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  2. I bought mine shortly after it was available. It replaced a KT76A. It's been great. Just keep in mind, I don't think the STC allows it to be ADS-B compliant except with garmin units. I've thought about going with the Avidyne unit when my 430W gives me trouble, but I'll have to come up with another ADS-B solution if I do that unless the STC changes.
  3. Is 2 225s and 375 less than a 225 and a 650 after installation costs? Tom
  4. I heard you no longer need the airspeed (ground) switch with latest software level, is that true? Tom
  5. The J you’re looking at in the Add have been converted to a Continental engine. From a reliability stand point stick with a Lycoming powered model. Clarence
  6. I had 150 hrs when I bought my J. For your budget, E or F is the models to look at. Don’t spend all your cash when buying, keep at least $10K in the bank for unexpected maintenance. Tom
  7. Thanks GEE-BEE. I'll send a PM to continue the dialogue.
  8. Any chance our great B.O.D. would want to establish a yearly award for valor in the Mooney community or occasionally when a person risks life and limb in the help of our pilots. A paid trip to our summit along with a nice gift and award would be awesome, would enhance what we all stand for, just a thought.
  9. The other two responses so far offered some great advice. I was also a lower time pilot when I bought my plane and did not know anything about buying planes. When it comes to damage, there is group of people out there who have no issues purchasing a plane that was damaged and repaired by a reputable shop with good documentation. The consideration for you (if a trusted expert can get you comfortable with the repairs), is how long you want to own the plane and what kind of discount you're getting. Because a lot of people are looking for undamaged planes, it may sit on the market for a lot longer when you eventually decide to sell. The toughest part of this process is patience. You see a great aircraft, call, and someone else had just offered full price with no PPI the day before (yes, that happened to me and I couldn't believe it). So you start expanding your view to other Mooney models, start considering things you wouldn't have considered before "Could the damage to the wing really be that bad ;)" but you really just need to wait for your pitch (baseball analogy for today).
  10. Anthony is likely on to it ref. Ground. I would start with the large ground strap between the engine and airframe. If it were power ground, I think you would see display problems too.
  11. This is a field job, no need to send it away. Once you know the model of your starter, you can figure out the part number of the Bendix drive, likely an EBB-131. With the starter removed from the engine, pull the nose case off, extend the Bendix, drive out the roll pin and remove the Bendix. Reverse to reassemble. You can disassemble clean and lubricate the Bendix, but at around $100 it’s hardly worth it. Clarence
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  13. You can find a quality J between 85 and 100. Probably closer to 100. E and F model substantially less. I’ll say this, having fully completed the mission just last year, strap in. Do your general research and narrow down exactly what model you want. Read read read and ask questions. I changed desired models 4 or 5 times but when I knew for sure..... I savagely researched the market. Every single day, 3 times a day... for months. Through every single available outlet. Call people. Email them. Use forums. Find out who the players are. I even went so far as to write letters. About 200 of them. Once you are intimately familiar with the market for your selected model, you’ll know what looks right and you better be ready to move quick. I’m talking: on an airline and at the seller as soon as possible. Have all your affairs in order to get ball rolling immediately. Some people may not be as fanatical about it as I was, and that’s where a broker would be quite handy and useful. To me, the full commitment probably saved me $10k I did not have to pay a broker, and that’s how I looked at it, but not everyone is willing or capable of the commitment. You have to think, there are people out there hustling the market every day and they do it for a living. You’re competing with them. There is a lot of junk out there. The trained eye knows a good bird quick and you either have to learn it or pay someone who already knows it. It was very rewarding at the end, but it was a long process. Stay focused and try to enjoy the process. Good luck to you sir
  14. I haven't yet, but I was planning to tomorrow. I'm sure they will suggest some shops, but I prefer personal recommendations. It's a functional monitor, and I'm not ready to ditch it until I'm after I get an autopilot. After that, it's new panel time with an EDM.
  15. Ah, thanks for clarifying...I thought you were referring to @Yetti ‘s comment regarding Mooneys having one main gear that looks wonky...
  16. Thanks! I'm getting pretty close to dealing with ADS-B, so any update posts on how the order/installation goes would be most appreciated. I'm out of Brackett and fly to French Valley frequently, so if the shop there works out, I'd love to hear.
  17. @M20Doc is the drive something you can change in the field or Send off? Any idea of approx cost? Ball park
  18. I ordered late Saturday night and haven’t received notification of shipment. That said, when I was choosing the shipping method, there was a $155 UPS overnight option. I don’t think they would offer overnight on something that’s back ordered.
  19. I've been thinking of going this route since I have a KT76A and uAvionix doesn't seem to be certifying the TailBeacon anytime soon. I couldn't tell from Pacific's website if they have stock; I know some vendors are back ordered. Did you get a ship date when you ordered, or some indication of if they have stock on hand? Thanks!
  20. Would have been cool to see if it had worked :-) To see it even out visually as you do it must be interesting
  21. Some of the diesel oils are not as regulated as the car oils. I’ve run diesel oils in gas cars for that reason. I like the thread and agree with you. But it’s a tough nut to crack with certified engines. At least now you have two engines to play with. What a great test bed! Run one with and one stock! :-) A lot of old Porsche engines are running on non synthetic 20W50 oils with their flat tappets. Most non street race oils have higher ZDDP. -Matt
  22. Well, as promised, I went flying today and took some pictures of my engine monitor to show how effective it is to retard the throttle a touch and add a bit if carb heat. What isn't so effective is taking a digital picture of a digital engine monitor. But trust me, it really works!
  23. Thanks for the info! Im going to get quotes for install, but will probably use AIE in French Valley (F70). They sell the unit for $2600 so when I saw Pacific Coast Avionics was at $2049, I had to grab it. Heck, even their sister company Gulf Coast Avionics is selling it at $2499...
  24. I don’t think Cycling the Propeller is going to do much for you. Its Most likely the Aeroshell #6 behind the blade Orings. When it breaks down to oil, it streaks past the Orings. Might you chasing the #6 out with #5. It’s a much better an thicker grease
  25. I installed one on a wingtip for a friend. The WiFi would only work when he jumped it with a 12v battery. Standing ships battery voltage wasn’t enough to power the WiFi, and engine running, somehow it wouldn’t either with 13.5v. Anyways it’s confogured now, but my other friend has a PA30 with g500 and gtx345. It shows two targets in formation on his screen. The strobe on that thing is awful. I can’t see how it conforms to TSO. The beam spread is awful and it’s not bright. Can’t be synced. Customer service is an email answered 3 days later.
  26. Also, ZDPP may leave metallic combustion chamber deposits which could trigger preignition. Just another thought
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