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  1. I had a similar issue with the induction seals failing. Same symptoms as described.
  2. I fly with an O2D2 system in the Mooney and an original EDS in my glider. I am biased because I am friends with the the founder of MH, but I know there is a great deal of physiology behind the MH systems. The pulse strength and duration are designed to optimize oxygen delivery. I like that you can set the MH to an altitude and it will turn on and off automatically. It also monitors if you are not breathing enough and gives you reminders.
  3. An other option that minimizes time over mountains and is shorter than your original:
  4. This will work, but is excessive for this time of year and for the relatively low mountains around this area (Under 10,000 feet is pretty low for the Mooney). I would likely plan direct to Ferndale (53U) from your previous fuel stop, then angle north about 10 miles short of Ferndale to Glacier as you start descending. I would fly the leg with VFR flight following climbing to 12,500 as you reach the mountains just northwest of Choteau (8,500 is plenty high until you get to the mountains). This route will put you between Schafer (8U2) and Spotted Bear (8U4) as bailouts as well as Hungry Horse Reservoir for an emergency. This should keep you in reach of a field or lake at all times that would be survivable if you have any issues. You would also spend much less total time over the mountains than your plan above. Tim
  5. Our mechanic in Logan has worked on Mooney's for many years. I have seen B's to TLS in the shop. A few weeks ago there were two in his hangar (one of them mine for an annual and gear issues). Send me a PM and I can get you his contact information. Tim
  6. For sole owner there is not really an advantage. If you have a partnership, it is nice because you can have partners buy in and out without re-registration and sales tax issues.
  7. Unfortunately the worst corrosion can not be found with a traditional inspection. Most significant spar corrosion is found under tank sealant during a reseal. If you have bladders you may be able to inspect around the tanks.
  8. There is no reason for the STC holder to provide the plexiglass as part of the package. The STC should be written to use a Mooney part number from the 20J that the user can purchase from one of the window suppliers. It just adds multiple shipping costs and mark-up to purchase the window from the STC holder.
  9. As you can see from this thread, it is time to take very good and careful care of your Emergency Gear Crank Cable. At this time, there are no known manufactures for replacement cables. Ours broke yesterday when the gear actuator assembly was being reinstalled. The nut broke when it was tightened. Not sure if this was from over tightening or just age. I have seen many images of poorly maintained cables that have not been lubed and cleaned properly. On your next annual I would recommend spending some time with the cable to make sure it has been cleaned, lubed and inspected carefully. All 20C to 20G with electric gear have one of these cables.
  10. Thanks, M20-112 shows the gear side, but does not include details of parts in the disconnect side.
  11. OK, back of the envelope calcs (ignoring climbs) and using estimates of 145 knots @ 8 gph and 155 knots @11 gph. 5800 nm 145 knot cruise, 40 hours, 320 gallons of fuel. 5800 nm 155 knot cruise, 37,4 hours, 411.6 gallons of fuel. Saves 2.6 hours of flying and uses 91.6 more gallons of fuel. About $100 savings on engine depending on how much per hour you estimate and $450 more in fuel for a net of about $350 extra to go faster. If you plug in 10.5 gph rather than 11 gph it is 73 gallons extra. Either way, time spent with grandson, priceless!
  12. Is there a diagram of the parts in the ITT or Dukes landing gear actuator available? The manuals I have seen only show them as a complete unit, but no details of internal parts.