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    Just a follow-up since I originally posted and had the loss of power event. I received the order from Amazon and even ordered some Prist from Spruce. After a sudden power loss and you have had time to reflect you are willing to try any and ALL suggestions. To say I over ordered and took everyone's advice is a understatement. Neil is fairly local and gave me a call the day I posted this and gave me his reasoning and background about the water in the fuel theory. I bought some of the ISO-HEET the next day and put a bottle in each tank. I also did a very thorough pre-flight fuel test and drain..much more than I normally do. Everything appeared good. I'm happy to report I've had about five separate 1/2 hour to a full hour of flights with no engine issues and all gauges are reading correct. Hopefully that was a once a lifetime event, but at least I now know what that type of situation feels like and I feel slightly more confident knowing under a minor emergency I remembered procedure...for the most part anyway. The landing leaved a lot to be desired. I was just glad to be on the ground. Thanks for all the info and input. -Tom
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    Bennett, You and I think so much alike. I bought 133DB for $95k almost 5 years ago. First I started working on the airframe to make sure it was perfect. I then added a GTN 750, 1 tube aspen, and a JPI830 (this was a mistake on my part as I ended up wanting primary and had to put in the JPI900). Then I zero timed my engine at Airmark in Ft. Lauderdale. Now I bought the plane with really nice interior (no quite as nice as yours, but for sure 8 or 9 out of 10). Then came a 1 piece belly, new landing gear pucks, new glass throughout. The. I had a new panel designed 3 tube aspen, JPI900, G5 so the vacuum system is gone. ADSB in and out, LED all around. Then off to Hawk for a tremendous paint job. Mine is probably a step below yours but it is one of the nicest I have ever seen. I probably have $200k in it. Will I ever get that back? No, but I have basically a brand new Mooney that I can fly for many years (I am 56). I am going to add more. A Garmin GFC500 or 600 when I can. Speed brakes and passenger side brakes this annual. Point is, for let’s say $225 you can have every bit as much Plane as what would cost $500 or $600 to build new Today. We need to take our planes to the same place someday just to see how they compare
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    I think it’s a great program. There are many young kids who drive by the airport in their parents car, with noses stuck to the glass just itching to get on the other side of the fence( I was one of those Kids). I had the opportunity to participate in a YE event a few yrs back, an it was very rewarding. I have not had the opportunity to volunteer lately, so I haven’t had to deal with the background check. But, its to be expected. Just look at what goes on in this world these days With Children, you can’t ever be to safe. so a little extra paperwork won’t make leave a sour taste in my mouth.
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    Some years ago I was landing at -32C in Iqaluit on a ferry flight. The aircraft was parked outside that night. At departure next morning the temperature was -35C. The Mooney M20E started fine after 30 min preheating of engine and cockpit. I remember the AI needed some time to stop tumbling after engine start. The cockpit warmed up quickly after takeoff. I felt the limitation was more the pilot's performance at that temperatures and not the technology...
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    I added them to my F model about 5 years ago. The kit is expensive if purchased new. I was able to find used parts for under $500. I have the drawings and install instructions that I can email to you.
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    Pressurized fuselages are incredibly strong, imagine your 600-800 square inch windscreen with 5 pounds per square inch, then the entire airframe must withstand the same pressure. Every seam and joint is sealed, there is a pressure source from the turbo charger, a control system to prevent over pressure etc. It gets complicated. Clarence
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    I've been kinda, sorta, maybe looking for an airplane with greater useful load. For my day to day flying, the Mooney is perfect but for my charity flights (Flying Samaritans, Angel Flights and Veteran's Airlift Command), I really could use more useful load. I wasn't actively looking but if something popped up that looked promising I would inquire. It is amazing the number of people, mostly brokers but some private owners that stop communication when asked for logs. I had that happen a few times. I asked for logs from some people three times without ever getting them. Oh well, those airplanes were no longer in consideration. I've thought about sending a letter to the owners letting them know their broker isn't doing them any favors. Maybe I will, maybe not. Around Christmas decided I was going to start actively looking instead of just being passive. On January 1st I sent an inquiry to an owner. On January 2 he provided pdf copies of the logs. On January 4 we talked about the airplane on the phone and I knew the price it would take to buy it if I so chose. On January 6th a fellow Mooney owner (and Mooneyspace member) looked at the airplane for me in person and flew it. An hour later I had agreed to buy the airplane. On January 8th I sent a wire transfer for the entire purchase price. The airplane is being delivered to me on January 13th. From first inquiry to delivery (some 1300+ NM away) in less than two weeks. It really can be that fast and easy. [There is now a Garmin 345 transponder with ADS-B IN/OUT installed]
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    My company has lost its way and each day it becomes more clear it's time to retire. Sadly I dont work for the govt so do not have a crazy pension that promises to bankrupt the city county or state. What I do have is a resonable pension but will still see a big drop in income. Life is funny most things are time and money and we have one or the other. Soon I will have the time. The good news is there will be no debt and our Mooney has been given lots of attention making it very reliable. I think keeping it and continuing to fly will be in the cards and I am planning on other things that will with luck make me say god I wish I would have retired sooner. Carusoam mentioned it might be a good line of discussion what thoughts and experience folks have had when life changes the status quo. obvious change would be to take on a partnership but I would rather be a greeter at Wally World than let someone fly my plane without me in it. This thread could be about what you have experienced or what measures you are taking to allow you to continue this wonderfully expensive hobby. I know there are those with so much financial means that there really isnt a worry but for many it's a real concern.
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    I need more pictures......
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    I bought my 252 needing an annual as well. I negotiated a purchase price to take the need for the annual into consideration. I started with a pre-buy that I as the buyer would pay for. At the point in the pre-buy that I was comfortable buying the airplane, I first finalized the purchase, then told the shop to proceed to annual the plane which I paid for as well. I think the motivation is all wrong for the seller to be paying for an annual. I'd much rather take the estimated cost out of the purchase price, then once I own the plane, I'll be able to make 100% of the decisions during the annual. Just my $0.02
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    Anybody willing to pay $500,000 for a plane probably does not care too much about the added efficiency of the J; better to get more speed for a little more operating cost. Just look at the competition, i.e. Cessna 400, Cirrus, ... Plus, when considering a new plane, is $500,000 really that much less than $769,000? 50% of a large number is sizable, but the underlying number is sooo large to begin with. Unless you can get the price down substantially, I think it is a lost cause.
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    I built this wiring harness myself. No smoke on first power on!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    It's great to discuss making a fortune on this thread, but all the other threads deal with how to turn a large fortune into a small one: own a Mooney.
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    Don, I'm sure you realize that your micro climate real estate market is not what most investors in rental property around the country experience. Were you living in Flint Michigan for the last 50 years your ROI would be very different. OTOH, my ongoing investment in AAPL in September 2000 is independent of where I live. And when I pick a stock that doesn't return 90:1 as the AAPL has, unlike real estate, I can sell it on my Android phone in a millisecond and move on.
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    which engine? 180 hp carb I see about 4psi in cruise...during climb out above 6k it can be near bottom of the green until leveled out and throttle is back....
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    I am a math professor. But Pi is not specifically the most important number for me, but I teach and there is "Pi Day" which is fun. And it is a very recognizable number that has a bit of a math flare. Actually my VERY favorite number is the Golden Mean, which is (1+Sqrt(5))/2=1.61803398874989484820458... but it shows up in amazing places in topics that I study. First note it has a beautiful continued fraction expansion as, (1+Sqrt(5))/2= It shows up in really amazing ways in various topics relating to resonance such as the rings of Saturn or plasma confinement. KAM theory is the topic.
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    you did this panel, interior, and glass for $20k? you must have some amazing connections! Looks amazing!
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    IMHO, the F is the best budget CC machine if you have a family of 4 and will keep the back seats full most trips. I went for the 67 model for the reliable Johnson bar manual gear. I believed there are few Fs on the market because owners keep them due to the generally better useful load and nearly as good speed as a J which may cost double an F. A typical oem J is generally 10kts faster than an oem F, but has 100lbs or more less useful load. Some F owners with cowl and windscreen mods see speeds similar to Js. If you won’t have the back seat fill with people most of the time, I’d go for an E model, which is a little faster.. For ADs, the oem prop hub requires an inspection, but if it has the B hub or top prop or other, then no issue. All the other ADs are simple check this, check that. Mainly just check everything for corrosion. You’ll want to do some of the SBs though, namely rear spar inspection and shoulder harnesses. I spent $42k and got a clean oem 67F with ~400smoh and 162snew top prop and clean, hangar kept paint. It looked like the attached. After spending some time, sweat, and about $20k, It has a brand new custom interior and nice glass panel. Still a few things to do, but very capable 144-147ktas @ gross on 8.5gph (1044.7 useful load). A J that is timed and equipped like this will probably be over $100k. Good luck! Go mooney!
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    When I woke up this morning, the OAT was at -30 C. Too cold for flying. I put some wood in the fireplace, light it up and did nothing else than warm up all day! Yves
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    So whats too cold for the plan? Screw the plane, I call no joy way before it would
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    I remove the dip stick after a flight, allows the trapped water vapor to escape. Don’t know how much it helps but it costs nothing.
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    I have a dozen EFBs divided more or less evenly between iOS and Android. Here's the scoop from my perspective: 85-90% of what they do is the same. Most the differences are about how they do the 85-90%. In both cases, it's about us, not the app. That 10-15%? ForeFlight's route advisor is just one example. If you want to plan an IFR route, FF will let you pull up recent ATC clearances which increase the likelihood the route you file is the route you get. FlyQ still doesn't do that. Some people don't care. Some do. Some live where the never get what they expect. And there's a workaround if you do care. There are plenty of other examples. The how? That's really dependent on both how you use and how long you have used an app. I'll use myself as the example. If I were in the market today or a casual user who relied primarily on the moving map and not much, it probably would make no difference to me which one I used. But January will mark 7 years I've been using ForeFlight. I know my way around it I am very, very comfortable with the way it does things, how to get to the essential (to) me functions and I have even used some of its more esoteric capabilities. I go into one of the others and end up finding out it just doesn't do what I want or how I want it to. Not because one is better or worse, but because I am used to the way I've done it for years. ForeFlight is the most expensive EFB I have. As a CFI, many are free to me and the rest (except Garmin Pilot which I don't have) deeply discounted. But, even though I have a very close second choice, I don't see leaving ForeFlight so long as I am flying IFR (although that might depend a lot on the direction that second choice takes).
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    Hello Everyone I told the guys at the Mooney Service Center that I didn’t want the external tach that it was a deal breaker for me. At my request, they figured out a way to manipulate the G1000 to display to 2700 redline start to 2800 redline end. They mentioned that when I ever sell the plane there might be a issue and I may have to add a tach. For now I am very happy with this MSC. My feedback on the 310 HP stc: Positives Wow! Take off and climb are a massive improvement, mine is heavy with air conditioning, not much useful load. You can really feel pushing in the last inch. Negatives My fuel burn on take off was 27gph, now 33gph. More power more fuel, I get it. I expected the previous power settings of 25-27 inches to 2300rpm that I used to run 13ish gph is now 15ish gph 50 LOP. The fact is the Acclaim is an awesome machine with 280hp. When I first flew one, I couldn’t imagine anything better. Overall I don’t regret the decision. I think mooney must have weighed all the variables when they decided not to roll the Acclaim out with 310hp, or maybe they are saving that card until the competition catches up.
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    One concerning thing is the only nav source is the GTN650. If it quits, such as by water getting the avionics access panels, you have no nav capability.

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