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    For those who want to know what the tie down bracket looks like, I snapped this picture of the bracket for the tie down inside a wing today. Clarence
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    Some good news, Mooney will cover my "out-of-warranty" aircraft at the earliest convenience at the factory in Kerrville, TX. Thank you Mooney for stepping up to the plate.
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    Thanks for the tag, Scott. We are up and running at Airspeed Insurance Agency. We should be licensed in all 50 states and DC by the end of the month (currently fully functional in about 30 as of 1/9/2019). Kmac - most every company using automated raters has different hour amounts where their rates step down. 46.9 may be no different than 50 at many carriers. There are a few where that might hit a step in the automated rating systems at 50 make/model. An agent that properly markets your risk to the carriers it represents would really like to have updates 30 days or more before renewal so that each company can respond. At the last minute you may not have as many answers, especially for a lower-time pilot where the risks are underwritten manually as opposed to coming from an automated rater.
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    I was in La Paz a year ago at Thanksgiving. It was work, not vacation. I had a meeting with the Ministry of Finance CISO in La Paz. The local guy said it was only a "few" blocks away. It was six blocks and in La Paz, the blocks are vertical. Of course I'm wearing a suit and tie. We get to the office building. The CISO's office is on the 7th floor and the elevator is out of service. I almost turned around and went back to the hotel. I'm pretty sure we won the business just because I climbed 7 flights of stairs to his office.
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    I agree, this site is for aviation topics, more specific Mooney related topics and we should not dilute or pollute it. Brian
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    There are many other online groups for non-aviation related discussions. They don't belong here.
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    Taken from a Hero7 Black, which is far superior as compared to the same shots taken with the Session 5. The quality of the video and picture is much better than what is depicted here. I have and will continue to use my Hero 3 Silver, Session 5, and new 7 Black to document my flights. It's enjoyable to put the videos together and bolt on music for later viewing. I also find editing and splicing post flight videos a great debriefing tool. I recently hooked up cockpit audio to the Hero3 and now can overlay audio to my videos. The process is enjoyable and definitely helpful in identifying and correcting mistakes in my flying.
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    I stagger my mag service every 500. I get 1000hrs between IRANs but always have one mag with <500 hrs since IRAN. Depending on the kind of pump you have, most are warrantied to 500 or 1000hrs.
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    Steve here, signing in... Cody, I'm the guy from Texas with a big grin on his face. Tom and I met at Oshgosh as he mentioned. He was sanding the white stripes off of the propeller on his beautiful new lancair, i was wearing a mooney cap... When we shook hands the next month in yooperland, i knew that i was about to purchase the best kept mooney from a top-shelf owner. After spending a day getting to know Tom, i was certain i'd found the mooney deal of a lifetime. I lifted off the runway Saturday afternoon Jan 5 and tipped a wing to the Rocketman... it felt a bit like i was leaving with his mistress. Its been a couple of days now, and I'm still wearing an ear-to-ear grin. To all of you out there in mooneyspace who may be eye-ing Tom's turbo-prop; i plan to take good care and trade his mistress back to him when he is ready to slow back down to 230kts! To anyone who has not yet seen the best m20k rocket in North America, i am considering placing a velvet rope between shiny brass posts in front of the hangar and charging a buck a visit. ...wonder if i can cover the monthly hangar dues ;-) Relatively new to most things air borne. A 300hr rocket flyer, with 600 hrs since PP in 2015. I've learned a lot from all of you on mooneyspace in the past two or three years. If i'm still around in 40 or 50 years, i may have contributed a bit as well, all in an attempt to live in the shadow cast by N1017L's Rocketman. Meanwhile, Tom's number is on my speed dial in case the mistress gets fussy.
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    Guys and Girls, Apologies in advance for the blasphemy... I just took a nice Bonanza A-36 with a Turbo Normalizer on it on trade for a later model Mooney. My preference would now be to turn it back into a Mooney for inventory. If anyone is looking for a bump to six seats / large cabin door and wants to talk Mooney trade or if you know a Mooney owner that may want to make the move, can you send them my way? Thanks, Jimmy jimmy@allamericanaircraft.com
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    So, on an IFR training flight last week my instructor noted a large (~30-deg.) discrepancy between the two VOR receivers in my aircraft. The next flight we went to KMEI where there is a VOR test point on the field, and saw that the NAV receiver in the GNS430W is about 30-degrees off. The other NAV rcvr in the KX-155 is within two degrees (yeah!). Yesterday I called a nearby avionics shop and discussed with a technician I know, who told me that the GNS430W probably required calibration of the CDI it is attached to, and told me something to try. I went to the hangar, followed his instructions, which took about 5 minutes, and then went for a test flight. Both NAV receivers now agree within 1 degree of each other! Solution: press and hold "Enter" while powering up the GNS 430W. That boots it into calibration mode. About 8 or 10 pages into the calibration mode is an option to "Calibrate 150 degrees CDI". Set the CDI to 150 degrees "TO", highlight the box that says "Calibrate 150 degrees CDI" and press enter. That's it. Not sure why it was off, but it is fine now. It should all be that easy!
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    I only visit here and BT for my aviation fix, and don't want to ruin the great signal to noise ratio we have presently. Sent from my LG-US996 using Tapatalk
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    I did the adsb thing a little over a year ago before the rush got into full retard mode... it’s going to be insanity for a while... I’m glad my ship is done... except I would like to have a digital autopilot... hopefully a pro pilot!
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    I’ve got the voice command with my Garmin 650. It lessens the work load considerably. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Don't forget a good wax job is worth @10kts :-)
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    At least we are not talking about the Bonalization technique anymore! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
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    UPDATE: Sorry I've been inactive on here the last few months! I still do check up every now and then to read through the latest posts but WingSwap has been keeping me very busy! Managing the social media accounts (main traffic funnel), getting new users, working with the developer, talking with advertisers, etc... Last I update you guys we had about 90k pageviews a month, and now we are up to 250k pageviews a month! It has been hard getting people to list their planes with the Premium and Featured listings, even though they were just $10 and $20 respectively. SO what I've done is changed things up a bit. Going forward, listing will be free, with 10 pictures and 1000 characters allotted, and your listing will be live for 60 days. I've found higher traffic and advertising revenue is far more worthwhile than $10 dollars here and there, and most people being frustrated when listers just had one picture up in their free listings. So I'm giving the people what they want. All the pictures and information you could want, for free. You can still purchase a featured spot on the website or our instagram (over 12k pilot followers now btw) but now going forward both listers, and browsers should be totally happy. And btw a sweet mooney M20E with 201 speed mods and a crazy Garmin panel and recently overhauled engine was listed an hour ago I thought you all might like. $77k asking. (seller approved me sharing here) So yeah thats where things are currently with WingSwap! The busy-ness just doesn't end! But thats good right? Must mean I'm doing something right! I've heard some great stories from owners who found their plane on wingswap which really makes me feel good when they send pictures of them and their new plane! Jesse
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    Call Neal Schwartz- he frequently is working with buyers looking for TN aircraft. Market on them has been very strong lately. 9I4 - six two five- 5776
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    XM is only worth the money if you fly on less than CAVU days and really understand how to interpret presented data. The XM combination of echo tops, cells, lightning, and reflectivity provide an excellent view of storm structure. ADS-B is completely inadequate for any serious weather flying. Like any aircraft system, you must study and understand XM and NEXRAD to take proper advantage. Cheers, David
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    In these divided times, I too think that I'd like to think of ya'll as friends who love aviation as much as I do and that is what we have in common. To see non-aviation subjects lines in the "Recent Posts" section when I log into MS would be counter to one of the things that I like about hanging out here! I suspect many others would feel the same way.
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    Only a single data point, but possibly worth mentioning. My son and I climbed one of Colorado's 14k ft. peaks the summer after he finished kindergarten. We acclimated a few days at 6-8k and spent the night before at 10k. Upon reaching the summit, he couldn't remember his age, his birthday, or how to spell his name. I realized it was time to quickly get down the mountain. He's a teenager now and I swear the brain damage from that trip is starting to show!
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    Steve. The Forum is in full agreement. You will need the 900 if you desire a healthy engine. You will add the intercooler and waste gate if you desire optimum engine performance for the model. Speed brakes are secondary to all others. If the plane is down for an engine now, keep it down to add the engine goodies!! Money well spent.
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    This post stuck with me a couple years ago: https://www.beechtalk.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=1081720#p1081720 Written in response to a similar question on Beechtalk about flying a 4 year old at 14-15k feet for 30 min. to an hour. You won't damage her permanently. Would you worry about driving up to Pike's Peak with her? She might get a little goofy, might have a headache, but not gonna hurt her. And note that FAR's require pax be PROVIDED oxygen not that they use it. Regards, [removed] Board Certified Pediatric Anesthesiologist
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    When Mooney went with the Moritz engine gauges in 2000 they lowered the panel. Previous models could have three rows of instruments, after this change only two rows of instruments fit. The G1000 Mooneys stayed with the lower instrument panel
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    If all we did was financially responsible stuff we'd all be rich and very bored.
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    I just did the same Whelen 650 Upgrade. I also need to to run the wire to sync the strobes but it’s not that noticeable until you get close to the clouds. Very bright. 68F50956-9846-4C67-8A75-6BF9E4DD4EAA.MOV
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    I may as well stir the hornet's nest a little. In my opinion, I would never want an annual in lieu of a pre-purchase inspection. Having a pre-purchase that can be rolled over to an annual once the decision is made to definitely buy, is a different story. But I would not blindly accept an annual done on the existing owner's dime (unless it had been done by one of the 4 or 5 top Mooney gurus), and the present owner would be foolish to allow an annual to be started unless he was in control of it. My preference, if I were buying, would be to have carefully crafted, "done in steps" pre-purchase inspection. That is, prioritize the things to look at, and cancel the remainder if a deal breaker is discovered. I would want a complete corrosion inspection, and if nothing found, inspect the engine; borescope etc., then on down through the most expensive items to repair. Once all the deal breaking matters are OK, then finalize the sale and flip it to an annual if desired.
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    If the mags were properly rebuilt 320 hours ago I would not touch them I fly my vac pumps till they break. I normally get 1200hrs out of them.
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    Mooney 3JJ you have slow moving traffic at your 9 o’clock, opposite direction In sight, no factor.
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    New photos shared online appear to show an unreleased version of Apple’s iPad mini tablet with design characteristics not seen on hardware that Apple has sold to date. The images appear amid rumors that Apple is planning to release a fifth-generation iPad mini sometime over the next few months. https://9to5mac.com/2019/01/08/possible-ipad-mini-5-leak/
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    Hi Alex, nice avatar, I'm on Pelican also and replied to your get together. Good luck with the new bird.
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    Lynn (@AGL Aviation) installed the larger (~6") inlets from David (@Sabremech) on my E today. I took her up for a test flight - with cowl flaps closed CHTs are marvelous 335-345-345-315. OilT 197. (I've not normally been able to run 75% power with CF closed due to temps) OAT at 7500' was 7C and I was running at 75% - 23.5/2550. KTAS was "only" 151 which is disappointing. We still have rigging issues going back to painting or before.
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    There was an airplane locally that landed gear up about a dozen years ago that really proves a point. It was a small twin with a CFI and a CFI-DPE (with 14,000 hrs) on in the front seats - is the take away that those guys were dummies? No the take away is not that they are dummies and I am not a dummy so I am safe from such stupidity. No - the take away is if they could do it then anyone can do it - including me - so it is surely a lot of work every time to make sure I don't do it. Knock on wood and stay vigilant.
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    Hi everyone Does anyone know of a Mooney M20 for rent around Volusia county or Sanford area? I recently purchased a 1970 Mooney M20C that i’m restoring. I have never flown a Mooney before, i’m interested in doing some flying to get check out and be able to fly my Mooney onces im done with it. I currently hold a PPL with instrument rating and i have a high performance endorsement but no complex time. If anyone knows of someone that would be interested in renting their M20 or a place that has one please let me know. Thank you all. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The Trutrak and Trio are perfect for older Mooney’s that don’t have a high end panel but are still very capable airplanes. That would include many of the vintage Mooney’s through G models. Still a good number of those flying and worthy of the lower end autopilot. I’m not going to stick a $10K autopilot in a $35K Mooney. That will not make my Mooney worth another $10K. David
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    I do like the idea of having more data blocks or even displaying the Flight Plan on the 440 and the map on the 540. I've also thought about having the NRST always up on the 440. My KX165 is not going to last forever. It could be replaced with a Garmin 225 or similar, or for another couple of AMU's I could have a fully redundant GPS system. Anyway, Alan posted one for sale here and I'm trying to decide whether to buy it or not. The one rule I have is never pay retail. So buying avionics from Alan complies with that rule. And the IFD boxes just don't come up for sale very often on the used market. Oh and the full IFD 540/440 stack looks great in the panel
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    I dropped Sirius XM when I got ADS-B weather with a GTN750/GDL88. Some folks here say the Sirius XM has some advantage over ADS-B but I view a Stormscope as more important than either one. YMMV
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    See page 1-40 600-00317-000 IFD550 IFD545 Integrated Flight Display Pilot Guide.pdf
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    >>>If you are considering a 2 servo system, I don't see why the installation of one brand should take much longer than another. Should take about the same amount of time to mount the servos and run wiring to them. Should take about the same amount of time to run wiring to the GPS unit. Should take about the same amount of time to mount the unit itself. Previous experience to date is with 172s and PA-28s. Trio mounts the pitch servo in the tail, attached to the balance beam in the PA-28s. It is a BEAR of a job crawling back there in the tailcone and if your PA-28 does NOT have the ELT access hole back there to pass parts and tools in, it is worse. The roll servo mounts in the wing in both the Cessna and the Cherokee, and it is like building a ship in a bottle. (for some Cherokees they moved the roll servo under the seat.) The Cherokee stabilator has to be removed and rebalanced with the roll servo attachments mounted on the balance beam. Copious Shop hours are consumed, with two persons needed for a lot of the time.. . Running wiring out the wing takes far more time than to the space under the back seat. In contrast, the TruTrac installation is "Brilliantly clever". (words of others) Nothing has to be moved. It is all under the rear seat. Take the seats out, sit down and go to work. 2 People are needed for only 20 minutes of the total install time.. Instructions are simple and clear. The Roll Servo bracket mounts the same as the Century I, already installed in many planes. Remove the old, place the new TT mount and match drill. The Garmin plan for the PA-28s involves moving the battery on many models, It's a big job needing new cables mounts and WT & B.. Hoping the Mooneys have a similar design in the back seat area that would make it easy as well, but conversation with Corey at TruTrak may sort that out.. I understand that their Mooney is well into the flight testing with the TT system installed and it's flying the plane very well. You are correct Bob, the rest (AP disco, circuit breaker, master switch, data connections) are the same. Nav
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    The problem with doing an annual inspection for a prebuy is you are not doing a forensic look at the logs and history of the aircraft or a detailed inspection of key areas that can be future problems, especially if the person doing the inspection is not a Mooney expert. When I do a prepurchase I look at everything the aircraft has been thru and has been done to it, I often find AD's not complied with, but I also find undocumented mods or repairs that require 337's, incorrect log books, aircraft or engine times that are incorrect. there is a ton more. Don't get me wrong, I do not disagree with adding an annual inspection to the prebuy, but understand they are not the same. Brian
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    I took 7 years off and restarted flying last March. I had 226 hours and at the train me was close to my commercial. End of July bought myself a Mooney. Best decision (also most financially irresponsible ) I ever made.
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    You'll find plenty of Mooneys in that price range. - For those of you about my size, do you have any issues being comfortable in the cabin? I also like my rudder peddles really close to me, a trick I learned from flying twins. >I'm a bit larger and I am totally comfortable. - With a smaller engine and fairly simple design, how much does the maintenance cost typically run and what things should I be looking out for? >$4k-$6k per year. Some might say less, but in my experience with older airplanes this is the reality. Bigger items would be corrosion, leaking tanks, nose gear truss, engine, prop, avionics. - I really like the idea of the J-bar gear, what items with the gear should I look at to be replaced or require closer investigation? >I prefer the J-bar. It should be easy to swing up and down...anyone who says you need a lot of muscle to do it hasn't had their gear worked on in awhile. also make sure the shock disks are less than 10 years old. - Is the flaps run by an electric motor, and if so how reliable is it? >Depends on the year. Mine are manual hydraulic. - How well do the M20s do on grass fields? Something I would like to have the ability to do. >They were designed in the era where that was common, so they are designed for it. Just a question of pilotage. - I've seen the M20s have a wet wing but also recall that some have bladders. Does it depend on the model and year? >Yes, and aftermarket. - With the M20s being narrower in the engine compartment is there any over heating issues similar to the Grumman AA-5 line of aircraft? >No. But they scrape your hands when you work on them ;-) - Any books or places to go you guys would recommend for me to do more research? I've done a ton of research on the Bos and feel behind on the learning curve for the M20 series. >You found the right place.
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    I don’t know if staggering the work is really required. Send them to a reliable shop for the 500 and sleep easy. You can’t buy a new airplane with mismatched magneto hours and they are falling out of the sky. You can’t order a new twin with a used engine on one side and a new one on the other. We use Aircraft Magneto Service in Montana with great success. Clarence
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    Wow. We replace ours every other year if not every year. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    You’ll never get a toddler to wear a cannula or mask. About 75% of the kids I see in the hospital need at least some sort of device on their face and 100% of the time it’s a thrash. When it’s not you worry ;-). My 5 year old did 11500 with me just fine back from OshKosh. Their brains are no less resilient than yours or more susceptible to hypoxia at altitude without supplemental oxygen. Pulse oximety works well on kids too. Target >90% Healthy infants could care less until about 6 months - they have fetal hemoglobin that holds onto oxygen better at a given partial pressure. They’d probably physiologically do fine up higher than a toddler but I wouldn’t do above 10500 and even then I’d check SpO2 Don’t forget about the ears - they don’t have an ability to clear them and pressure equalize. I’d recommended 9500/10500 as a max altitude, contingent upon no colds/ ear infections, otherwise healthy kids with no chronic lung (ie preemie), or heart problems.
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    I can see why they would go after other aircraft. In particular I could see why they would go after lower performance aircraft. Those of us with higher performance aircraft like a Bonanza or a Mooney may already have an autopilot or may be looking for one that can do it all. We may not be as interested in what is legally an 'enroute' autopilot. Our aircraft also tend to cost more which implies we may also be more willing (or less unwilling) to spend more money to get nicer systems. How many Cub/C150/Cherokee 140 owners out there are installing WAAS GPS units and ADSB IN/OUT units? Just look at the panels some of us (not me) display here and on BeechTalk. How many Cessna and Piper owners are spending the money to get panels like that? It all depends on how you look at the market. As I've said before, the Trio, TT, and Dynon autopilots are probably fine units. If I was looking for minimum cost and enroute capability I'd probably get a Trio or TT. The deal breaker for me was no electric pitch trim servo from any of them. And I also want an autopilot that can legally fly and instrument approach as soon as I install it, not maybe some time in the future. The only system that can currently do that is Garmin, King, and STEC. And I don't want to pour more money into a system which costs me thousands of dollars every time a servo dies. I can buy a brand new servo for the Garmin for less than it costs to overhaul or IRAN a King servo.
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    New is good. Old is bad. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
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    I loved all of my training for my PPL, and was glad I was doing it in something slower than a Mooney, and something that didn't belong to me. The brain only works so fast and it takes time and repetition for it to become acclimated to new tasks so that it can then take on additional and more complex tasks. Learning things at 110 mph in a Cherokee is easier than at 150+ in a Mooney.
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    Sometimes a video is better than a description. Nice landing Jerry. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro

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