTaylor

    Member shout out

    Glazing might be worthwhile as far north as you are. That may boost the Delta T even more. It can cause extra thermal degradation of the physical box but will boost efficiency.
  5. We have bladders and I prefer to top off before flight to leave flexibility on fuel loading for the next flight. If I know I have a trip coming up that requires full fuel and time is tight or very early morning departure I will stop by the airport and fuel the night before. As for fueling bladders, I usually ask the line guys to fill one tank, then fill the second, and then go back and top each tank to allow a few minutes for the fuel to settle and flow between bladders.
  6. Mooney followed car manufacturers of the time. The ‘Model Year’ has nothing to do with registration date. Why worry about changing it? You have a 65 model built in 64.
  7. All aircraft are an expense. The question is how much do they allow you to earn or save extra money or give you more time and happiness to do other things. There is not much of a deprecation on older aircraft currently, but there is a high cost to maintain, insure, house, and upgrade them. So your spreadsheet will not show much loss on deprecation, but the yearly cost and hourly flight cost is what you will have to justify. You can keep the costs down by having a few partners if that is something you are comfortable with. I have partners and am happy, but many like to be the sole owner. Unless you are using the plane for business; most of us justify them by joy of flying, time saved to travel, and happiness we get by being able to do things others can't. We can enjoy weekends with family or visiting places others can't do because of the time involved to travel by any other means. I will spend this next weekend enjoying southern Utah on a short weekend because I can be there with a two hour flight rather than a six hour drive. Some things are priceless.
  8. TTaylor

    Retirement location

    After Florence and Michael I think I will stay with retiring in the Southwest. I hope everyone is OK after the last two storms.
  9. TTaylor

    Can aeroplanes be like ships?

    Why using vacuum (space) on the inside does not work unless you have a very strong structure:
  10. TTaylor

    MooneySpace Member Map

    Time to at least put Utah (KLGU) on the map. Thanks!
  11. TTaylor

    WTB M20J RayJay Turbo

    Did you search this group? M20F-1968 and Acpartswhse have posted them in the last year for an F and E I think, not sure what is required to fit them to the J.
  12. The $150 per month I pay for our partnership in the F is looking pretty good . That covers hangar and insurance. We paid for the plane with cash. I guess I don't need a new plane, but it is always nice to dream.
  13. TTaylor

    Retirement location

    An hour by car or plane? We will retire to Grassy Meadows Sky Ranch (UT47) in a few years. Nice balance of desert and mountains. Good hospitals in St. George (20 miles) and Salt Lake and Las Vegas are an hour by plane. 20 minutes from Zion N.P. Great mountain biking and hiking nearby. Sunny about 300 days a year, but also cooler than southern Arizona. Don't have a large lake nearby but Lake Powell and Meade are not too far.
  14. TTaylor

    Lost the keys, Damn it!!!!

    We keep a spare set of keys zip tied just out of sight near the dip stick. Nice to know if you lose your keys on a trip that you can get home.