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  2. You don’t put out ads heralding the unit on social media without knowing the answers already Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Lessons learned

    I’ve had some terrible luck with flight following. 100% of the time I’ve been handled off incorrectly or forgotten about all together. Also recently all of my flying has been near the DC FRZ which required contact ATC anyway. this time I decided and it helped. After I was back up in the air later my streak continued. I was handed of to the wrong center but corrected it. On a brighter note I was cleared through bravo both times without asking. Ive used flight following on long cross countries, but always ended up dropping it once it got messed up. Probably just bad luck but I’ll keep at it
  4. I will say this- even though I think it’s about $1500-$2000 more than it should be to really attract the crowd considering G5’s, Aspen’s or even G500’s.... I will probably end up buying one. Why? I’ve got a single tube Aspen, I do not have the $3200 autopilot adaptor for it, and the KI-256 that’s driving my KFC-150 sounds like someone threw a handful of gravel in it as it’s spinning down. It’s days are numbered. so I either have to buy an EA100 autopilot adaptor from aspen, and another backup AI, and have them installed, or buy this. Aspen EA100+ second aspen tube = 7-8K install for that- $1500.. so in for about 9500. Or, 6K and I’m good with a Ki-300. of course, with the second aspen backup, I get more display space and charts/approach plates... and I’d be able to remove and sell all the analog instruments and the vacuum pump- so maybe I recoup 1500-2000.... now it’s looking much more equal in terms of cost but I’m “getting” more for my money with a second Aspen... oh, and the Aspen is already available
  5. Engine out glide distance

    CNOE, I apologize for taking this thread sideways for a moment, but I've bought the JPI 830 and its waiting for me to get home and get it installed (might try it myself) in a couple weeks. My K Model is all virgin with the Silver Crown stack so this will be its first modern upgrade. I've seen guys posting their graphs as you have. Where are you getting that software? Does it come with the 830 and is loadable to read the downloaded data? I've done a lot of engineering flight testing but not in the GA world so looking forward to having this amount of data from my plane. Thanks
  6. Cost of ownership "budget"

    That's an OLD GPS !!!
  7. Lessons learned

    Quick question. I am am also a VFR pilot working on my instrument, when I fly vfr trips I always try and get flight following. I think they're fantastic and have a,ways been helpful. What's the reason you seemed hesitant to use them, or did misunderstand?
  8. I think they have to wait for Garmin or Stec to build it for them (or put a piece of tape with “king” penciled on it over the logo).
  9. That's because they did not design the unit and have no control over production because it is 100 percent outsourced. However, being the only one on MS that believes, I’m confident that Sandia will be shipping this winter (keep in mind winter in the UP can extend into June).
  10. Lessons learned

    The local IA in my old hometown took my call today. I’m #1 on Friday but he suspects based on consumption that I’ve either had a cylinder go bad and I’m blowing oil at or based off n some of the pics it looks like the prop (with the AD), both of which he’s handled before. He’s going to have a diagnosis for me tomorrow. It’s gonna be a fun drive back to VA
  11. I had the dynamic balance on my prop checked at annual this year, it hadn't been done since the prop was installed in '03? Not only was the balance still 0.01, but the prop was within 10 RPM from 1500-2700. Good to know! There's no need to calibrate EGT since the actual number is immaterial, it's jist the relationship between them and distance to peak that matters. Some planes, including some Mooneys, do not even have numbers on the EGT dial, only 25° hashmarks. Personally, I find the numbers to be useful as I'm leaning, i don't have to count hashmarks; it's even more so during descent when I'm enrichening to maintain cruise EGT. Thermocouples don't generally drift in my experience at work. They are either functional or broken. Some default to 0° when broken, some go to 999° (in our planes, that would be 9999°, we rarely reach 700° at work). I don't have fuel flow on my plane. Is your measurement coming from a turbine in the line? Surely both readouts aren't attached to the same instrument? While my first reaction is to thi k that gasoline is a great solvent, surely it wouldn't be gunked up, I've read too much about spiders and injectors having "blue goo" inside them. Talk to your mechanic about cleaning your fuel flow instrument(s) sometime, it can't hurt.
  12. Engine out glide distance

    I’m not suggesting that anybody do anything risky here. It’s as simple as (on a calm day) setting up a 5 nm straight-in final at 3,000' AGL and pulling the throttle to idle and the prop knob out. Keep your configuration “clean” and pitch for 88kts/100m ias. If your glide ratio is truly 11:1 you’ll cross the threshold at ~250'. If you cross at ~850' then your glide ratio is closer to 14:1. Either drop the gear and land or go around. It may be counterintuitive but IMO it is less safe to fly with one’s Glide Distance Ring set up inaccurately, thereby significantly limiting your options in an engine-out. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. This raises an interesting issue. How often do we get our instruments calibrated (other than pitot - static / transponder)? What if the MAP gage was reading 1 or 2 inches too low? That could result in engine overload problems, especially for intercooled turbo aircraft. I have two fuel flow instruments in my K model and they never show the same fuel flow rate. Which one, if either, is correct? How about CHT / EGT and TIT thermocouples? I am curious how often other MS folks get these instruments calibrated.
  14. Engine out glide distance

    I have in the back of my head the nice round number of 10:1. I know if I’m at 6k ft (1 nm) no wind I have a 10 nm horizon. And then up or down from there. At 12k ft I have 20 nm and 5 nm at 3k ft.
  15. Lessons learned

    Yeah the IA here on the field will take a look before we fly back, otherwise we’re driving. I’ve done VFR over the top quite a few times, but there’s really no room for error with it. i have ADS-B in and out, and my flight briefings (I checked hourly almost for the 24 hours prior) was quite different than reality.
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  17. Lessons learned

    Yeah, that oil all over the wing root is definitely not normal. It would also be hard to burn the oil all the way down to 4 quarts or lower inadvertently with a healthy engine. I would get it looked at by a professional ASAP. I don’t have a problem with VFR over the top, personally, but with the availability of inexpensive ADS-B “in” equipment these days there is absolutely no reason to fly cross country without it. With it the strategic weather picture is pretty apparent and if it isn’t you are cutting your VFR weather margins too close IMHO. Stick with it and thanks for posting. It takes a lot of courage to admit mistakes around here. Jim
  18. Rayjay Turbo.

    Selling the Rayjay setup off my E. Fits F also. Complete with exhaust, cowling and all necessary to install. Welcome to see it on my plane before it is removed. Low time on turbo. Selling it for price of install kit at $2950. STC SA1411WE. Installed when serial or N number not specific. Don't know if it can be installed same. JerryP 423 231 3491
  19. WTB Wing Tips

    I've been told that the LASAR wingtips (put on my plane by a previois caretaker) are cosmetic only and do zero for aerodynamics. But I'd still like to get LED lights with strobe under them . . . .
  20. Today's flight for 2017

    Flew a Pilots and Paws Flight from KBMC to KCDC on the 12th dropping off a couple of Border Collies going south to AZ for the winter. Wouldn't you know the female was looking over my shoulder the whole trip. It was a great day to up in the air 20K overcast with stable air underneath the whole trip. I had a nice tail wind at 11.5K on the way home (150+kt GS)
  21. Lessons learned

    Thanks for being brave enough to put this out there. If nothing else, this gets each of us to revisit our personal minimums and evaluate our preflight procedures as we think through your experience. That is valuable in and of itself. I am half way through my instrument training. I’ve not yet been in the situation, but I’m not doing VFR on top until I finish my instrument ticket.
  22. Lessons learned

    Went out to the plane today. We may have a problem. At KDCY it was 5.5 quarts. After a 3 hour leg it was at 4 this morning. I’m not going to call the IA on thanksgiving but there’s some oil down the nose wheel, and all the way back to the rotating beacon. Caveat. A month ago I spilled 1/4 of a quart on accident when I dropped the oil while pouring. good news is that I’m not far from Newell aviation and I could just drop it off for an overhaul and call it a day, if it’s that bad.
  23. Engine out glide distance

    I'm glad to have your empiracle data. It's great data...for your aircraft. However I'm not a test pilot. My career has been spent keeping as much as I can "by the book". I am skeptical that Mooney's numbers are "excessively conservative". They may include factors mandated by real world flight test experience.
  24. I've never seen anything molded out of phenolic, it must have gone by the wayside before I started in '89. Nylon 6,6 is heavily used in automotive for "under the hood" parts, it's tough and holds up well. That said, we don't mold our gears from nylon. They are also very small, lightly loaded and in a much nicer environment (sealed up and not much above outside ambient temps). I have machined some pieces of phenolic, it's messy, powdery, inlaid with fabric, and i kept a vacuum running the whole time
  25. Engine out glide distance

    A fun thing to try if you don’t need to get anywhere. Put yourself at 4K feet over an intowered airport, hopefully with no one in the pattern. Pull the power. Land with no engine power in the first third of the runway. It’s actually a bit harder than it sounds. Good way to safely explore energy management in your airplane.
  26. Today's flight for 2017

    I had a trip out to one of the plants I support in the Wendover UT area yesterday. It was a beautiful day for the 1hr hop from KBMC to KENV. But the coolest thing was the courtesy car they had for me to use. In any case if you get a chance check out the airport they have a small museum showing the role of the airfield in the development and deployment of the atomic bomb in WWII.
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