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    Decoder rings must not come with the short bodies. You guys with bigger engines and big back seats must get all all the glory.
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    i don't think it has enough useful weight for your special ladies lol... P.S. Please, I just had dinner, don't post their pictures in response lol
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    I think it's a Comedy Central joke they were hoping would go viral on internet. Funny.... but kinda not funny because it perpetuates the myth that all us guys with planes are part of the American aristocracy.
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    Holy crap, I thought I was reading one of Anthony's posts.
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    Fly away gear is on the load sheet of every freighter I have worked and on occasion it comes off to squeeze on a bit more cargo and they pick up a new set down line.
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    http://www.redbull.com/us/en/motorsports/stories/1331729837907/red-bull-barnstorming-action-clip-video Think I might have to tidy up my hangar a bit before attempting anything like that!
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    Hi Houman, I have had a VERY positive experience on an owner-assisted annual, and all I can say is that - for me - the key was the IA with whom I was working. He was thorough, knowledgeable, and experienced not only on the aircraft, regs and inspections, but also as a manager. So he didn't stand over my shoulder while I did low-skill things like removing inspection plates. At the same time, he freely shared the hows and whys of things only he could do, while gradually pushing me to my limits (like, I am NOT working on brakes, for example). He coached me through higher-skilled things and explained how stuff worked. I learned SO much about what to look for from just working on the aircraft with a highly skilled professional. I feel like it was MORE valuable and would be worth MORE than just dropping and picking up the aircraft, which I had done for many years before this. I am both a LOT more knowledgeable and confident about my bird and its systems. And I had attended the great owners seminar put on by Jerry Manthey and tried to be an involved owner, but some things you only learn when you do them. And +1 on whomever made the comment about cleaning; it's an ugly job, but belly-polishing and clearing all the crud and gunk that can gather even just from time is worth the final result, and makes day-to-day maintenance and troubleshooting that much easier.
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    Last year - Air Force called me up - they wanted me to come teach there! For a year. I said NO WAY! No...that's not what I said - I said my kids are late stage in High School and it is a bad time to go away - but to please ask me again in just a few years I would love to. I would be one of the few people to have taught at all 3 - that would be cool. Its a beautiful place at Colorado Springs.
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    Looks like your Mooney has tits on its back!!!
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    I'm hoping the cam will last longer! Clarence
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    Smart. You got the inverted oil system.
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    The good news just keeps coming! I picked up the engine today, going back after dinner to repaint the engine mount, hoping it will be dry in the morning. Clarence
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    Bob, Thanks for sharing. Your story and others sharing reminds me of my own experiences up to this point, from a young Second Lieutenant in Army Flight School, through flight instructing, flying freight and charter ... from the commuters to regionals to a major airline and now looking towards the twilight of my career, (now on my fifth airline). We absolutely LOVE our Mooney and she is our pride and joy. Your experience brings out many lessons to be learned and reminders of lessened learned but perhaps forgotten ... (Or have I become complacent?) Always do a post maintenance run with cowling off. Always do a thorough run-up, shut down and look before going airborne. Always do a maintenance test flight close to the field. Always ask the person doing the work to fly in it the first flight back. Always wait for good weather, VFR daytime, ... to do that post maintenance flight. Install and reference your engine monitor during run-up and take-off. (I just upgraded from a EDM-700/FS-450 positioned too far away to be in the scan, to a new EDM-830 positioned next to the primary engine instruments and gauges.) APs and IAs are human, and they make mistakes, forget, and they are constantly being distracted as well ... Trust but verify. Let the mechanic do his checks, then you do yours. For those of us who are superstitious, bad luck seems to always come in "threes" ... or several things in a row ... Again, thank you for posting your experience. Very thankful you had your experience ON THE GROUND! How was my summary -a- ?
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    People are just mean a-h's
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    Thanks Yves that's exactly what I am looking for! How deep is your current DG? The Sandel 3500 I want to install there is 9.8" deep from the front of the panel. Does the pilot side panel have to have the bend in it? could the top row of instruments be co-planar with the bottom row or would that cause interference behind the panel? Also, there is a spacer between your throttle/mixture/prop knobs and your GPS. Is that required for clearance behind the panel or could you have removed it and mounted your GPS lower? Thanks! Carusoam, And there is my biggest problem... I have WAY too much time to sit here and think about redoing my instrument panel over the next few months. I wonder if I can think of a way to install a cappuccino maker where the glovebox is... I bet it starts with a PlanePower alternator!
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    Update: It continues. We were at the 10 year mark for the prop so it went in for overhaul and the blades failed. I was buying an overhauled hub from the ones let go by the Katana factory anyway, so overhauled blades complete that piece of it. No more Eddy Current Inspection. In purging all contaminated oil from the engine parts to prevent it acting like sandpaper on everything, we found out that it would cost some outrageous amount to overhaul the governor. So, we are buying a new PCU drop in replacement for a fraction to overhaul the old one. Engine will be back from the shop this week, and propeller within a few days. I will have C-FSWR back in my hands by the middle of next week (hopefully). Looks like I will be running low and hot for the first 10 hours or so in order to burn the rings in. Then it is into the air for Yves and I to practice a couple more times, hopefully with Houman as well, including element take-offs and landings at Gatineau airport. Bucko called me yesterday and he is our Kilo Element Lead for the Caravan. Looking for a replay of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8NhiKj4sCWs.
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    This past annual my A&P asked to fly before he started... He had a checklist of things he took notes on. examples: idle rpm cold, Mag drop left and right., and takeoff rpm (took a reading right at gear-up time). He took some speed measurements in the pattern at various MP levels. and then recorded the airspeed the stall warning came on. then when it was over we went up and compared all the readings. First time I ever saw that done and I was impressed. BILL
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    Notice how the cat remained calm and was always with its feet pointed toward the earth? Now we just need to install a duck for heading control and the ultra light is IFR ready. Clarence
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    Yes, we have a free iPad app found here https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/avidyne-ifd-am/id876452176?mt=8. There is also the option to switch it to the newly certified IFD440. We have a PC based sim here: http://www.avidyne.com/products/ifd540/demo-sim-signup.asp also. I also run a webinar every Wednesday that covers major features and any questions.
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    The title of this thread leaves too many options open.......I'll just be quiet for a change.
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    or taxi on Santa Catalina I thought my fillings were going to come out and I don't even have any.........
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    Check your tire pressures and the date codes on your landing gear shock discs. Clarence
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    Mooney announces M5 complete with heavy duty wheels, ballistic parachute, and second door. Useful load of one. Hence no one knows why the second door...
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    Here are some pictures. The stick-ons you can get at Aircraft Spruce as well as the site I provided below. http://www.boomersintheknow.com/avbisunrewic.html Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk

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