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  2. Bravo Rear Seats Folded

    I'm going to do the same thing - and weigh my own change, etc. Thanks!
  3. GEEZ guys, we're still going round and round in circles Maintenance is maintenance, inspections are inspections. If the IA signs the annual as "completed- discrepancy list given to the owner" then its up to the owner to get the items fixed (he's ultimately responsible to the Feds for the airworthiness of the airplane), get the items fixed in a manner acceptable to the FAA Administrator. If that means it falls under the Preventive Maintenance that an owner/pilot can do then its acceptable for him to do it (landing light wiring). Although he MUST sign it off properly in the log books. If it is something outside of that then an A&P OR the owner working in close proximity with an A&P can do it and the A&P signs it off. If as you state the position lights are inop, one must address that before even VFR Day flight as the system needs to be fixed OR taken out of service and placarded in accordance with the FARs. Just because its not needed for day VFR doesn't mean you can just charge off into flight day VFR. Canada and Australia do things different (That's why the colonies broke away from Mother England :-) Down here (USA) most every annual sign off goes something like "Annual Inspection completed and aircraft found to be in an airworthy condition". This is after the entries of MAINTENANCE that have been done following the actual inspection (100 hr on the engine, etc)and what it found. The other way would be "Annual inspection completed and a list of discrepancies has been given to the owner". Airplane can't fly until the discrepancies are cleared. Both ways satisfy the "Annual Inspection" requirement, only one airplane can fly away. There really isn't any gray areas. Either the airplane meets its Type Certificate mandated condition or it doesn't. Period. Everything that came on the airplane when new from the factory OR has been modified in an appropriate way has to be working properly or disabled and placarded correctly OR the airplane isn't legal to fly (this is the purpose of the annual inspection). This includes autopilots that don't work. Now, we all know that many do not follow the rules tightly but those are the rules and the owner is responsible to see that they are followed or he is liable for violations for every flight that the airplane makes with items inop. You can follow the rules or not, its your choice. I'm just the messenger.
  4. Any have a Century 21 wiring diagram - helping a friend re-organise his avionics with an Approach Hub and need to wire the 'autopilot connector' on the Hub to the Century 21. Regards, Aerodon
  5. Bravo Rear Seats Folded

    28 pounds. Enough to need a second weight and balance in my opinion.
  6. Autopilot avionics update.

    I researched the Trio, Trig and GFC500 for installation on a C172. 1) The Trio STC is being developed by a separate entity (to Trio) with a bit of an attitude problem, and I believe a bit of a copyright problem (on the web but not verified by me). The guy keeps whining how busy he is with his day job (Cisco) and his night job (STC Group), and basically told me to F-off when I asked him not to share my email address along with all his customers. He was sending project updates to his entire mailing list without using BCC. If he thinks he can succeed by pissing off the very small number of buyers who are willing to be first - then good luck. I'm glad he did, because the GFC500 is far superior. I looked at the C172 installation at OSH, and did not like the servo with a pushrod onto the cables. Seems goofy to me. I like the Trio autopilot head and features - seems like a great product. 2) The Trig guys were very helpful. I didn't really like the servo on the firewall connected directly to the control column. 3) GFC500 - Garmin have nailed it. The servos with the traditional 'bridle cable' onto control wires seem like the right way to go. I've seen the brackets and drawings fro a C182 and they look right. If you take the G5 out of the pricing, its the same price as the others. But you get tremendous additional value with the G5 - for a start, most Mooney owners can loose the vacuum system if they have an electric HSI already. And then it is going to be forwardly compatible with a second G5 etc. I've just been burned by the Navworx experience. Sitting staring at a $2000 brick right now. I am one to support new innovative companies, but at the end of the day, the smart thing to do is to buy from a manufacturer who can afford to carry a product for as long as Garmin do, have the engineering department to do it well, and something that is likely to add more resale value than say Trio / Trig. Regards, Don
  7. How to put the plane on a diet?

    To bring this thread back to life. I will ask: 1. I cannot find where 100LL is actually 5.82 lbs, is this true and what sources? 2. What other things have people done to put their planes on diets?
  8. Bravo Rear Seats Folded

    I should do that - good idea with the rug. How much do those removed rear seat pieces weigh?
  9. KLX135A screen

    I've got a klx135A that needs a screen. I can't find anyone that can or will work on it. I need a screen. is there a way to get a screen? Does anyone have a parts radio? The units themselves are worthless but I already own it and the radio and the GPS work great.
  10. New England Mooney Pilots

    What is the facebook link or title. I may have previously joined but then lost touch. John Breda
  11. New England Mooney Pilots

    @gsengle is also up that way as well.
  12. Bravo Conversion

    Clearly I am running out of things to do while I wait for my cylinders. I took an extra set of fuel caps that I had on the shelf and removed the paint, polished them and had them engraved. I need to touch up around the fuel caps. I didn't realize how bad that looked since the other fuel caps were all scratched up.
  13. Bravo Rear Seats Folded

    I keep mine out most of the time, since it is so easy to put them back in. I found a matching piece of carpet that fits perfectly to make the whole baggage area created look good. I also have 2 weight and balances; one with the seats and one without them.
  14. Best Place to Put Customs Sticker

    I put mine on the door frame at the bottom front. It barely fits so you have to be careful mounting it. No paint to damage in this area. When you open the door it can be seen by the customs guys. So far no complaints.
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  16. Best Place to Put Customs Sticker

    I like that idea, although I have never tried it. I have kept mine out of sight under the elevator where I can point to it standing by the door. No body has complained about that either after 15 years. I’d be a little paranoid about losing it if not attached somewhere but if I had a paint job as nice as Byron’s I would be very motivated to keep it off the plane. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Autopilot avionics update.

    Totally agree. I tried it out at OSH last year and was very disappointed. They overcomplicated the crap out of it. And the price is too high. Unfortunate, really.
  18. Autopilot avionics update.

    There is a led replacement, but my guru also pointed out to me that the screens dont normally fail its dirty contacts of the screen to board, normally caused by allowing moisture to sit in nnthe unit due to lack of use. He recomended that the electromics are powered on and warmed up at least once a week for 30 mins. If you do lose a section of the screen, then the screens are easy to unplug and clean the contacts with a pencil rubber. (No jokes please we are British).
  19. New England Mooney Pilots

    Not in Boston, but I’m in Oxford, CT, always happy to help. Could do IPC too, if you want to cut down on the number of approaches. PM me if interested.
  20. New England Mooney Pilots

    Yep! There is a new england safety pilot group on facebook you can request to join. I might be able to help depending on the date...
  21. Benefit of a Clean Plane

    2.82 MPH. Jim Job with PICT.pdf
  22. Autopilot avionics update.

    That's my take. I like my KFC200. Its an excellent autopilot. But I think the prospects for it into the future are dim. Cost wise, sooner than later, the wise dollar is to remove it and to install one of the new generation of autopilots/systems coming up. Hopefully before I need any further repairs. I am jumping out of the BK train. Not to mention that the new generation of digital autopilots are much better equipped and I like the idea of brushless motors. At the moment I am split between Dynon and GFC500, but we will see how it shakes out in a year or so. Hopefully no repairs needed before then. Anyway no way am I investing in a BK anything, certainly not a KI300.
  23. Benefit of a Clean Plane

    Like Byron, I’ve seen notable reduction in indicated airspeed in rain. However, when I had the plane painted, from chalky white and porous paint to new gloss, I was disappointed not to see any notable increase in speed. I would think this is analogous to wax.
  24. Autopilot avionics update.

    I’m sorry to hear that. I didn’t read the Beechtalk thread and don’t know anything about it beyond what is on their website. All of my experience is with their MX170C. Never ASSume, I guess. Jim
  25. Benefit of a Clean Plane

    Flew They some moderate rain the other day and the water streams over the wing and it lost about 10 knots indicated and as soon as We flew out of the rain it picked back up again
  26. Autopilot avionics update.

    The tkm mx170 isn’t so bad I like it ok. but the tkm 155 somehow is much worse.
  27. Benefit of a Clean Plane

    According to Bob Kromer, former Mooney president and test pilot, having clean leading edges and back a few feet really is good for a few knots as it keeps the laminar flow, well, laminar. Anything that reduces the micro-turbulence that can cause separate of the airflow will create drag.
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