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  1. Tater, Please update you profile to include a location, that would help us to give better recommendations. Depending on where you are in the west i might recommend an E or F over the C. Overall costs would not change much. As others have said. I would do the first 15 to 20 hours in a Cessna or other trainer. They are built for the early training abuse. try to find an instructor that is familiar with Mooney's. The plane will never make economic sense in a traditional way but your ability to get places quicker and save you time in the long run is often an intangible benefit. You may be able to both expand your territory and number of clients you can reach in person. In addition, flying over areas of highway traffic congestion may be beneficial to your mental health. Tim
  2. If you are leaning from start up and only idle and taxi at about 900 to 1000 rpm you will likely only burn 1 to 2 gallons on the ground. With the io-360 I burn about 18 gph on take-off, but lean continuously on climb so I find I burn about 11 gph average for the first hour on a normal climb out to 4 to 5 K agl and then leaned to 9 gph.
  3. I like to have 4 to 5 K of altitude agl for time to deal with problems. I run the flight through one of the flight planners with several altitudes and pick the ones that gives me a good balance of safety and economy. I will fly lower if there is a strong headwind and going higher will be a significant longer flight. I don't like to fly much over 10,500 without oxygen for long periods because we find that everyone will get headaches after the flight. In the west I will do stair step flight planning to cross mountain ranges and drop back down again.
  4. PM sent
  5. Both, put a reinforcing strap over the top of the blade housing and mount a tow ball there. You can use it as a snow blower and a tug. The MTD and Troy Bilt use a rubber drive wheel that is not that strong to drive the main wheels so go easy on it when used as a tug.
  6. I think it could be done in an F. Baby behind you, one dog on the other seat and one on the floor behind your wife. You could also put one dog in the baggage area of an F but not much room for luggage that way. I have trained my wife that when travelling to visit family you don't need to bring much, there are washing machines and stores where you are going. We often travel with a 100 pound golden pyrenees about the size of a small horse , he takes up a large amount of room in the back seat. Just plan not to get a second dog in the future. The trip sounds like about a 5 hour total flight best done in two legs.
  7. That time of year you could fly north of Las Vegas. Depending on where you want to turn north I would fly to either Santa Fe or Durango and then turn northwest toward Carson City, Minden, or Tiger Field. Central Nevada and Utah have mountains but are pretty easy for an F to fly direct or near direct across. I just checked and direct ABQ to Carson City would be a good route. Much easier than all the restricted airspace north of Las Vegas. You will need to have a rental car reserved for any of those destinations. Remember that afternoon flying will be bumpy that time of year and try to plan for early flying if possible.
  8. It will take off and land without flaps just fine. You will hardly notice the difference. I actually preferred landing my C with take-off flaps.
  9. See if you can put the plane in a heated hangar for a few hours. I agree that the cable likely has some moisture on it and is frozen. Use a lubricant to displace the moisture once it is warmed up.
  10. Please do! Mine is only a few serial numbers away from Chris's so I know it will fit that way. If he can't make it, mine is available . Now where is that hammer to break a knee cap or two?
  11. Where is the "I have bladders and don't worry about it anymore"?
  12. Sad to see any plane damaged. Here are a few pages that show where it has been. Hopefully it will fly again.
  13. The Blue and Gold I think is the BEST design ever done on a Mooney, classic but still in style.
  14. has anyone sent some to: Also, NotarPilot; How do the printed ones fit?
  15. I have found the opposite, most 3 bladed I have flown have been smoother.