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Just a place for fellow Mooney pilots to exchange information, organize flying events, and just socialize.


South Carolina
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  2. Great thread revival John! Great plan! Best regards, -a-
  3. We will be flying to Ocracoke (W95) again this Sunday 8th for lunch. Maybe Howard’s Pub or trying something new and the weather looks great for a day trip. We will be there @ 12 for lunch if anyone else like to get the dust off their Mooney, come and join us.
  4. Livened the link.... https://www.mooneysummit.com -a-
  5. Hi, everyone! I'm new here, and also newly associated with Mooney Summit, so I wanted to share information on this year's event in Tampa, Florida this October. Flyer attached! Check out our website at MooneySummit.com for information and registration
  6. There is a Mooney Mite based there, I think your C will be ok with prop clearance.
  7. MG, Have you measured you prop clearance? If you have a problem with the clearance, it means you fell in a really deep hole... It has happened at least twice to MSers while taxiing... once on pavement, the other time going from pavement to grass... Definitely not normal or acceptable to any plane, not just Mooneys... except for planes with giant Bush wheel tires... PP thoughts only, not a CFI... best regards, -a-
  8. The Mooney handles Peachstate beautifully, you’ll find mine there several times a week! The fuel prices can’t be beat. Come by for some great food, airplanes, people and 100LL!
  9. Thanks for the info. I've been wanting to go for some time now but like I said, I'm an new Mooney owner and didn't know if it was going to be an issue with the lower prop clearance and all. MG
  10. Peach State is easy to fly in and out of, but 3,000' with trees at both ends dictates speed control and dry grass. Use a SW downwind for both 13 and 31. There is a hump about 700' down 31. When the wind doesn't dictate otherwise, it seems most folk prefer to land on 13, rolling toward the restaurant and departing 31 from atop the hump. The runway is somewhat bumpy, but it's greatly improved from "the old days". There are no strangers at Barnstormers Grill. Everyone there loves aviation. The web site has all the details.
  11. Hey everyone, I'm an new Mooney M20C owner and was wondering if there was anything specific to be concerned about landing at Peach State (GA2)? I've never landed a Mooney on a soft field. Thanks! MG
  12. I would be up for a fall fly-in. I'd come today, but my son is visiting.
  13. Welcome aboard Cayla! Any Covid19 restrictions in the area? Looks like GA is going to be earlier than the rest of the country at opening up again... Best regards, -a-
  14. Hey everyone! I wanted to reach out and touch base to see if there would be any interest in having a fly-in for your members at the Peach State Aerodrome (GA2) in Williamson, GA. We are located only 45 minutes south of Atlanta on a 3,000ft grass-strip with an amazing restaurant, self-serve fuel, an airpark, youth aviation program, restoration shop, hangars for lease and much more. Here is a link to our airport as well as our on-site restaurant: https://www.peachstateaero.com/ http://www.barnstormersgrill.com/ I know this is a difficult time for all of us, but I think all of us are itching to fly! Maybe we could plan an event for the fall if y'all are interested! Please let me know what questions you have or if I can be of assistance. Stay safe and blue skies, Cayla McLeod Marketing Manager Peach State Aerodrome 678-590-7677
  15. Probably not this week for me but I’d be all over it in January! I was thinking about setting one up for Tifton GA, they have 2 crew cars and there is a cool restaurant in town called 41st & Main that has bacon wrapped meatballs.
  16. Anybody interested in a $$100 hamburger this week at kbnl. Let me know and we can get a crew car and eat at Anthony s. It’s close and not bad. Also Bnl has great fuel prices. I know it’s short notice but I thought I’d throw it out there. TR Parrish 8034636043 cell I’m near Columbia SC has
  17. As discussed in the "Mooney near Columbus GA" thread, a Mooney lunch has been planned at Pine Mountain/Harris Co. Airport (KPIM). Saturday, April 20th @11:30AM I'll plan to fly down there this coming Monday or Tuesday to prep the FBO and ask to use both courtesy cars so we drive to the restaurant. The cars are old police cars, so if we can secure both that should transport 8-10 people. If you plan on attending, please respond with how many people so we can get an approximate headcount for the restaurant.
  18. Nice looking E. What year is it? My first plane was a 67E and I loved that plane. At times, I wish I still had it. Never did any P-n-P's trips, so no idea how many pups you get get in there. Happy Flying! Brian
  19. Just making sure everyone has the information for the West Coast Mooney Club Fly in during September. Should anyone find they can travel out west the link is
  20. That is great Michael. Maybe when I retire, I can fly out for one of the west coast events. Spring weather is finally here in the east, so it is time to start organizing a few events on this side of the Mississippi. Glad the west coast group is getting of to such a great start. Rusty Nance
  21. Rusty, Looks like your club is coming together nicely. I am happy for you. It's fun isn't it. The West Coast Club is having our first fly-in this Saturday and as of now we have 96 people, 53 planes registered with 51 Mooney's in the group. I was able to get annual sponsorship's from Aircraft Spruce and LASAR with over $1,000 in prizes as well as discounted fuel on the field. I created a banner for our events as well. I'll have pictures up next week. Good luck with all your activities. Keep me posted on everything you are doing. All the best, Michael Rodgers West Coast Mooney Club.
  22. @tucsonmooney Sonofa, 2nd chance to get together and I'm going to have to pass, leaving for Florida for a week. This one is virtually in my back yard. Museum is a neat little gathering of items and the cafe on the field has great food. Enjoy! Ron
  23. "later" when, like today? I recommend the ranch burger yum. if people want to meet there sometime for breakfast, even during the week, I'm in.
  24. Who is upto going to the Museum and lunch later. Arriving at 10:00 when the Museum opens. The weather looks great for the weekend.

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