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    Please don’t ask me to think about how much it costs! Besides, I’m not very good with numbers.
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    Some of us aren't worried about resale value. The executor of my estate can deal with the tire kickers and naysayers. I'm concentrating on the qualifications to become a UFO, and to keep on flying my Mooney until then. Thanks to Bennett for setting such a great example!
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    My boys were renting substandard equipment for $127/hr back in 2016. I sold the idea of aircraft ownership to my wife based on idea that I could operate a nicer/mechanically sound aircraft for less than $127/hr. I purchased a 1964 M20C (35K) and my boys flew it 200hrs in 13 months. I kept every receipt related to the aircraft.... Insurance Monthly tie down Pre Purchase Inspection / Air fare to inspect aircraft Annual / carburetor O/H Fuel / Oil changes FBO Ramp/custom fees Taxes Total expenses were $18,500 working out to $93/hr. Please note this does not include engine or maintenance reserves....20-25/hr? In my experience it was totally worth the time and effort I spent owning the plane..just hope I have the same experience with our newer J model!! Hope this helps. Hank
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    When it comes to Aviation there is a very short list of subjects where I know more than you do Byron- extremely short. You’re incorrect on this one. I know his fees, and I know the value he provides for that fee. I’m not saying Neal and Jimmy can get together on this deal, but saying it won’t work to have 2 brokers in a deal, because there are two brokers involved in a deal, Is wrong. If Neal is working with a client looking for a TN A36 there’s a 90% chance Neal will call on it anyway- and I don’t expect he’ll ask the listing broker for a cut of the action. He could have easily picked up a few on both sides of my purchase, but he didn’t. He plays it straight. Guess who gets my business when I sell?
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    now you are making me sad. My little F was only 31.5. I put another (Im sure my wife can tell you) in it but it flew day VFR no problem for 31.5. This was a few years ago. I think Im doing my 3rd annual this month.
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    Your best option would be to trade up to the Stec3100... but it's just a few months away yet.
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    I took these pictures of a 231 exhaust today. We pressurized the exhaust with a shop vacuum and sprayed it down with soap and water. I scrubbed the areas with a stainless brush and the hole just kept growing, it is just ahead of cylinder 5. The second picture is a small crack in the stack for cylinder 1 Clarence
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    Yes! And a massive fuel leak. As a matter of fact it is, should be converting 100LL to noise real soon.
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    Then after you figure out all of that, divide it by the number of hours you expect to fly on an annual basis and compare that to the cost of renting. It's not perfect, but will give you a ballpark figure to try and compare it against. Factor in the convenience of just going to the airport on a whim and finding your pride and joy sitting there waiting for you....and only you. Priceless.... I got tired of trash in the rental planes and the questionable maintenance. Also got tired of getting blasted via mass emails when something happened to cause a tire to be replaced or the brakes being ridden to hard, etc, etc, etc... That was a long time ago and I won't rent again unless it's totally unavoidable. Brian
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    All I require is altitude hold and heading. That will reduce my work load enough on longer cross country flights and I’ll hand fly the approaches. I don’t do enough IFR flight to justify the added expense for more features. David
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    I’m not sure what all this talk about O2 and kids is. My son has turned out fine even though he flew for years with me and without supplemental oxygen. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Adding to @Danb comment, typical airliners are at 8k foot pressure inside, and small children fly 11-12 hour intercontinental flights (usually in the seat right behind me) without ill effects or concerns of ill effects.
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    If you mean it has a GTX330 transponder and a GNS530 but the non WAAS version... and that's a good thing? Give me just a minute... I've got a list around here somewhere...
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    Haha. As much as it may appear that way, its not very profitable yet as I'm still spending a lot each month on facebook ads and other ways of advertising. But I think of all this as just start up costs, laying a foundation and such. Sure is fun though. Thanks!
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    I keep meaning to send you your official shunning notification! Considered yourself shunned you oil sniffer! BTW - we are due for a fly in. I’ll drop something on the Yahoo site so we can practice our shunning when you show up. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
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    UPDATE: Sorry I've been inactive on here the last few months! I still do check up every now and then to read through the latest posts but WingSwap has been keeping me very busy! Managing the social media accounts (main traffic funnel), getting new users, working with the developer, talking with advertisers, etc... Last I update you guys we had about 90k pageviews a month, and now we are up to 250k pageviews a month! It has been hard getting people to list their planes with the Premium and Featured listings, even though they were just $10 and $20 respectively. SO what I've done is changed things up a bit. Going forward, listing will be free, with 10 pictures and 1000 characters allotted, and your listing will be live for 60 days. I've found higher traffic and advertising revenue is far more worthwhile than $10 dollars here and there, and most people being frustrated when listers just had one picture up in their free listings. So I'm giving the people what they want. All the pictures and information you could want, for free. You can still purchase a featured spot on the website or our instagram (over 12k pilot followers now btw) but now going forward both listers, and browsers should be totally happy. And btw a sweet mooney M20E with 201 speed mods and a crazy Garmin panel and recently overhauled engine was listed an hour ago I thought you all might like. $77k asking. (seller approved me sharing here) So yeah thats where things are currently with WingSwap! The busy-ness just doesn't end! But thats good right? Must mean I'm doing something right! I've heard some great stories from owners who found their plane on wingswap which really makes me feel good when they send pictures of them and their new plane! Jesse
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    Only a single data point, but possibly worth mentioning. My son and I climbed one of Colorado's 14k ft. peaks the summer after he finished kindergarten. We acclimated a few days at 6-8k and spent the night before at 10k. Upon reaching the summit, he couldn't remember his age, his birthday, or how to spell his name. I realized it was time to quickly get down the mountain. He's a teenager now and I swear the brain damage from that trip is starting to show!
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    30k per year all in. Could be more. But... There are things you can do in your own plane that you just cannot do in a rental. Take it on a 4 week trip across the country. Fly one hour to your vacation house, let it sit a week, and fly it home. Fly to Disneyland and let it sit 3 days.
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    Probably worth the wait. Your STEC30 is worth about $10,000 trade in toward the 3100 which is flying in other brands now. M20 certification is in the queue. https://genesys-aerosystems.com/products/s-tec-3100-digital-flight-control-system
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    NEXRAD is the source radar that feeds both XM and ADS-B. Baron for XM WX and WDT for SiriusXM process Level 2 NEXRAD data using their own algorithms to create products for delivery via Sirius XM satellites. ADS-B is completely opaque regarding data flow from NEXRAD to FIS-B broadcast. It APPEARS ADS-B is using Level 3 NEXRAD products with the only change being resolution reduction for the long-range reflectivity picture. Cheers
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    Thanks for the tag, Scott. We are up and running at Airspeed Insurance Agency. We should be licensed in all 50 states and DC by the end of the month (currently fully functional in about 30 as of 1/9/2019). Kmac - most every company using automated raters has different hour amounts where their rates step down. 46.9 may be no different than 50 at many carriers. There are a few where that might hit a step in the automated rating systems at 50 make/model. An agent that properly markets your risk to the carriers it represents would really like to have updates 30 days or more before renewal so that each company can respond. At the last minute you may not have as many answers, especially for a lower-time pilot where the risks are underwritten manually as opposed to coming from an automated rater.
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    When I had mechanics coming to my hangar for annual I really liked it. But those guys are long gone. They just don't make mechanics like they used to.
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    Hi all! I am the new owner of N6995V. I have been a member of Mooneyspace for about 11 months but this is my first introduction and 95V is my first plane. To say I'm excited is an understatement. First, regarding @rdshave, I want to say that I could not have asked for a more generous, kind, and stand up guy. This was my first aircraft purchase and after reading about the potential pitfalls and gotchas that can often plague the process, I was initially apprehensive. But I feel extremely lucky that the entire purchasing experience occurred with no problems. Not only did Ron bend over backwards to help with the multitude of details of the sale itself but he ferried the plane with me as a passenger up to San Jose where I did my transition training and he prepped the plane (including emergency gear) for the trip back to Wisconsin. Thank you so much @rdshave - I can't imagine that many sellers would have done what you did for me and I really appreciate it. Secondly, with the new to me plane, I was very excited but also a bit anxious about transitioning into a Mooney. As a low-time pilot, I have read many stories of potential landing challenges for people like me. Additionally, I didn't have my complex endorsement at the time of purchase. Because the plane was in California, training with @donkaye was the logical choice for me and I am so glad that I was able to train with him. Lets put it this way, when I'm on final approach now, I hear Don's voice pop into my head reminding me what to look for to achieve a good landing. On the way home it seemed like he was still in the cockpit with me! I'm so grateful that the timing of the purchase worked out with his schedule and that we were able to have our initial meeting during Oshkosh. And boy does he have some interesting flying stories to tell too! Finally, I really lucked out with the weather. To start, I staged the flight from Stockton to avoid the potential morning overcast of the San Jose area. I took the middle route over I-80 with only an overnight stop in Scotts Bluff, NE (and fuel stops in Ogden, UT and Lemar, IA partly because I'm conservative and still learning and getting comfortable with her actual fuel consumption); about 11:30 of total flight time from Reid-Hillview RHV to my home base in Waukesha, WI KUES. By the way, the Steel Grill restaurant in Scotts Bluff makes an excellent steak. What an epic adventure the last 6 days has been for me...I'm still decompressing and processing everything. I'm certainly on cloud 9 though and looking forward to more flying opportunities with my family and for work. Next for me is to finish my instrument rating - now in my Mooney! Also, I would appreciate any recommendations for a Mooney mechanic in my area. Thanks!
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    95V has sold, pending a pre-buy inspection. The purchase agreement has been signed and both parties are satisfied... at least I am. So, thanks to Mooneyspace for finding my buyer. The only listing or mention of my plane for sale has been here. I had lots of calls and several offers and she sold quickly. If someone wants a Mooney, they’ll be checking Mooneyspace. The buyer is a wise, young family man who will make good use of 95V. I’m really enjoying myself and appreciating his enthusiasm for this Mooney. It is rewarding to know she’ll be well taken care of. I appreciate all the advice shared here and will visit often just to make certain everyone is still getting along. I never shared much, but valued the advice so many of you have provided. Thanks and blessings to you all, ron
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    You guys could all list your Mooney’s for sale to up the numbers. Clarence

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