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    The inspector and industrial are the ones to look at for in the cockpit use. The industrial pro has added features that we don't really need. The Industrial includes the vibratory alarm and the inspector doesn't. This is handy if you plan to wear it from airplane to airplane. If you are looking to Velcro to the panel someplace the inspector should be perfect. Sensorcon recommends calibration every 6 months to guaranty accuracy. Without calibration the accuracy could wander but by very little. If the actual ppm is 50 and we see 40 or 60 is no mater for us. If no calibration is done after 2 years you will either get an EOL warning at start up or Calibration Required warning. They will continue to work. Just last week I ferried a friends airplane and his gave the cal req at start up. During start up/taxi out it showed between 8-10ppm and mirrored the one I brought with me that I had just calibrated. I have calibration equipment as well as the Mooney Summit. If anyone not attending the Summit would like to send me theirs I can calibrate and send back. I would appreciate a small donation as I calculated each calibration costs me about $5 in test gas. Sensorcon gave me a new discount code to share that I don't have it handy right now. But as @Junkman shared above this labor day sale is a little better. I'll post the updated code next week. Cheers, Dan
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    You have 2 of the Mooney Pros, Inc. instructors close by who can help you really learn your new plane, its proper ops and assist you get the most from your ownership. Paul Kortopates @kortopates owns a 252 is an engine guru, A&P and @donkaye is just down the street, so to speak. You will be $$ ahead to get with them vs buying starter adaptors often, etc.
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    Burning Man kicks up dust on the Black Rock Desert. On Friday as seen from 45 miles south at FL240. It was the second day of our trip, overnight in Cheyenne. Stopped for lunch at Wendover Utah Those big runways were in 1945 the training site for the atomic B-29 squadrons.
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    Hi, I am the owner of Superior Panel Technology and a customer of mine that owns a Mooney recently purchased a set of FiberLites (fiber-optic instrument lighting system) for his Mooney and he informed me that he saw on this website a posting that Superior Panel Technology had gone out of business. This is FALSE!! We have been in business now for 20 years and going strong. Not sure where that false information came from. I hope this note gets posted somehow on this site. Every fly safe! Ken Whitaker Superior Panel Technology
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    I just received this sale offer from Sensorcon. It's a flat $30 discount but only valid this weekend. If you choose the Basic model it saves you a few bucks over the 20% discount that @DanM20C was able to get for us. www.Sensorcon.com, Promo Code LABORDAY2019. Cheers, Rick Take advantage of these great offers from Sensorcon! Use Promo Code LABORDAY2019 at checkout for $30 off! Offer Valid Friday 8/30 - Monday 9/2 Max quantity of 4 items per product type per order* Sensorcon Carbon Monoxide Basic Inspector INS-CO-01 $129.00 Sensorcon Carbon Monoxide Industrial INS-CO-02 $149.00 Sensorcon Carbon Monoxide Industrial PRO INS-CO-03 $169.00
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    I’d say what airframe and engine brand I prefer, but it would “un Mooney like “ to say it here. Clarence
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    Hope all of you are prepared and safe. Planes can be repaired or replaced. Lives are much more complicated and valuable. Take nothing for granted with the track of this monster!
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    Wellll. Sheeeeit. Love the one your with.
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    Not new math, just confusing advertising. The quoted prices you posted are AFTER the $30 sale. The prices have went up considerable since most of us purchased two years ago. Cheers Dan
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    ...right but when you are bragging....you can truthfully say 190, since it is capable to do it - and even without absurd settings - just more power than conservative.
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    Spend the 600+ it takes to fly down to the Summit next year and we will get your old one all fixed up for free You will get more than that back in education, food, networking let alone the great raffle ops and silent auction items. The memories of the trip alone will more than cover the 100LL bill. The Summit's calibration equipment disappeared sometime between Summit V and Summit VI. I guess we should get another setup sometime soon.
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    This is two of my deliveries in North Carolina hurricane relief, like Hank stated most of the singles took less weight. With the seats out I requested 600 lbs, With the seats out I couldn’t fit that much area. The Bo doesn’t provide a fair comparison a small block to a big block. My Bravo has UL of 1040, I’m 145 lbs, with 130 gallon tanks at 200 knots the lowly Bravo can cover 1200 nm in six hours in comfort.
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    I don't recall ever needing 270 lb in the baggage area but if you're comparing it to a Mooney that's an impossible comparison as it is 150 lb more than the Mooney can accept. But just for fun I plugged in some numbers. With me (185 lb) and a 225 lb passenger in the right front seat, full fuel (74 gallons) and 270 lb in the baggage area I'm below gross weight and within CG in all flight regimens.
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    27 years of Mooney ownership as of a couple of days ago. I never have given a second thought about limitations of the baggage area, especially with the rear seats removed, but I have never wanted to put a motorcycle back there either.
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    I won’t take offense that you imply that I am a liar
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    I was just informed by a friend that the 20% discount saves you $1.80 over the labor day sale on the basic. $5.80 savings on the industrial. The code is flysafe2019 Cheers Dan
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    No touch and goes; just much higher oil burn noticed after short hops. I’m the sole owner and operator and the person who checks and refills the oil. Engine has almost 2300 SMOH and I don’t fly it all the time. Another hypothesis could be that the time between use along with oil leaks could explain missing oil. Mine leaks oil but not quarts of oil. (I keep mine at 6qts). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Clear any cookies associated with Mooneyspace.com. That will help sever any connection between a login ID and your browser. Or use an incognito browser window.
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    Go into account settings for each profile and make sure the email addresses are set as you wish. You might change EMB to another email account and also verify and or change aviatoreb to the address you prefer.
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    If the failure is in flight they will work with you as well
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    Bonanza is a bigger, more powerful, and more useful load airplane than a Mooney and it takes a third more fuel do to it. If you need that, buy one. In IMC, a Bonanza is a lot easier to lose control and either break it up or crash. That heavier control response is called stability and makes for a safer airplane in the soup.
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    A nearby sight seeing around white face mountain near lake placid ny in the adirondacks. Of the 1932:1980 Olympics. with my son and his gf.
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    I had my transponder fail about 100 miles north of KCHD a couple of years ago. I was talking to Phoenix approach, which covers half of AZ these days. KCHD is south of town, under the class B, and inside of the mode c vail. They asked me what my intentions were and I said I wanted to fly to KCHD. The lady sounded annoyed and said “stand by”. She came back a few minutes later with a full clearance through the class B, over KPHX and to KCHD. She said to report any heading and altitude changes. They worked me as a primary target through the class B, I reported my position and altitude just like in the 80s before mode C. They seemed to enjoy the process. So, exceptions can be made.
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    One of my fave additions so far has been the EI AV-17 voice annunciator, aka the GA Bitchin' Betty. My IFD also has some handy audio callouts, like the 500 ft callout on descent/approach. If the AV-17 speaks up at any time it immediately gets my attention, since it's usually quiet and is hooked up to useful things like the vacuum LED, engine monitor, gear warning, etc. Love that thing. I think she already saved me a motor when I forgot to open the cowl flaps on a taxi-back practicing GPS approaches at an untowered remote airport...as soon as the engine monitor tripped on the CHTs on climb out she spoke up. D'oh. Took care of that right away. I have to turn her off right after touchdown, though, or she won't shut up about the vacuum being out of range at idle. So one of my critical takeoff/climbout/go-around checklist items is to make sure she's turned on. Looking forward to deleting the vacuum system entirely, though.
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    Sensorcon has donated 3 Inspector and 2 inspector Industrial CO detectors to the Mooney Summit VII for part of our raffle offerings! Thanks Molex!!!
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    My daughter asked if we could get a pink and purple propeller. I let her know I'd ask if the special harder formula paint came in those colors. I think we're moving forward with black blades with white tips and the white (color matched to cowl white color) spinner. The white tips of the prop will NOT be color matched as that will be the harder paint formulated for the prop. I have gone against putting a red line at the tip of the prop as well, or one strip of the the tip of the prop because that red is too far off from the burgundy in my paint. -Seth
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    Dinner with Yves and Ned, the royal Canadian Mooneyforce. Flying out formation aerocamping in the deep Canadian wilderness with Yves when the weather improves.
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    Since about 1990 on most headsets have gone to threadless headsets. Video is about stem and quill headsets. Don't ask me why the new style is named threadless.
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    This thread has gone tangential on a level that is impressive even for MS. I had to scroll back up and look at the title to remember what thread I was reading...
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    Thanks! Go ahead schedule it and get it done. I was amazed at the lower cost with a study buddy who did the rating at the same time. Sitting in the back seat was like getting extra training at zero dollar cost. Also, having a study buddy over the weekend to go over procedures, knowledge, systems, concepts, it helped. -Seth
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    I think you all need to go back and re-read what I wrote. Look, yes your local chapter has embraced formation flying. You practice and train with the same guys, in the same airplanes. As I said in my OP, that is the way you do it. What we have right now in these "caravan arrivals" is a group of people who have briefed, but not flown much together very much but know "the rules of the road" so to speak. Knowing is not execution and execution is not proficiency when you don't do it over and over again. Further is the practice relevant? Sure you can fly formation but now add the stress of a NOTAM'd arrival procedure and you got more plates in the air. It is like how often airline pilots come to grief on their retirement flight. Sure you can fly the airplane, sure you can do a low approach gear up, sure you can, but add the emotion of the moment and things go wrong, fast. Point is this, formation flight, with unfamiliar squadron mates into a high threat environment requires a higher level of formation flying skill that I don't see in a lot of these "caravans" which is why I won't participate. Because it has not yet happened? I don't know what to say to that in a safety forum. That is just really flawed in the world of safety. I haven't crashed in 28,000 hours and 50 years of flying, but tomorrow is a whole new day with its own risks and threats. Closing the barn door safety, is not my idea of safety. Safety is pro-active not reactive. What WAS the catastrophic result? That is not the question. The question is what COULD have been the result and how do you minimize that risk. Just because you tickled the tiger's tail does not mean it won't eat you next time, ask Roy Horn.
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    I’ve always gotten fuel at LOL and the FBO building is air conditioned with clean bathrooms and cold drinking water. It was always a very popular place to go with “Burners” who wanted an airplane ride. And it’s closer than Reno Stead.
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    We put 1,000 miles of travel on our 67 Mooney M20F (N9268M) this past week. Las Vegas, NV. Camarillo, Van Nuys, San Luis Obispo (Oceano Airport). It is really great to finally get out and stretch the distances I fly while utilizing my transition training from Light Sports. The Mooney is such a fantastic platform and I can't wait to do more long distance trips. The West Coast Mooney Club. Gotta Represent! Packed all the camping gear and ready to head home from a long week of traveling and fun. Departing Oceano Airport. The marine layer delayed our return by one day and just hung over the airport. We saw a patch of blue and took off back to Van Nuys. Sunset Approach along the Pacific Coast into Oceano Airport for Movie Night and Camping. Mooney In The Mist. Oceano Airport. Oceano Airport View of the Red Rock Area on approach into Las Vegas. 185 mph in level flight in cruise at 9,500 MSL. Loving all the speed mods on my plane. IMG_4387_(1).MOV Crossing the Mojave Desert on the way back to Van Nuys Camarillo Airshow with the West Coast Mooney Club.
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    Not exactly today's, but Saturday, August 24 2019 was my first flight in my M20K. After a few dozen of practice circuits and some time for me to calm down from all the excitement, we took N4041H for a spin EPKP - EPNT - EPNL - EPKP. Not even a XC, but we have to start somewhere... Happy to report the plane, and all on board, survived. N4041H's new home - EPKP Approaching EPNL Joining right downwind to 09R at EPKP.
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    Public Service Announcement-- If anyone is thinking about flying their Mooney to BurningMan, please reach out. I'm happy to share all the G2 on the whole experience, what to expect, airport regulations and procedures, protecting the plane, tying down to survive wind storms, gifting rides, protecting the interior from naked dirty hippies, and where to get fuel. It's a wonderful experience, and for those of you with open minds, I highly recommend it. But there are a few things you'll want to know ahead of time.
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    Not really “today’s flight” but from my last trip. Went up North to drop the plane off for the annual and kept going North until we hit Alaska. Due to upload issues with my iPhone, they are in random order but include: Mt. Shasta Treehouse in Oregon Vancouver, BC Juneau, AK A glacier Flirty hiking pose
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    We are working with the TT folks to help them clear their current backlog of orders, but I don't expect that to be done by the time the Mooney's are ready. From my understanding most people are seeing a 60+ day lead time at the moment, I'm expecting the time to be decreased by the time October rolls around. Short answer: I think there still will be a lead time, just not sure what are this point. I'll continue to update as we get closer to submitting the STC. Cheers, Steve
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    My first annual in a MSC in PA was expensive. Extra $500 for AD compliance, a Power Flow exhaust crack missed during PPI (resulting in a replacement unit), an engine/oil heater (need one of those in the NE), new Concord battery, and a bunch of small things added up to 9amu. None of them besides the exhaust were expensive individually, but, oh boy, they did add up. This is my first airplane, and in spite of the first annual financial scare I have been maintaining it at the same shop based on their good reputation, hoping it is safe while studying as much as I can about these machines, and hoping that the second annual coming up in November after close to 200 hours of Mooney time will be smoother.
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    the Annual "Inspection" isn't horrible. $1600 in 2017 also had new plugs installed, prob not nec but plane was new to me so $1900 total. $1680 in 2018 another no squawks annual, did mention rod ends and baffles may need attention soon. $1600 in 2019 plus the following: new aileron rod ends new rudder rod ends Landing gear shimmy ( prob could've just bought a new tire ) $3k total. but had to have surefly installed so another 2k $5k total. I never have the oil changed at Annual. I end up doing it like a month before annual. i'll never admit to the cost of the other way more expensive things i've had done. note pay in cash so the wife doesn't see it on the credit card statement
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    I have the receipt in front of me for my 2019 Annual: $1591.62 USD Annual Inspection $1360.00 Hardware Installation/Replacement 1.5 hours at $70/hr $105.00 Phillips X/C 20W50 $43.00 Induction Filter BA6108 $10.85 Champion Oil Filter CH48110-1 $26.75 Tempest Garter Filter ARB3-5-1 $2.90 Rapco Filter RAD9-18-1 $19.50 Shipping $24.47 That was the annual. Now add 3-hours to R&R the attitude and heading indicators ($210.00) plus the bill from Aircraft Quality Instruments ($1081.00) you can see how the overall cost of the bird going to an Annual inspection can get pricey. I had to get the instruments overhauled to rule-out a serious issue with my Century IIb autopilot -- which did fix the uncommanded roll issue. This was my cheapest annual inspection ever as last year I added on overhauled magnetos, SCAT and vacuum line replacement, etc.
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    Definately this. Hone and re-ring can go a long time and its pretty cheap as engine repairs go. I wouldnt have a shop that has a white floor and turbine airplanes in it do this, have some local curmudgeon semi-retired A&P do it.
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    I suggest you read Mike Busch's books in your spare time. He has a more modern approach to when to overhaul engines, etc. Basically, the premise is: Use all analyses tools at your disposal (modern engine monitor with data collection, data analysis service, oil analysis, borescope inspections, etc) then based on data, repair as necessary. If you apply this method to your issue, it might be reasonable to do the top overhaul or a complete overhaul but TBO is not the deciding factor...
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    Here’s a picture I took today on my bicycle during bicycle “preflight”. yikes! That’s my stem. If the stem breaks st 35mph down a hill - forgetabout it. That’s a break a shoulder break a nose loose some teeth get a concussion wake up in a helicopter crack. its aluminum. It’s a top of the line al stem. Glad I caught that one...
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    Very sobering. From the NHC. “The distinct eye of powerful Hurricane Dorian is moving over Great Abaco. The latest wind and pressure data from an Air Force reconnaissance plane just before the eye hit the island indicated that the winds reached 160 kt, which is the initial intensity for this advisory. It is not very often that we measure such strong winds. The minimum pressure measured by the plane was 910 mb.”
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    the kit itself costs over $1,000….my AI removed it from the plane and we shipped it to TopGun and they changed it for 3 hrs labor at $100 an hour...plus they had to replace the manual cable which was an extra $200
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    Heck I did the Mooney back clutch spring SB this past annual to boot. As Bear Bryant would say, “that’s the dumbest Mooney pilot I have ever seen, but he sure is fast.”
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    14V Primer Diverter on the TSIO360- was going for $2,800 when I looked last year. I see list prices of over $3,500 if you can find them now. Fortunately you can find 1-2 shops that will IRAN them and even more fortunately Continental SB 19-01 removes this part.
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    I'd say that in terms of pure overpricedness, we have a winner! The profit margin on those must be over 10,000%
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    Good thing you caught it when you did. I ride an Indian Motorcycle, I had an aluminum tool tube (like a tennis ball can). bolted to the front of my frame with two aluminum brackets, been there for 10 years . A few weeks ago I'm riding down the hwy at about 55 mph and all of sudden I hear a clank and the bike (all 750 lbs of it , plus my 225) hops into the air from the back, I hear more metal clanking and a quick glance in the mirror reveal parts behind me (some very large). I kept her upright and straight and didn't hit the brakes not sure what the hell happened. After I coasted down to a slower speed, I gently tried the brakes and the bike stopped, I though the engine fell out or the trans. The bike was still running well. I shut it down and put down the kick stand, looked back and noticed the large piece I saw was one of my saddlebags that departed to the violent jolt of the rear end hopping 3 feet in the air and coming down, fortunately I was able to get to it before some dope ran it over, it was then I noticed the tool tube scuffed up and with rubber marks from the rear when n the road and the broken aluminum brackets. The brackets were pretty thick (two of them) and they cracked, makes wonder about the integrity of my front end now. I gave the bracket (stamped Indian) to my mechanic, I think we was going to make it into a bong.

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