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  1. The longest flight I did in a 63C with 48 gallon tanks was 528 NM. It was comfortable and there was plenty of reserve. My standard procedure was to run 2500 rpm and lean until rough and then just enrich until smooth. That was usually about 9.5 gph at 8500 feet average fuel flow. I would run on one tank for an hour, then switch tanks and run that tank until dry. You would have a pretty good idea how long you had left on the first tank from the second tank time minus one hour. With my F, I have a Fuel Scan 450 which make me much more confident of how much fuel I have on board. With 54 gallons I have closer to 5:45 minutes fuel or about 695 nm range with reserve. A 52 gallon C at average of 9.5 gph and 135 knots with 45 minute reserve should be good for a no wind 640 nm flight of 4:45 minutes. The flight you planned should take 4:00 hours, so you should have 1:30 reserve. Looks very doable, but as always have alternates planed and make sure your reserve can reach an airport with fuel and good weather. One last thought, why not fuel up at the closest airport rather than plan from Seattle area? I assume you can get closer to 510 nm from some of the airports near the boarder.
  2. I have posted in the parts forum, but wanted post here as well. Looking for an ITT Landing Gear Disengage Unit, part 125182A or 40609A. I am open to what others have done if there is an alternative solution such as switching to a Dukes Unit or is there an alternative from the 20J. The ITT units are becoming extremely rare from what I can tell. Tim
  3. Unfortunately this is becoming a common thread: Looking for an ITT landing Gear Disengage unit. Part 125182A or 40609A, The complete assembly is LA11C2110 or LA11C2114. Will consider Dukes units if you have a complete landing gear motor assembly. We have tried all the usual MooneySpace and Mooney parts suppliers. Tim
  4. May be the same one I posted for sale back in August 2017 (see the ad in the planes for sale section). If so it was located in Logan, Utah at that time. The work was done by the A&P program at Utah State University and was very well done. The new pictures look like some new radios may have been installed but hard to see in the photos.
  5. When was the last time your gear doughnuts were replaced? I have found old ones can contribute to shimmy.
  6. Every time I watch this video the voice in my head is screaming turn left and land on the cross runway. It would have been so much easier.
  7. Both fly very similar. The F is slightly more stable in pitch, which is nice in cruise and landings.
  8. I may have one if you haven't found a replacement yet. I have been traveling. Will be back home about the 18th if you are still looking.
  9. I would check the plugs, but I am +1 on the carb ice. A chunk of ice ingested would have the effect you describe. Sounds like you were in the correct temperature range to produce ice.
  10. Most are exaggerating unless they have major mods. If you review the Mooney test articles standard is 135 knots for a C, about 139 for the F, 140 for the E and 150 for the J at 50 degrees rich. I would love to see proof on a claim for a stock F that can go over 150 knots at 9 gph. Mine is consistent at 139 knots at 9 gph.
  11. Definitely the upper latch not catching. Need to check the adjustment and your technique for closing the door. As part of our check list the door must be pulled and held tightly closed, latch pushed forward until both latches engage, and then we push on the top of the door to confirm the top is latched.
  12. OK, time to get out the popcorn. The internal search engine is limited in Mooneyspace. I like to use Google search with mooneyspace added to your search request. Try: mooneyspace oil recommendation
  13. Llya, When I bought my Mooney it was out of annual and stranded at an airport that was difficult to get a PPI or an annual. If the plane passes your first inspection it is possible to get a ferry permit to move it to a location to get a qualified PPI and annual. Depending on how long it has been out of annual and how recent the last flight time was this might be the best option.