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    How did I get to be the first one to post flying pics on here:) Started the new year off with a good flight, wish I would of had a place to go! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    First Flight in 2019 Today we completed our Holiday travel. Spirit of Saint Louis KSUS to Baltimore Martin. IMC in departure from St Louis and some ice from surface to 4500’ then clear skies and strong tailwinds. Nice performance from my new 9 blade prop: A good aviation start to 2019.
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    Way to get it started, Mark! Happy New Year! May your number of landings equal your number of take offs all year long... And of course, let the rubber always touch the runway, before the prop tips do... And other positive forward looking statements... Best regards, -a-
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    Well, N1017L, my 1982 Mooney Rocket I’ve owned since 2001, flew for nearly 2,000 hours, was officially sold as of 6:00 PM yesterday. Both my wife and I have pretty ambivalent feelings, having flown our Rocket into probably 75% of the states in this country, and kids memories of a lot of those trips too. My first cross country airplane in 1996 was an F model, N929PG. We flew her for 5 years, accumulating 1300 hours with my now 26 year old being 4 years old when I bought it. He used to sleep on a bed made on top the luggage in the baggage compartment during many Michigan to Colorado trips in the early years. The buyer, a very quality guy out of Austin, TX, began the initial inquiry and commitment to purchase during the air show in Oshkosh of this year. He said once we talked extensively about the plane, he was buying from the owner more than just the plane. I was not bashful disclosing things that I would address if I continued ownership of the plane, and a good review of my logbooks made it pretty clear I did not hold back on any maintenance throughout my ownership of the plane. He came up and inspected during my annual, which began in August and was not finished until November (engine overhaul on another thread). He had say in every aspect of the overhaul and never got a final number from me until two weeks ago (I was waiting on all the OH bills to come in). We were $5k apart on his expected number and my final number, and he hadn’t accounted for the $5k prop OH. A tip to other purchasers, he’s getting a lot of items that don’t normally come with the sale. His only request to meet my number was getting a Flight Stream installed, which I provided for the sale. By not beating me up he got a lot of stuff from me I would not have been compelled to provide otherwise. I’ve really enjoyed my participation on this forum over the years. I joined Beach Talk about a year ago, participated for maybe 4-6 months and although most were pretty decent people , I found some so caustic I’ve not been back in 4-6 months. On the other hand, this forum is the BEST ONE I’ve ever been privileged to belong to. I will stay for a while, believing 22 years of Mooney ownership and owner supervised maintenance might be of value to a few of you here. Many of you have followed my Lancair project through the later build years and the two years I’ve flown it. It’s done, reliable, and a great cross country machine. I hope as old age creeps up on me, and I no longer feel competent in the prop jet, to return to the Mooney fold for my last years flying. You guys will never lose this pilot as a huge advocate of the Mooney airplane! Thanks a ton fellow Mooniacs!! Tom
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    A three ship formation today, around Humboldt Bay, NorCal Pritch
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    Happy new year everyone.
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    222.1. about an hour in a Cirrus. That was an hour too long.
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    It should have been you!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The Aspen patent has more details... US20160298985A1.pdf
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    I was wondering who the first MSer to post an inflight pic was going to be... A high probability went to Jerry for closing out last year’s thread. Way to go, Early Birds! Best regards, -a-
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    (That was the ASRS form the OP mentioned.)
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    Happy New Year to all of our fellow Mooney bloggers! Wishing everyone clear skies in 2019!
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    Like above. Did you run into a mountain wave? It can cause airspeed changes like you said. If it was your engine you would hear and feel it.
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    A picture from my last flight for 2018... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
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    OK, OK How about "Don't expect huge improvements". How about "Don't expect huge improvements".
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    Happy New Year![emoji312] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    I've had my F for 10 yrs, 1500 flight hours! Enjoy, it is an awesome airplane. I have done about everything you can think of to this plane, paint, avionics, interior. I'm going to fly it, fly it, & fly it!!
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    It’s not an involved process. Lifters collapse without oil pressure. While they are called lifters, they do not actually provide lift (though many falsely believe that they do). Have your mechanic measure the cam lift.
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    I have on several occasions hired developers via Upwork.com. Pretty robust rating qualification, and payment system. Been using it since it was called eLance.com
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    This is due to the fact that your “best glide” is actually an angle of attack for the airfoil- not really a speed. The best glide angle of attack is estimated in your POH by using a speed and weight combo which should yield near to the best glide AoA in stabilized flight. For those of us with an AoA instrument- you should be able to use your gauge for best glide (also referred to as max range)- which to me is not only more accurate, but simpler to fly. best glide can also be referred to as L/D max.
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    The nav light would be the wrong color.
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    This is the last photo where the seats are in the vertical position... -a-
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    I agree 20-25h estimate EU quotes for CGR30P is too optimistic. I did the install myself on 67M20F and would estimate close to 40h with few extra hours by my IA for inspection and fuel hose fabrication. Install is not difficult but it takes time to run and connect all the wires and sensors and you have 6 cylinders. I don't see why would JPI be easier, though. By far most time was spent removing existing instrument and cleaning up wires and hoses going through firewall. I see you're in SEA area and I'm curious who's the shop AFIK there's no MSC in the town any more...

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