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  1. That time of year you could fly north of Las Vegas. Depending on where you want to turn north I would fly to either Santa Fe or Durango and then turn northwest toward Carson City, Minden, or Tiger Field. Central Nevada and Utah have mountains but are pretty easy for an F to fly direct or near direct across. I just checked and direct ABQ to Carson City would be a good route. Much easier than all the restricted airspace north of Las Vegas. You will need to have a rental car reserved for any of those destinations. Remember that afternoon flying will be bumpy that time of year and try to plan for early flying if possible.
  2. It will take off and land without flaps just fine. You will hardly notice the difference. I actually preferred landing my C with take-off flaps.
  3. See if you can put the plane in a heated hangar for a few hours. I agree that the cable likely has some moisture on it and is frozen. Use a lubricant to displace the moisture once it is warmed up.
  4. Please do! Mine is only a few serial numbers away from Chris's so I know it will fit that way. If he can't make it, mine is available . Now where is that hammer to break a knee cap or two?
  5. Where is the "I have bladders and don't worry about it anymore"?
  6. Sad to see any plane damaged. Here are a few pages that show where it has been. Hopefully it will fly again.
  7. The Blue and Gold I think is the BEST design ever done on a Mooney, classic but still in style.
  8. has anyone sent some to: Also, NotarPilot; How do the printed ones fit?
  9. I have found the opposite, most 3 bladed I have flown have been smoother.
  10. I think it is going to be a mess and not sure it is going to save much money. We could have gotten the same thing by just extending the Class 3 medical for those over 40 to four years rather than the current two. I would guess that the office visit if you can get your doctor to fill out the forms will cost as much or more than the current Medical Examiners charge.
  11. I fly in MOA's on almost every flight between Utah and California. I usually talk to the controlling agency if they are active or ATC if not. Both Clover (Salt Lake) and Fallon Desert Control are very easy to work with. I try to fly high enough that they can see me on their radar but other than that VFR flight following usually works well. They have had me descend to avoid a C-5B once, but mostly call out when the F-18's or F-16's are in my area. I also hear them call me out to their traffic. Also helps if you have Restricted areas embedded in the MOA's, I often get cleared through the Restricted or vectored around if needed.
  12. OK, so the real budget is about 46AMU for the plane, 4 in taxes, ppi, etc. and 10 in reserve. You can buy a reasonable C, E, or F model with what you have. Being on the east coast the IO is not critical to your mission. Right now without teenagers complaining "are we there yet" you don't need the extra 5 inches of space. A well equipped C or E would likely be your best bet, if you find an F in the same price and equipment range grab it. Speed wise they will all be 140 knot +/- 5 @ 9gph unless you find one with speed mods that will get you close to 150 knots. Find a good plane that has your list of wants and you won't be unhappy.
  13. See the Lasar website. About $2600 plus 50 hours. If a shop does that about an additional $4000.
  14. Also, you need to check not only if it covers flight but standard airworthiness versus experimental or racing catagory. Mine is good for all aircraft. Was not that much higher than regular. My wife appreciates that I have it.
  15. On what evidence do you have that Spot locators are not reliable? I have flown with one for nearly 10 years and fly many competitions each year where as many as 40 other gliders have them. The tracking function helps to pinpoint the location to within a few miles even if the unit does not survive the crash. A PLB only is helpful if it goes-off and/or can be activated. There is no history of where it was if it does not work or is destroyed in the crash or is covered so it can't send an alert. While I think PLB's are great, unless you have some solid evidence please don't make a claim like "not reliable". The best tracker on the market currently is probably the DeLorme InReach but I still like the Spot. Both trackers provide much more information for 99% of the time compared to a PLB.