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  1. Today the first hour was in rain with a slight north tail wind. Then I crossed a weak frontal line. I was showing about 1:00 ETE at 140 knots. For the next 20 minutes my ETE sat at about 1:00 as my ground speed slowly dropped to as low as 99 knots. When the trucks on I-15 start passing you, you know the head wind is getting bad . I deviated around a mountain ridge and picked up twenty knots from the ridge lift. Was glad to finally see the ETE start going down again.
  2. TTaylor

    3 coats of wax but no residue

    I use a good paste wax on the whole air[plane at least once a year. After most flights I wash the leading edges and wipe on some spray wax to minimize the bugs sticking.
  3. TTaylor

    New to M20C

    Welcome to MooneySpace Cap. You will find the internal search engine on MS is not the best. Often you will get better results using Google. Try searching "Mooneyspace pre-purchase inspection" or "Mooneyspace prepurchase inspection" or "Mooneyspace inspection checklist".
  4. I thought you were going to the Future Farmers of America convention .
  5. TTaylor

    3 coats of wax but no residue

    I am assuming you used paste wax and not liquid or spray wax. If it was liquid or spray they are so dilute there is usually very little residue. Did you polish between putting each coat of wax on? As Mr. Miyagi says; wax on, wax off. Some of the wax would have filled in imperfections but most would should have been removed between each successive coat. Most aircraft take very little wax, you need to apply only a thin coat that should have some, but not much residue.
  6. TTaylor

    Ceiling vent clogged with??

    The material looks like a mix of grass and horsehair from seat padding. Not sure if your seats have horsehair padding or something nearby does. If it is from your seats you should be able to see mouse droppings in the cabin. Get a good light and look for the signs under your seats and along the sides of the cockpit.
  7. TTaylor

    Gear down warning problem

    Welcome to MooneySpace. It would be helpful to provide the year and gear type of your F model. The manual versus electric system are different.
  8. TTaylor

    Norcal Bay Area Pre-buy Inspection Recommendations

    Depending on how close the ship is to annual it may be worth the difference to get it annauled as part of the process.
  9. I agree with Robert on the holding off on panel upgrades at first. Work through everything else and make it a solid VFR plane, then decide how to upgrade. If it has not been flying there will be many things to do. Gear doughnuts, vacuum pumps, etc. tend to suffer from sitting. The great thing is good avionics are cheap as long as you don't install them in the panel. Get a good GPS/ADS-B in source and invest in a good tablet or two and a software package you are willing to learn. You can have a very good VFR system for under $1000 (less than $400 if you are a real CB ). From low end such as Stratux with AVARE on an Android tablet (can be done for under $300) to a Garmin GDL 39 and ForeFlight on an iPad. Save the money from not doing the fancy panel right now and plan for the ADS-B upgrade and flying the plane. After a few hundred hours you will know where you want to go with the panel upgrade. By then you can drool over Marauder's panel and feel panel envy .
  10. From the images I have seen it appears the window that was damaged was actually back about 8 rows behind the engine. The investigation report will be interesting to understand what happened to the engine and how the damage to the fuselage occurred.
  11. Very sad to hear about the loss of a life. I have always been nervous sitting in the seats abeam the engine where the blades would go. I avoid those seats if I have a choice.
  12. TTaylor


    The part should actually be a Mooney part. You should be able to order one from Mooney or any dealer. Should match parts from a 77J. Why replace the part you have? Fiberglass is pretty easy repair and work with. Unless it was not functioning well, you might be better off to repair it.
  13. TTaylor

    Rotate (F model)

    I find that the F does not "leap" off the ground. You have to rotate and get it to unstick, establish a positive rate of climb, raise the gear, and accelerate a little to get it climbing. I do not expect rapid climbs when heavily loaded. On the plus side it is more pitch stable and for me is easier to stabilize for landing than my old C.
  14. TTaylor


    Only if they have been heavily modified, the owners are stretching the truth, or they are willing to burn a lot of fuel. A stock 20 F is good for about 140 knots at 9 gph fuel flow. A 20J will do about 150 knots at 9 gph. From the 20J Flight Evaluation at 50 degrees rich of peak (most of us run lean of peak and several gallons per hour less fuel flow): "If you look at all this data, it becomes much easier to decipher is you make the following simplifications; 1) the M20J is a 160 KTAS airplane in level flight, 2) the M20E is a 150 KTAS airplane, 3) the M20F is 150 KTAS and the M20C is 140 KTAS. So in the day to day flying we do, there is a 20 KTAS spread in these four airplanes -- the J model is 10 KTAS faster than and E or F and 20 KTAS faster than the C. So Mooney's engineers extracted 10 KTAS from the F model when they developed the M20J. That's quite a feat, especially since it was all done with aerodynamics and not horsepower. "
  15. TTaylor

    Can fuel flow be calibrated?

    If it was accurate at one time and not now I would check that the FF sensor is still good and that the K factor has somehow gotten changed by accident. Averaging over multiple flights helps to get a good reading. We have bladders and when filling I fill one side, fill the other and then go back and fill each side a second time. This allows time for the fuel to flow to all the tanks.