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    It's taken me more than a year with delays, vacations and weather, but I finally passed my checkride this afternoon! As I understand it, now starts the real learning.
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    He's still working on his licence. I told him that he has to help put the interior in CGHIJ after he does a Cat scan on the tubes. Here is his reaction:
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    http://www.nbcnews.com/nightly-news/video/inside-la-s-massive-methane-gas-leak-616416323640 Bravo modified to sniff gas leaks.
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    I noticed some grease in the right wheel well, but it was just a smudge on my laptop screen. Beautiful airplane.
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    Personally I like the idea of buying an airplane with an engine in need of overhaul if the price is right. The new owner can convert the engine to an A3B6 with roller tappets and also have the comfort of knowing exactly how it has been operated. That's what I did with mine and I have no regrets.
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    Some of the crew from AOPA is planning on flying into KMQS on Saturday 6 Feb. 2016 Weather is supposed to be nice. I'll be there with my M20S. If any other Mooney drivers want to come out for breakfast, I'd be great to see you there. Plan is to land around 0900 and get Breakfast at the Flying Machine Cafe http://www.chestercountyairport.com/
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    Allow me to take a crack at this one. So, you appear to have two separate issues going on here. One is that when your CDI needle is centered, your autopilot is right of the intended course. This is a simple adjustment to the S-tec that any competent S-tec dealer should be able to make. The other issue is that when you're tuned to an ILS frequency the CDI needle centers to whatever heading you set the OBS to. Your HSI does not have "ILS lockout" enabled, could be an issue with the HSI, the 530, or the wiring in between. So, if your flying an ILS approach to runway 070, you need to set the OBS to 070 (or whatever the approach plate says) in order for your CDI needle to center on course. If ILS lockout was present, it wouldn't matter what the OBS was set to, the needle would center on the ILS course when a LOC frequency was driving it. Not all HSI's have this feature, but I am guessing your's should.
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    This cat is one of three retired cats at home, there's another working one at the shop. He prefers Comanches but will work on Mooney's if needed. Clarence
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    Nice ride. A Bravo with an Aspen Evolution 2500 in the panel. What a cross country machine this setup would make! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Congratulations - passing the IFR checkride felt better than getting my private.
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    What does the L-I-F-T stand for in your checklist? Eagle eye! It is the mnemonic I used just as I am getting on the runway. L = Lights I = Instruments (HSI matches runway, altitude pre-select set, Nav set) F = Fuel (fullest tank, fuel pump on), Flaps T = Trim, Transponder, Time Off Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    I went with the less expensive, but works great route. I had a NavWorx 600-B installed for ADS-B out. It also transmits via wifi to my Ipad weather & traffic. I switched from Foreflight to XWingPro because FF doesn't play with others. The traffic on Xwing is great however, as it shows direction, altitude, speed, climbing or decending, and N# if ADS-B out aircraft. Turn key was $4K.
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    In most cases, a factory spec Mooney tow bar will not interfere with a spinning prop.
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    Some thoughts from a Bravo owner (that moved up from a J in December, 2013): Pro's: The long body of a Bravo adds a lot of baggage area. Combine that with the fold down rear seats and you probably have enough volume (not useful load) for 2 of Maruader's girls Long body is a bit more stable in turbulence I think the long body is easier to consistently produce better landings in Bravo's up until approximately 2000 models have room for 3 rows of instruments - you can fit a lot of instruments/avionics in that panel. Caveat is a shorter windshield. All Bravo's have built in o2 with 115 cubic foot bottles. 2 people can go from CA to NY and most of the way back on one fill at 18,000' Bravo is a production airplane - some people prefer that over a heavily STC'ed plane. I don't really care either way but it may make a difference at resale. Bravo's have a Lycoming engine (ok, flame suit on....) <<I think>> more Bravo's make it to TBO than Continental equipped planes. This may be due to the "wet head" design. DO NOT fly your bravo by the POH numbers or you will be replacing cylinders, exhaust and turbochargers on a very regular basis! Bravo's have 2 80-amp alternators and 2 batteries. The also have both a mechanical and backup electric vacuum pumps. A lot of redundancy is nice - especially if flying IFR You can put 106 gallon's of fuel in the Bravo, 100 of which is useable. It can have pretty long legs if you fly in an economy mode. My wife and I can depart with 106 gallons and pretty much all the baggage we want and still be with W&B limits. Note: if you fill extended fuel tanks in any Mooney model you will not get 2 medium sized people plus baggage in the plane and be within W&B limits. But also remember that the human bladder is much smaller than extended range tanks . My plane specific My engine is fairly easy to keep the temps under control My plane trues out at 210 KTAS @ FL210 on 18.5 GPH. This is excellent performance. I have a useful load of ~1015 lbs. Bravo Cons: Fuel burn: 16.5 - 18.5 GPH - better than a rocket, not as good as a 252 Engine replacement costs - YIKES Bravo: http://www.airpowerinc.com/productcart/pc/engines.asp?searchParm=tio540af1b&catID=33 Rocket: http://www.airpowerinc.com/productcart/pc/TCEngineDetail.asp?catID=69&prodID=25112 252: http://www.airpowerinc.com/productcart/pc/TCEngineDetail.asp?catID=69&prodID=24863 Bravo engine doesn't run LOP (except Awful_Charlie's plane) Bravo engine's typically don't run as smooth as the Continentals. I think the Bravo is an excellent plane and I am really glad I went with it. I don't have any time in either of the other models you listed so I really can't offer an opinion on them. Let me know if I can provide any additional information. Well, I guess that's all I have to say so best of luck! Dave
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    I would certainly factor the cost of an overhaul into the asking price (same for the prop), but I would not be looking for a new engine until the current engine lets me know it's time for a change. Compressions are good, oil consumption is good, oil analysis good, engine runs strong? Until one of the above turns bad I would continue flying it. How long since last overhaul?
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    For anyone interested I now have the installation manual for the vacuum powered speed brakes from Precise Flight. I offered to pay but they wouldn't accept. If interested just send me a message with your email. It's a nearly 3 meg file.
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    Sounds like you only have the Mode S TIS traffic that is only available in major metro areas. I have the same via my GTX 330 ES and GNS 530W for a display. When I fly out of coverage, in annunciates "traffic unavailable" via voice and on the screen. It works well in terminal areas, but not out in the rural areas.
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    FWIW Edison was honest, cooperative, and easy to work with. The current plane owner reports no issues a few years post-reseal. I'd go back there without hesitation. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    On last factoid to put in the bladder camp. While looking for my airplane I talked to Joe Cole of Dalton Ga. According to him the bladders are permanent. That is, if they start leaking they can be refurbished in situ to new conditions with minimal input. He said the repair was roughly 1 AMU. Not trying to convince the OP of anything, but something that belongs in this discussion.
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    Hahahah... yeah never mind a parachute, my wife wants our next airplane to have cupholders.
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    Best part of all, the built-in cup holders.
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    How do the Avidyne units compare to the Garmin GTN 650/750? I know the difference in pricing and instal, just wondering about features and most importantly, user interface. The 430/530 is a user interface disaster IMO.
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    Get a Dynon D1 or D2. Keep your vacuum unit. Done for under $2k and you have not just an electric gyro, which still has a relatively high failure rate, but a solid-state AHRS with no spinning parts. Not certified, but probably safer than a certified electric gyro AI at less than half the cost.

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