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    UPDATE 12/19/2017: At last, I Closed on the airplane today. Sent all the "goodies" to the FAA office for filing. Time to get greasy and tear into this thing tomorrow first thing. Goal is to have it at Sun N Fun 2018 all done up.
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    The best headset is the one you can afford and can wear for 5+ hours a day without noticing its there. That's different for everyone. For me its the A20, I have logged close to 10hrs in a single day as PIC with it on and you actually forget you are wearing it. I think the Halos are awesome but I don't like the idea of something being stuck in my ear for long periods of time.
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    When I was headed to Florida last year in the Rocket up at FL230, I was going through Chicago Center airspace over the lower east end of Lake Michigan around 7 on a Saturday morning. I had been with the same controller for about 25 minutes but could hear him very clearly has he was working a string of airliners into the ORD transition. He comes on and asks "N1017L, are you still with me?" I immediately called back that I was and heard him loud and clear. No response from him. I'm thinking, OK....this isn't good and call back that I hear him loud and clear. He replies "stand by, I'm looking to see what frequency I need to send you to." He gives me my new frequency and I report up to the next controller (I think it was Indy now). The controller says" yes, we've been waiting to hear from you". I replied back I was never turned over until just now. A few minutes later the new controller comes on with the good old "N1017L, I need you to take this number down and call when you land, concerning a possible pilot deviation." I took it down, didn't say any more....now that god and everyone now thinks this GA Mooney pilot screwed up. My only statement was for him to advise the supervisor I would be in the air at least another 2 hours before I landed in Tennessee. Now I had 2 hours of gut boil....did I miss a hand-off? Man, I know my N number like my name, having this plane for over 17 years. My wife says "I didn't hear a hand-off and I was listening the whole time too". When I landed in TN, I called the number even before fueling. A guy named Tom answers (my name as well, so easy to remember) on the first ring. I identify myself as the Mooney he was expecting a call from and, with some thought, mention it "appears we had some kind of radio snafu". He doesn't really say anything, leaving me to feel like I have to explain. I said I was in radio contact with the controller the whole time, never sensing there was an issue. He still doesn't say anything. I further mention I fly a lot of night time medical missions, and didn't find it unusual to be with one controller for a while at that time of the morning as I know they combine sectors when the traffic is lower. With still no response I finally add, my wife was listening and I've had this plane for 17 years and don't believe I missed a hand-off. I think you should check the tapes. He finally comes back with "yes, we checked the tapes and you WERE NOT handed off as you should have been." He further explains the exact scenario I described, the combined sectors at night, were being re-distributed to more controllers as the traffic was coming up and somehow my plane got missed as they were moving planes out of the one controllers responsibility. He took my name, address and phone number, but assured me it was for their end, not an issue with me. EVER SINCE.... I now keep a log on my knee board of every hand-off; the controlling agency, the new frequency, the time, and a check mark when the new controller has been contacted AND acknowledged me on the new freq. If there's been some time since the last frequency change, I call and query if I'm still supposed to still be with that controller. Also...at the recommendation of peevee , I keep my standby radio on the emergency frequency, as this is the first place they will query for you if lost in the system. Tom
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    Great advice I know how you feel I have a J with sooooo many improvements that I will never get back. I never really think about it though. My J is every bit of like a cirrus and I have 1/4 of the cost of a new plane. Buying an airplane as an investment never was in the cards for me.
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    I’m thinking this would be the definition of minor mod. Same thing as wiring your stratus or GDL-39 to ship power.
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    UPDATE: A very thorough firewall forward inspection by the folks at Tennessee Aircraft Services at KMKL identified a loose v- band clamp (not the AD clamps, the smaller one forward of the turbo) as the only place that could be leaking exhaust. It’s fixed, but the weather today was 400 overcast, not good enough for a functional check flight. So I rode home in a Caravan and will return to do the FCF and subsequent flight home when the weather improves. More to follow. Cheers, Rick
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    I just tested a new sender in the shop. 0 ohms at empty and 31.5 ohms at full. Clarence
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    So close to being done. Most everything going back on to stay. Almost twins in the hangar!
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    I've had getting one of these on my list and just haven't gotten to it. The coupon code still works - saw this thread and ordered one yesterday.
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    Even living here on the East Coast, once you get used to turbo capability it is hard going back!
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    Just a nosy question. Have you eliminated the M20M Bravo? Many of the Bravo owners on MS refer to them as their "private airliner", and I would think you could find a plane in your price range with the equipment you say you would like.
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    It’s like flight bags, you need to find one that works for you. Like almost everyone else, I started with Clark passives, then bought the original Clark ANRs, only to find my noggin was being squashed like an overripe melon. I moved to the original Telex ANR and wore them until they broke and couldn’t/wouldn’t be fixed by Telex. I took them up on their $300 towards a new pair of ANRs only to find a hated the fit. I then bought a pair of Lightspeed first generation Zulus, then a pair of Halos, then Clarity Alofts, only to find myself back to the Zulus unless it is really hot out. Do you think this discussion is in the same category as women and their shoes? Sure feels the same. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    The only real answer to the question.
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    I'm ambi-uptus (new word alert). I learned to turn my paper sectionals track up as a student pilot for the reason you mention, but went north up on IFR enroute charts to make them easier to read. I can't even imagine trying to read an approach plate track up. Moving into the GPS world, I prefer track up. On my tablet apps, it's north up, consistent with my IFR chart practice. So, I'm basically track up in the certified box and north up on the tablet. Strangely enough, I have a lousy sense of direction but the system has actually helped.
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    Thanks Mike. It is nice to see such positive things coming from my crash. Not only CO awareness but my personal relationships as well. I have always been grateful for my friends and family, but now it’s 10 fold. Life is good. cheers, Dan
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    When I fly with O2 or even just on long trips, I take the Halo frame off my head and let it sit around my neck. The tubes are long enough to still allow the ear buds to stay in the ears. This allows me to easily use a mask when I'm up high in the flight levels, and even easy with the cannula down lower. It's like not wearing a headset at all. And on the rare occasions that ATC has something to say to me, I just pick up the mic and speak into it.
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    I took my full size mountain bike to BurningMan with me. I took off the front wheel, seat, and peddles. It all went fine through the door into my 252 with the back seats removed.
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    I've never had any issues with my fake mustache....and I can still wear glasses and a hat comfortably... As I mentioned in my post above, totally get the fact that some folks just don't like having things in their ears. As for Bob's comment, all the cool kids are wearing the Halo's now... Brian
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    Halo's hands down for comfort, clarity, weight, etc, etc. did I mention comfort? Only downside is they sell out quickly when he has them in stock (as late as last Thursday for the last batch). I use the black foam tips and they are super comfortable and the reduction in noise is as good as any expensive ANR headset out there. Add in the fact that I've never gotten a headache after wearing them for more than an hour like I did with my old DC's and the pair of Bose I wore in a friends Cirrus. However, do you like sticking things in your ears is the big question. If you can wear ear buds, the Halo's shouldn't be a problem. Some folks just aren't comfortable with the inserts over long periods of time and I totally get that. You can buy 2.25 Halo's ($389) for the price of the Bose and Zulu's, so there's that to consider. Buy them to try out and if you don't like them, they sell quickly when advertised here or on any other forum - even at full MSRP to get your money back Cheers, Brian
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    I bought my first aviation headset a few months ago right after I bought our Mooney. I did a lot of reading on the forums and in the end I chose the Clarity Alofts. I've been wearing them ever since and really like them. At the end for me it was between the Halos and the Clarity Alofts. I ended up going with the latter because the speaker elements were in the ear, vs. remote as with the Halos (I was a music engineer in a previous life and I've stayed picky about audio frequency response in my listening devices). There are so many great choices out there these days!
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    The repair is going nicely and we hope to have her back by the end of next month.
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    Received this today: 2017 was one of the most ambitious years here at Dynon, with the launch of Dynon Certified at Oshkosh AirVenture. As we wind down the year, we are very close to gaining our our initial certification, and we're excited to to begin deliveries and expand the Approved Model List in 2018.
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    When I was flying down to the Summit I was monitoring 121.5 and Potomac approach called me on guard. Gave me a new frequency for the next sector. I know that I didn't hear a handoff. My only problem with monitoring guard are the idiots that "joke" on the frequency... when it becomes too much I have to turn it off for a hundred miles or so.
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    Tom -- thanks for sharing. Losing com in one form or another has always been a concern for me. I lost com on both radios a couple of years ago due to an issue with an open squelch on the GTN and a Narco that went to the Happy Avionics Graveyard. I went on a mission to make sure that my end was not going to be the problem. I replaced the Narco with a 16W Garmin 255B and this past summer replaced all of the RG-58 with all new RG-400. What a difference the cable alone made. When I pulled the RG-58, I found a lot of suspect cabling.
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    I like my Halos but they lose miserably in this department. They make you look like an aerobics instructor. I found the Halos difficult to get used to, once I did they are really comfortable. Mike's Garth quote is spot on. Cheers, Dan
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    Given the choice between the Ovation and the Eagle I'd choose the Ovation every time. The Ovation came with more standard features, including a fully coupled autopilot (the Eagle came with an STEC 30), usually leather interior, better equipped panel, two or three color paint scheme, etc. The standard IO-550 on the Eagle was only rated at 244hp before any STC mods. The Ovation came standard at 280hp. Both can be upgraded to as much as 310hp, but it's usually going to be more expensive on the Eagle since some Ovations already came with the Top Prop needed for the upgrade. Standard fuel on an Eagle was 75 gallons, on an Ovation 89 gallons. No electric rudder trim. Speed brakes were optional on the Eagle. The yokes were painted rather than leather covered. The first year Eagles came standard with one Nav Com and a King GPS. Trying to bring an Eagle up to an Ovation will be more expensive than just buying an Ovation, all things being equal. A huge consideration is the Moritz gauges that were on all Eagles and Ovations starting in mid '99. The gauges start failing one at a time and the only real solution is to cut a new panel and put in a JPI-900 or JPI930 or MVP-50. If someone has done that already on an airplane for sale, so much the better. If not, it's eventually going to need it. When you start cutting a new panel that's when you start thinking about doing some other things at the same time and $40,000 goes very fast on that type of project. Usually the least expensive way to do it in the long run is just to pay a fair price for the best example out there and fly it.
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    But that won't stop clamp-pressure headaches after 2-3 hours in the air. BTDT, took the Excedrin. Not a problem with my Halos, no pressure and no weight, glasses don't make them louder and they work with every hat I own.
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    But that plastic mustache is more efficient, stores the O2 when exhaling.
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    I love my Brompton. It’s not a mountain bike but it fits behind the back seat of my M20C perfectly. It folds up much smaller than the Montague and it folds and unfolds in just a few seconds. My local bike shop sells a number of brands including the Brompton and Montague. The shop owner talked me out of the Montague in favor of the Brompton, for what I was looking for in a bike. With the 6 speed version it will climb very steep grades with ease. It’s great on streets and dirt roads but for real off road mountain biking, not so much. It’s great if you are at a small airport and want to ride a few miles into town or go sightseeing. Just my giving you my two cents.
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    Scott is right, check your home units also. And don’t forget th have detectors on boats, campers, etc. It’s a very common problem. Scott, I don’t know if you remember but years back we met for breakfast at KLNR. I had the blue and white C. We will have to do that again soon. Cheers, Dan
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    IRAN on mags is a must. Thanks. They will be coming off the airplane tomorrow and in the mail. thank you.
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    I, and many others here, use Blackstone Labs for oil analysis. https://www.blackstone-labs.com/
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    I vote for bose A20s. However, a cheaper alternative if you don't want to drop 1k is to buy the quiet comfort bose head phones and then add the UFlyMike. I have two of each and honestly the A20s are only marginally better IMHO.
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    I have one of these. It is a full sized mountain bike and you can actually even ride it off trail with no excuses if you buy the better one with a quality shock. https://www.montaguebikes.com/product/paratrooper/ AND if folds instantly and if you take both wheels off the frame can be put into the airplane through the baggage door - and I put the wheels in a wheel bag (to keep the plane clean) and they go through the door very easily. One bike can be carried with the rear seats in place. Wheel bag: https://www.amazon.com/Padded-Double-Wheels-Separate-Compartments/dp/B005P9RA2M/ref=sr_1_2_sspa?s=sporting-goods&ie=UTF8&qid=1513737613&sr=1-2-spons&keywords=bike+wheel+bag+double&psc=1
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    They will, but I'd recommend learning how to take apart a bike. as in take the forks off. its super easy once you do it a couple times.
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    I find it funny how some people can still wear those big clunky, hair messing, ear sweating, glasses pinching, canula blocking, head squeezers! This Bonanza guy on the right sacrificed ever using sunglasses, canula, hat, and having hair on his head just so he could get the active noise cancellation.
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    My J will stall straight if I keep the ball centered, and she flies straight true and level both with and without flaps. My friend just bought a J and the ailerons are noticeably drooping, but I don't know what it looks like in flight. He's about to finish his PP and then transition to the Mooney. His instructor who he will also use for transition used to own a Mooney and I told him to make sure the instructor knows it is out of rig and may not stall straight. In the spring we will take it down to KMRN to have the rigging adjusted, and if we are lucky maybe even meet @Bob_Belville
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    Mouse milk for the wastegates and all exhaust slip joints at every oil change. Exhaust system, induction system and upper deck leak check every 100 hours help keep engines happy. Clarence
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    I like the Bose A20. I owned a clarity aloft for 2 years and it was ok, but I fell out of love with it and used it less and less and eventually sold it.
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    Halo's with custom molded ear pieces. I've tried them all and have a Zulu2 set knocking around in the back seat. The Halo's were easily the best, but now with custom ear molds, there is no comparison.
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    banjo, who is that sitting beside you?
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    Well, the only comparison I can help you with is that I went from DC's with the ANR upgrade to Zulu 2's and now Lightspeed PFX's. I love my Lightspeed PFX. It is comfortable and does well with noise cancelling. Not sure what difference it makes compared to Bose or others but the PFX continuously samples the noise both inside your ear and outside to adjust the noise cancelling. Could be hype, maybe not but they do well in my C model to keep things quiet. The cord is also a braided cord that is more like a rope. It does not get twisted, does not kink and can even be tied in a knot to hang it up somewhere. Yeah could be marketing but to have a cord that does not get twisted up is good.
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    I've been in there a few times. Had a hell of a time hailing Mcguire approach but other than that its a decent, quite spot. I think @Cris is based there with his Eagle.
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    Not worth it. I doubt anyone posting here has more experience moving airplanes than jimmy, why not ask him?
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