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  2. M20 C Engine Start problems

    A small update. We have had the accelerator pump tested and it works fine. Will check out the shower of sparks during the next scheduled maintenance. I have several pilots fly the airplane as I don´t create enough flight time currently due to other comitments. It´s only two of us who have problems starting. What is weird though is that the other 3 each use totally different procedures to start it but get it to run every time. One uses fuel pump on, wait for pressure build up, fuel pump off, pump 5-6 times and then engage the starter with throttle 1/4 inch open. Another runs the fuel pump, does not prime at all but pumps the throttle slowly while cranking. Takes him 4-5 blades to start. That is my mechanic who does it this way. I think the problem has to do with too few fuel in the engine when I do it. I am scared of carb fire so I did maybe not prime enough. I will try the method my mechanic suggested and see what I can achieve. Thanks for the tips regarding clogged pump. Will have that checked yet again.
  3. New aileron links , with paperwork 175.00 , visors 100 for the pair , cluster gage 175.00 , Vacuum gage 25.00 ...
  4. M10 is on the move

    At least the prototype is still flying...
  5. There is a certain level of romanticism, propagated by movies and books like “the right stuff” about the world of the test pilot. I assure you all, that test pilots, like all other engineers, have only gotten better over the past 5 decades. -a- is right: get better numbers
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  7. LOVE my J, HATE starting it.

    And people wonder why piston GA is dying...
  8. KCS55a system

    Full system , high serial numbers , -07 indicator , mod 7 gyro , latest and greatest , great set of spares .... 1500.00 Alan 856 419 5209
  9. GDL88

    Actually - sorry I think I just realized I need to get the mode-S xpndr for flight into Canada. Sorry about that
  10. GDL88

    No 8130 , (not required for part 91 aircraft , Comes with the tray connector and config module...
  11. GDL69a

    Datalink weather and Sirius radio , clean 1800.00
  12. GDL88

    interested - PMed Does it come with tray and a 8130 form I believe its called? Looks like it works for both 14 and 28V systems?
  13. Comes with tray , display , and antenna , If you have this system , its good to have spares.... 1000.00 Alan 856 419 5209
  14. KLN94 GPS

    Perfect in every way , 2000.00 Alan 856 419 5209
  15. GDL88

    Selling a GDL88 , just removed for upgrade , call Alan 856 419 5209 ..... This is AdsB in and out ..... Needs a waas navigator for position source... 2400.00
  16. On a normally aspirated engine, wide open throttle with the prop all the way forward until cruising altitude. And using target EGT leaning all the way to cruise.
  17. Mooney Rental

    Does anyone know where I can rent a Mooney in the Arlington, TX area? I will be there mid October for work. I'd like to fly to Kerrville on my days off. A 172 just isn't gonna cut it! I have a M20K/231 with plenty of Mooney time. Thanks for your help!
  18. LOVE my J, HATE starting it.

    This is about how found I could regularly get my hot J going. At least this method doesn't start off flooding the engine. I also found I need to "gently" push the mixture forward. If I move it too quickly the engine stumbles and quits. Then it's flooded.
  19. M10 is on the move

    P08 is my preferred stop for Jet A and 100LL thru PHX. Casa grand is good too, but Gila Bend? Yikes. -Matt
  20. Air to Air Photography Mods?

    That is the placarded speed that the window can be opened, mine is listed as 150 mph (131 kts)
  21. Hurricane Irma

    24 nautical miles from KATL.
  22. Hurricane Irma

    I know.
  23. Hurricane Irma

    Not going to happen. It's in a hangar at a small private field in the middle of nowhere.
  24. Air to Air Photography Mods?

    That's just the thing...... I need an opening. I think I am looking for a mod to get the biggest window opening on the passenger's side. I have to determine how big is good and where should it be located. The rear passenger window might be a possibility too. Anyone know what happens if you open the little window at over 132 kias? Gerbil
  25. Air to Air Photography Mods?

    The problem I always have shooting pics from my Mooney is reflection from the windows. I can never seem to get rid of the glare. If you slow to less than 132 KIAS and can shoot with the side window open that might work, but it limits what you can aim at.
  26. Money For 4

    What you want for 4 people is on this board:
  27. I have the 440 with a GTx 330ES. I already had the 330 so just had to send to Garmin for a simple upgrade. If I were to start from scratch I would do the Lynx. If I were to do it again I would do the Lynx. (The shop still doesn't have my Avidyne ADSB In working with my Avidyne GPS)
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