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    I separate CapEx and OpEx. CapEx is the price of the plane and any upgrades I make or money I spend on improvements. OpEx are the recurring costs such as fuel, hangar rent, annual maintenance, other maintenance, nav subscriptions, etc. I flew approximately 250 hours last year. I have no idea how much I spent in either of the two categories last year. But all the bills got paid, so I guess we're ok for another year of this.
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    When I was in High School I had a summer intern gig at a local university in a high energy physics lab where they had a massive electron pulse gun that shot a massively powered arc through a 2 ft vacuum for a very very very very short time burst. The thing was about 2 stories tall, round and probably 50ft long on the side. My job was to make little anodes of various shapes designed by the professor, who would specify the shape and material and I - and a few others the same - would spin those special shapes in a machine shop lathe for like 2 days to get them perfect. Then we would literally blow them up in a glorious nano-second. This was the mid 1980s during the "Star Wars" research era of Reagan and high energy pulses of all sorts were all the rage. On the side of that very big electron pulse gun someone painted Champion One very artistically looking like the real trade mark logo of a real spark plug marking. Because that was what that thing was - one very big spark plug.
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    Sorry to hear that your wife went through the boat ownership thing with you. That is like telling a woman you are going on a first date with that your serial rapist days are over. Hopefully you can convince her that airplane ownership is different. Instead of throwing money in the water, you’re throwing it in the air. [emoji1787] As others point out, pride of ownership, the ability to have access when you want and knowing the condition all of the time are great benefits. The downside is that you own the costs when you own and you just can’t throw the keys at the FBO anymore and say “it’s broke”. I am sure that I am paying more than renting, but I also eat lunch with a Pilot friend and hear the whining about the availability of the rentals at our airport. As for the financials, you have heard some clearly say they ignore certain costs. If your financial situation can allow that, great. If it can’t, it can become a pain point with the family when you are deciding whether Johnny is going to get braces or you are going to fix your plane. I look at ownership cost as all in. I count everything because if I didn’t own a plane, I wouldn’t have those expenses. Also, I do reserves because the money is clearly earmarked for an intended usage. If you need to rebuild an engine, it is nice to have saved up the money and know it’s covered. As long time owner, I flew a number of years with an avionics reserve that kept building up. In 2012 it allowed me to do this: Be realistic with your finances. I can’t tell you the number of times we have had people post here about buying a plane and then a few months later are dealing with huge financial hits. And on other side of this, you only live once. And unless you plan on being buried in a gold (or gold lined) coffin, enjoy the ability to own and participate in something that most people never get to do. How many people can say they are able to fly a plane and capture a picture like this? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
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    I purposely don’t keep track. Quite the contrary its one of those things I try to have amnesia about.
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    Could t find anything suitable, so I made my own...
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    Unless you have a great reference point, anything within 2% on average is within tolerance. Bear in mind these are *volume* meters and not *mass* meters. You have to manage at least: Consistent filling level The retail dispensing equipment (which when I used to be in fuel retail, the allowable tolerance was -0.5% to +1%, most retailers tried to get close to the minimum, and some were a little over zealous! Back then they were checked by weights and measures officials, at 90% or more of maximum flow - the error at low flow rates could be shocking) What gets "lost" in the hose doesn't even have to be accounted for! (ever wondered why when you turn the pump on it jumps straight away off the zero?) Relative temperature of fuel dispensed vs. fuel consumed (Density alters ~1% per 10dC) Take fuel in the afternoon from a bowser that's been sitting in the sun all day, and then go climb to FL250 and burn it - you won't get the quantity out that you put in! Conversely, get fuel in the morning from an underground tank and scud around in the warm and wonder why you can't fit in what you thought you burnt.
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    The pipers used aluminum battery cables. They are notoriously bad. A lot of them have been replaced with copper cables. Mooney has always used copper cables.
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    I am very happy with my IFD540/440 combo and the functions it all provides that has already been covered above. One of the limitations is you cannot have is one in GPS mode and the other in OBS mode while the units are synced, although you can operate them as separate units if desired but that removes other advantages. It is all explained in the POH available on the Avidyne website. If I had the panel real estate, I would have two IFD540's one underneath the other, a combo you cannot beat.
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    Parker is a straight shooter, and a nice guy.
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    So a buddy of mine put in contact with a M20C Ranger owner. He is going to show me around the plane and I'll see if I am in fact comfortable in the airplane. If all goes well and the plane is still on the market tomorrow, I'll be putting money down on it. Thanks for all your help, its greatly appreciated.
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    I agree, but that "something wrong" could have been forgetting to turn off the interior light.
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    I saw an interview with a Tim Cook yesterday... Their bottom line is customer happiness... happy customers are return customers... Even if they only return a few years later... He is an interesting CEO to listen too. No MBA required... Best regards, -a-
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    There are a few threads discussing various sources of the same data... Essentially an ADSB vs XM discussion... How often each data set was updated... what the lag in the data is before it can be made available to even send... The clarity of the grapghic data... the monthly cost... XM is available while on the ground... ADSB is free-ish but not very useable until 1k’agl or so in some places... Time has changed all of the issues... frequently... You really have to know how old the data really is when you receive it.... Tactical route planning is a storm scope kind of device... staying out of lightening strike areas... The bundled graphics are just too old to be used tactically... you can probably find a few threads where people gave up the XM after a while based on the cost.... PP thoughts only, not a CFI... Best regards, -a-
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    I agree, this site is for aviation topics, more specific Mooney related topics and we should not dilute or pollute it. Brian
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    Thanks for the tag, Scott. We are up and running at Airspeed Insurance Agency. We should be licensed in all 50 states and DC by the end of the month (currently fully functional in about 30 as of 1/9/2019). Kmac - most every company using automated raters has different hour amounts where their rates step down. 46.9 may be no different than 50 at many carriers. There are a few where that might hit a step in the automated rating systems at 50 make/model. An agent that properly markets your risk to the carriers it represents would really like to have updates 30 days or more before renewal so that each company can respond. At the last minute you may not have as many answers, especially for a lower-time pilot where the risks are underwritten manually as opposed to coming from an automated rater.
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    And retired... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
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    If all we did was financially responsible stuff we'd all be rich and very bored.
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    I had a post somewhere in my original DIY install thread about the vacuum like rerouting. I used a barb and a cap. However the lines themselves needed to be rerouted. I’ll see if I can dig it up. I’ll also dig up my excel sheet with the pin-out for the 430W/330ES/dual G5’s and Send it to you. Brad here is my G5 diy thread ... this post has the description of the need to reroute the Vacuum connections and here is my diagram of / question about the vacuum system
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    In the vacuum hose between the AI and the vacuum pump. When you shut the engine down the instrument cases contain vacuum and the pump has none and the carbon dust migrates up into the gyros into the grease thats in the bearings and then causes failure
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    “What hump”....... Young Frankenstein!
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    I Those are one of my customer's spark plugs in the blue trays. I've been involved in the Champion fiasco since 2010. They finally changed their basic resistor design in February 2014, but they did NOT change the fine wire insulators that are prone to cracking. I would not use a Champion fine wire plug. Their massive electrode plugs are OK if the date code is newer than March 2014. I would recommend the Tempest fine wire plugs for any application.
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    Evidently these are the perils of flying behind 1940's technology in the modern, digital age...
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    I throughly understand the engineer’s mentality and wanting to understand. In your Dec 3 post you mentioned several issues with your engine monitor and I read into it that you may not trust the data. I always believe that first you need a good data set that you can trust before analyzing a problem. What I intended to convey, is you may not have a problem because you are being mislead by your data. The injection lines and talk of cam wear could be red herrings. Bill
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